Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Musume & Okasan Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Hi there everyone!! I'm so happy with this! Finally we are doing the giveaway we planned from our Etsy store :D I wasn't able to do it before my work holidays, so here it is! So, here is all the information about it, and the links to how to participate on each social site available!


The prize is this gorgeous white and fluffy crochet shawl/shrug that Coco is sporting on the pictures, with overseas shipping included! The shawl fits SD and MSD dolls (measures are 53x15 cm!) and there are more pictures of it at the bottom of the entry.
Regarding shipping, it is via registered airmail with tracking number: the same we use for our Etsy!


You need to be 18+ to participate, and must be willing to give me your shipping address so I can send the prize to you, if you win!
As everyone ask, please only enter if you are interested on the prize! If you want to know about the quality of our work, you can read our Etsy reviews/feedback here. I also have positive feedback on Den of Angels (DoA).

Finally, this is for legit BJD owners only. I do not support recasts, so please respect my rules.

How to enter and more, under the cut!

How to Enter:

You can participate on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or Instagram, and each of them will grant you an entry. This mean that if you participate on all of the sites, you will have four entries! The more entries, the bigger is your chance to win.

(EDIT: All links added!!!).

In Twitter:
You must retweet this tweet, and your account must be public! Otherwise people won't see it. If you are a follower of mine, that is welcome, but not necessary.

In Flickr:
You must repost the photo found here, tag it as #musumeokasangiveaway Please follow me on Flickr, and add me to the photo you repost! (Adding me and the tag is mandatory, so I can keep track of who does it).

In Tumblr:
You must reblog this post, as a image, and tag it as #musumeokasangiveaway. No giveaway blogs, please. Likes does not count, and it will be preferred that you follow me on Tumblr, too. You can reblog as many times as you like, though.
Link: giveaway post click me! -> the URL was too long!

In Instagram:
You must repost this photo, tag it as #musumeokasangiveaway and tag me (@musume.desu) on the photo! Your account must be set to public, so people can see it. You can follow me if you want, it is welcome.

Winner Anouncement:

The giveaway will end on August the 3rd, and the winner will be announced on August the 5th, in my blog and all the social sites included on the giveaway. Ideally, I will write all the participants names down on papers (format will be nick@socialsite, i.e.: musume@twitter) and do a small Instagram video of my hand drawing the lucky paper.

The winner will have 48 hours to get in contact with me, otherwise, I will draw again another winner.


Here are more pictures of the shawl, displayed on Coco (she is mini sized). As you can see from the measures I gave at the beginning, the shawl can perfectly fit an SD sized doll, only that it will look smaller than in a mini.


  1. I'm totally joining! What a gorgeous prize~

    The new blog ayout is super pretty too!

    1. Thank you (both for joining and about the layout) )!!!! :D
      I just updated the links on each social site, check them!

  2. It's so kind of you to have a giveaway! :D

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with all the people participating!