Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Merry's New Wig! + FMD Feedback

Hello everyone! I must say that this was totally unexpected, but oh well. During May, my mom decided she wanted to get some headbands from ForMyDoll for her doll, Calina, and she also decided to gift me a wig for Merry! So, thanks to my lovely mom :3, the package arrived last week, and here is Merry sporting her new wig!

She looks so cute and adorable!! There are more pics under the cut, with all the questions about the feedback from this order.

What did you order? 
A wig and two headbands:

When did you order? 
May, 25th of 2015.

How was the communication? 
N/A. There was no need to communicate or write to their Q/A.

How easy was it to pay? 
Easy with Paypal and the automatic checkout after making the cart.

How long did it take to ship? 
They shipped next day after payment.

Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
The quality was really nice, except on the gifts.

Did the item look like the sales pictures?
The wig is a stunning color, but looking up close, there are three fiber colors: the main pink you see, intertwined with a light pink and some really light gray/yellow fibers. These cannot be seen on the photos, and it was a nice surprise. I like it! Also, the bun is not really a bun, but a really curly part, so it will gradually open and unravel... if you move the doll without minding the bun, you'll end up opening it and seeing through it.

The headbands. The golden one decent quality, although  the glitter needs to be treated carefully. The mint one had the black ends twisted when it arrived; also, the fabric has a vintage/yellow-y look to it that some may like, but I believe that clean-looking things are best. Promo photos did not shown that 'yellowing'.

Talking about the gifts, I know that 'you don't look the teeth of a gift horse' (hope I wrote it right), but if that is the quality of the hairpins you get if you buy them, it is an issue. The bow pin has the bow glued on the side, instead of the middle, and when you turn it, you can see the hot glue popping out everywhere and clearly visible.

Were you satisfied with the product?
Yes, the headbands look nice and the wig is perfect for Merry :3

If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve?

Would you order from this company again?
Probably yes, because they are the only ones I know with such a variety for 5-6" wigs.

Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
Nope. The prices, service and shipping speed is really good when buying directly from them.

Anyways, here are more pics of Merry wearing the wig :3

She looks so cute! Thanks to my mom, both of my tinies have gorgeous wigs!! And I keep practicing with my tripod, it is really useful! Hope you liked the review, I hope to post some pics of Coco on the weekend.

BTW, did anyone else enjoy the E3? To me, Sony was the best press conference!!


  1. Too bad it wasn't a 100% good experience, but the wig is truly adorable :3

    1. She looks so adorable!! I need to take photos of Calina wearing those headbands too :3

  2. Replies
    1. Es preciosa y la peluca le queda tan bonita!!!
      Estoy muy contenta :3