Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Etsy Update + Events + Info!

Hello everybody! Hope you have enjoyed reading ShadowedForce's interview during the weekend :3 Today I have a lot of news regarding our Etsy store that I want to share with you!

First of all, have you heard about the DeviantART group BJDChallenge? It is a group that has weekly, biweekly and monthly photo challenges with BJDs: they give you a topic, and you have to take a picture with it and submit it to the topic. Some of the challenges have prizes, but with my mom we just donated two discount prizes for custom requests! Check that link to a journal to see which challenges during May will get our prizes.They will apply to crochet custom requests (commissions) of any item with any thread of our chart.

Secondly, since Sunday we have been updating the Etsy with some new items! Here are some images from them, and you can click them to go directly to the sales page.

Delicate Short Sleeved Shrug on Etsy~

More items under the cut!

Ring-Style Croptop on Etsy~

Hood with Pockets on Etsy~

Click on the images to go to the listings, and remember you can do custom requests of the items we have, or giving us an image of a human-sized clothing, too!

The last news, is that we have some new additions to our thread chart (already added there, too). I currently listed them on the Limited Edition section, because we aren't sure we would be able to get more. Anyways, it is a really thin and high quality fluffy thread, perfect for sweaters, hats and even fluffly shawls!

Ok, that was all for today, and I'm very thankful for all the support you all had gave us! If you want to see anything in particular in out store, let us know!


  1. It's so kind of you and your mother to donate prizes :) I hope I can manage to submit something soon.

    The new items in your shop are gorgeous as always ^__^

    And the new thread looks awesome :3

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you can submit!

  2. I love those challenges but somehow have never gotten around to entering! XD It's probably because I barely pay attention to DA T_T;;

    You're so generous to donate those prizes though. And the new items look good, that hooded scarf looks so comfortable!

    1. Thanks a lot!! Yup, it seems that the community on DA is not as active as before. Too sad, because I love that site.

  3. I'm really lazy to join the challenges, though I could use that discount in the future lol XD

    New proucts are looking great!

    1. Thank you!! :3
      Just let me know when you want something ^^