Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Music Stand

Hi there!! Here is me with a new photo of Coco and her sax :3 But this time, there is something very special about it! After the last shot, where I made Coco hold her sheet music on her legs, hubby decided it was a very uncomfortable pose and made a tiny music stand out of wire! I did an instagram of the very first stage of the stand, but after that, he added a wood base so it will hold without falling, a foam top for the sheet music, and finally I painted it black and sealed it.

Anyways, story wise, I didn't have time to write it, but the main idea is that Coco arrived to her apartment just to see a big box outside, waiting for her. When she managed to get it inside, it was a belated birthday gift from her sister Chanel.

Here are some photos of Coco playing and enjoyed her gift :D

More after the cut!

I still can't believe I managed to get three decent full body shots. Not as sharp as I want, but I'm still getting to know my tripod.

I got nice photos and I'm so happy with them!! The boots, hat and sweater were all made by my mom. The sweater was a sample of the CH1 thread of our chart, and the leggings and tight tee underneath were handsewn by me.

If you wonder why so much clothes, well... it is winter in here, and it seems that hell is going to freeze because it is really cold (but no snow, it doesn't snow here), and this was the first time I felt cold by watching Coco dressed for summer or spring, and I really wanted to put this boots to use.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and hope you all have a really nice weekend!!


  1. the stand looks great and the phoots are very nice!

  2. The stand is the perfect size!

    I think I've said this before, but I love that saxophone - it has to be one of the best doll props out there!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm really happy you like it!
      I love that sax too, it is amazing and so perfect!

  3. El atril es perfecto!! Has hecho unas fotos maravillosas de Coco tocando el saxo, te felicito

    1. Es precioso!! Me encanta como se ve ella con el atril :3

  4. Great shots! She looks like she's really into it! Just so adorable!!