Sunday 7 June 2015

Finding Cookie! ~ Photostory

Hello everybody! I finally was able to get to continue with the photostory about my tinies. 

Making a quick summary, after Cookie found a poisoned apple, she was sent to talk to the Spider Queen to find out more information. That trip took her a lot of time, and forgot she had to meet with Merry to guide her on the first trip to the human world. The links direct to the stories I was mentioning.

As always, the story is written on italics. Hope you enjoy!

Tired of waiting for Cookie to appear at the Enchanted Tea Salon, Merry had decided to go find her. After a lot of walking and asking for directions, she arrived to Cookie's nap room. And her attention was immediately caught by a notebook dropped on the floor.

However, she heard a noisy, and raised her head, only to see something amazing!

There was a huge and colorful blanket with a small cat on top of it, and a huge bulk underneath it. Could that small cat be Cookie? No, not possible, Merry was told that Cookie was a black cat, and this one had stripes. She walked around the blanket, trying to get a better view.

"What should I do?" Merry wondered. "Do you know what happened?" She asked to the kitten.

"Meow, meow... M E O W !!!" the kitten said, and Merry nodded. 

Merry wasn't an expert on Kitten language, but she understood it pretty well. It seemed that Cookie had arrived home very tired from her meet with the Spider Queen, and decided to take a 'short' nap before meeting with Merry... but she just continued sleeping.

A deep purr interrupted Merry's thoughts, and she moved to the other side of the blanket. "Maybe I can call her name?" she thought.

"Cookie!!! Wake up!!!" she said, loudly, in fact.

But nothing happened. "Maybe I can pat her a little?" So then, Merry moved one again, got on her knees and patted on the blanket.

But the pat had some kind of effect, and the bulk underneath the blanket moved!

So Merry kept patting the blanket, watching how the bulk moved from one place to another. That could even be funny!

And after some pats and runs, someone finally came out!

But when Cookie saw a mouse inside her room, she got scared, and started yelling.

Merry then saw a cat, and thought that Cookie may chase her away, so she got scared and started yelling.

After a moments yelling, they fell into a complete silence, wondering what just happened.

"What are you doing in my room without my permission!" said Cookie, pointing the mouse fairy.

"Yo had to take me to the human world, but you decided to take a nap!" Merry was frustrated, because this delay will probably affect her performance.

"I completely forgot!" said Cookie, grabbing her head. But then, she stood up quickly, hands on her hips, and was very comfident when she said to Merry "Ok, lets got then".

"But you are wearing pajamas!!" Merry stated, pointing at Cookie's clothes, that were wrinkled and out of shape.

"Ohhh, but I'm not going anywhere", Cookie said. "You are going to use the portal on your own!".

And after that, Cookie summoned a fairy spell, and a magical portal opened between them. It was clear, and looked like the human sky on a sunny day. Cookie's kitten rapidly came to check it.

"What!!! This is the portal" Merry looked defeated. This was going to be more complicated that she thought.

Merry gulped and put her hand on the sphere-shaped portal, starting her first trip to the human world. After she was gone, Cookie nodded. "Time to go to report to the elders!" she said, and went on to pick new clothes.

Silly story, but this was so fun and time consuming to edit and write! That gorgeous blanket was a birthday present from my mom to Cookie, and the instant I saw it, I thought of making a story like this. I had to wait until Merry was ready to post it, sadly.

I hope you liked this! This Wednesday will be a feedback and review from my Coolcat order :3


  1. Holy *** Merry shourely is a bold one! She even dare to go to Cookie's nap room lol!! Bravo!!

    Super cute story as always! I'm sure that Merry's personality will bring her a lot of adventures, as well as trouble XD

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, I need to keep writing more of these, they are so fun!

  2. Que lindas se ven juntas. Merry parece ser muy audaz, me encantó la fotohistoria

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Merry es callada pero atrevida xD

  3. They are both so cute! I love the posing, very nice!