Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coolcat Review + Updates!

Hello! First, I need to apologize. I know I had promised this feedback/review for Wednesday, but everything had been so hectic lately, and I have been really stressed out at work with almost no time to do my things. 

Anyways, I made this order to Coolcat on May. It consisted of thicker strings for Coco, silicon care-kips for her, magic erasers, transparent snaps and buttons. The feedback format I'm using is the same that DoA uses, so here is a photo collage and all the info is after the cut.

Coolcat Feedback

What did you order?
Several things. I'm listing them linked to the site:
Strangely, even though I ordered several things, they didn't include any gifts. The other time I bought from them, they had included two gifts (although this was in 2013, many things can change in that period of time).

When did you order?
May 11st, of 2015.

How was the communication?
Good! I asked several things, since I needed this packed delivered at hubby's name, and they always replied quickly and kind.

How easy was it to pay?
It was easy since I paid with Paypal, but in Coolcat you can't checkout immediately. I had to wait until they sent me an email with the amount I had two pay if I chose EMS or if I chose Registered Airmail for shipping. Then, I had to manually send a payment from Paypal to their address, stating my order number in the comments.
It wasn't terrible, but the automatic check out of other stores is far more easier and faster.

How long did it take to ship?
They shipped the next day after I paid. However, even if my type of shipping (Registered Airmail) had a tracking number, they did not gave me the number. I waited around 2 weeks and then asked them about the number in an email. After two more days, when I got the number, the package was already stuck in customs in my city xD.

Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
A lot, indeed! The strings are really sturdy and has a really nice quality. I can take macro shots of them if anyone is interested :D

Did the item look like the sales pictures?
They did, mostly.
The care kips were really transparent and clear, even if I got the matte versions to save a little money. This doesn't bother me at all, is just a curiosity.< /br> The buttons mix packs were kind of a dissapointment. They put uneven amounts of buttons, and in one of the packs the "mix" mostly consists on light-green and lilac buttons. They could at least check if they are adding a true mixture of colors. Maybe I'm picky, or maybe they do it so people buy at least two packs of buttons. I know they are cheap, but I wanted to see what came before purchasing more!

Were you satisfied with the product?
Yes, except for the detail of the button mix pack I mentioned before.

If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve

Would you order from this company again?
Yes, indeed! I want to get a ton of tiny buttons, of all shapes and sizes!!! :D
But not this year, sadly. I need to manage my packages carefully.

Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
I don't think so. Their prices are good, and ship fast. Also, I don't think anyone would sell a half-used pack of elastics strings or buttons, anyway.


Restringing Coco

The point of this order was to give Coco an overhaul (and get some tiny buttons I can't find in my city)! I took her apart and removed the old hot-glue she had. After that, it was time for a nice bath (except for the head, since I didn't remove the face-up). It took her two days until she dried completely, but she is clean now.

Then, hubby helped me with the new hot-glue (I'm a mess with the hot-glue, I burn my fingers a lot), and added sueding in her torso, arms, and neck.

I used the 3.0mm strings for her arms, and 3.5mm for her legs. That is .5mm thicker than what she originally came with; of course, I labeled the original strings, and saved them in a bag. One never know when those elastics could come in handy.

I used the 25mm care-kips on her hips, because we weren't able to get that sueding really symmetric. the first time. Hubby helped me to increase the size of the inner hole of the care-kip, and they do they job very nicely. I wanted to use the 10mm care-kips for her ankles, but the inner hole was too small, and the kip deformed in an oval way, making her fall forward. I will maybe use them on Cookie's legs, since she lately kicks a lot.

Anyways, she is posing really well! I really recommend thicker strings for Withdoll's mini girls after this! I think she can also hold the saxophone all by herself... I will check that after we finish the music stand hubby made for me :3

Photography Improvements!

I also have good news! I bought a tripod for my camera!! In a local store, of course. As an idiot, I completely forgot to take a photo for Instagram when I set it up for the first time =S

Anyways, I can't believe how sharp and nice the photos came out! I took this two after gym, in the evening, and they look amazing!!! Of course, the shutter speed was really long, but I managed to get them look so sharp and cute :3 I used some actions and colors for editing, because they looked boring if not xD. I will upload the bigger resolution to Flickr and DA.

Can't wait to take more photos now!!! The next goal will be a new lens :P

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me! Will try to bring more news soon :3


  1. Que bonitos los botones!!! Coco renovada, aunque ella siempre es hermosa. Te felicito por el trípode, debe ser mucho más cómodo hacer algunas tomas especiales, me imagino. Te felicito, todas las compras son hermosas.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Tener el trípode es espectacular!
      Gracias :)

  2. Lovely photos, somehow I'm always too lazy to set up my tripod, haha! But it really improves your chances of getting a clearer shot!

    Oh and I adore Coolcat, I've always ordered Pullip eye chips and various other small products from them without any issues at all!

    1. Yup, Coolcat sent really nice things! The strings quality was amazing!
      The tripod is great, I don't find it difficult to set up, but I will see from here to six months xD

  3. Congrats on the Coolcat order ^^

    The pictures are really lovely! :D

    1. Thank you!! Happy you like them!!

  4. I really love your blog for these reviews and such things. I always find the back end just as interesting as the dolls and the outcome!

    I've had a tripod for a while, actually I have two! I hardly ever use them, lol. Well, that's not true, I used it as something to hold the string in my clothesline photos. XDDD

    Also, don't feel bad about real life happening. Stuff happens. :)

    1. Thank you, that makes me so happy!
      So far, I don't find the tripod hard to assemble, and it makes photos look so shard and with so much light!