Saturday, 29 August 2015

Discussing New BJD Releases

I can't help it but I love to read Den of Angels' announcement and news section. However, on the lasts weeks, two new companies (that truly are independent artists) have announced their opening and/or release of a new line, and since I really like them, I want to share them with you!

I bet you already know that I'm a sucker of tinies and mature minis, and the latter are always rare to come by. Imagine my surprise when I saw the announcements of RaccoonDoll and Dollits DKD line! You may imagine that I'm really happy of seeing more artists offering this type of aesthethic that, as I read discussions both on Tumblr and DoA, it is slowly becoming more popular!

Anyways, I wanted to share this companies that I really liked, and generate a little discussion. Who knows, maybe some of you didn't knew about them! After the cut, I will share some photos/measures of the bodies, pics of the available sculpts and more links for each store (website and social sites, discussion threads for DoA).

I will also have some questions at the end, regarding some ideas I have for a couple reference posts.


I'm listing this artist first because the news appeared some days earlier. It is an sculptor artist based on South Korea, who seems to have several years of experience in doll making. They currently have two female head sculpts, and the body have option for the breast size (small and large). The dolls are mostly promoted as "pin-up style", and seem to use very small eyes, although the head appears to be a 6".

Here are some pics of the doll body -taken with written permission- from the artist:

On DoA were discussing because it seems these ladies may fit Ellowyne shoes! I personally love the aesthethic, and a more curvy body on this size is great! I also read that the artist is already working on a new doll head, and that they have already planned male sculpts. Also, it seems that tan skin is coming!

Here are some links related to RaccoonDoll. If you check the Flickr, there are tons of photos of the blank sculpts, the body, hands, feet and even from the sculpting process:
The last one of the above list, is a link (found it on the Review part of Raccoon's site) to a huge comparison between the Raccoon ladies and several Iplehouse's sculpts and sizes, and with Feeple65, including a head swap with a JID.

Dollits DKD Line

The company (also individual artist) Dollits is from J. Baek, who also has several years of sculpting. If you check their site, they already have a 70cm line, with two boy sculpts. The mature mini line is the newly released DKD and, for now, the body only offers a medium sized bust... I say 'for now' because when I asked on DoA, the Baek answer me that they have a small and bigger size already planned.

Here are some pics of the body, also taken with written permission:

As far as I gathered, the heads wear 6-7" wigs, and eyes are 10~12mm, depending on personal taste. Shoes seem to be Minifee-size (5.5cm and slender). You can see the measures here. Also, there are four heads available, and two skintones (classic white and normal). The site also has a category for "boys" on the DKD size, so hopefully some mature mini boys will also appear.

When I saw them, I completely fell in love with the Julia sculpt. A girl on the DoA Discussion Thread told me she had the Miso sculpt from when the artist released it with DiM (Doll in Mind). She is so unique!

Here are some links regarding this sculptor and brand:
Both the site and Flickr has several pics of the blank sculpts, and the default faceups they offer are really stunning! Clothing seems to be available too.

Questions Time!

After these beauties came out, I started thinking that maybe it would be nice to pull up a list of mature/realistic mini BJDs, because I'm sure I'm not the only one that likes this style, and some brands are not that popular to be honest.

Talking with the amazing Tsukiyono (you should check her webcomics, they are amazing!), we were able to draft three lists:
  • Semi-realistic minis (mostly 6-7" heads, with 10~12mm eyes... like Iple and Withdoll).
  • Realistic minis (with fashion doll proportions, like the Dollshe Fashion line).
  • Mature bodies (bodies that are mature, but heads not, so they could work for hybrids).+
I was also considering making a 30cm mature tinies list. So far, we have lots of companies listed (some of them I didn't knew they existed!), and the semi-realistic list is huge. My question is... will you find this useful? Which list would you prefer first?

I need time to prepare them, since I need go permission-asking-hunting for posting the photos, and organizing the content. I was mainly aiming for a couple pics of the available bodies, sizes, price range, skin tones available, and other info. Maybe link to hybrids if I know about them.

Anyways, let me know what you think about these new companies, and about the reference posts!! :D The Dollits Julia is definitely on my wishlist!


  1. I thought that you might be one of those who fell in love with these two companies XD I saw the news as well and I especially like Raccoondoll's body~ I've always secretly liked Fairyland's Chicline Lishe and wanted one, but the size is quite problematic as I don't know what kind of character she could be to fit the story with my SDs etc. Still, I do like the aesthetics of this kind of mature minis~ I hope that Raccoondoll would make a similar body in SD size someday!

    I think the semi-realistic list could be the most useful, not too many people seem to be aware of companies like Withdoll :) This might be good for body/hybriding purposes as well, so in a way it'd be like hitting to birds with one stone. Whichever list you end up making, I'm definitely interested in seeing it :) I don't follow MSD doll stuff that much, so I'm sure there are a lot of companies and sculpts that I've missed!

    1. :O You know me too well! The Raccoon body is amazing, those proportions are really nice! I also love the DKD body too, and the head sizes will match better with my crew! (oops! what am I thinking! xD ).

      But I know, this type of mini is hard to match with normal SD dolls, because the look out of scale. Maybe to make a completely different story is OK. But I like to see more companies venturing on this style of dolls, it means there is a market for it too! :D

      I plan on doing all of those lists, but I wanted some input on where to start. I also thought the semi-realistic list would be the best, too. I will start with that one, then!

  2. I was super excited when I saw Dollits bringing out more dolls, even if I don't currently have MSDs anymore. :( But but but, more release could be a sign that Dollits is in it for real, and hopefully will continue releasing dolls. I fell in love with them back when Rey was released, and I was lucky to find a head second hand.
    Racoondoll is interesting too.

    I hope you will be able to make lists. It can never hurt, more likely it'll be helpful for some (or many) people! :) I definitely think you should.

    1. Yes, I'm really happy seeing Dollits bringing out more dolls!! I'm really liking his dolls, to be honest!!

      Thanks for your support regarding the lists! I will definitely do them! (Although it may take me a couple of weeks to prepare them as the semi-realistic is really long!)

  3. I love the Racoondoll doll, her body is so realistic in proportions, especially around the hips and thighs area. Lovely! The Dollits dolls apparently have an amazing posing ability! Great reviews!

    1. Happy you liked them! Although more than reviews are presentations for discussions, I wanted to talk about them :D I love mature minis :3

  4. I used to check the DoA news sections daily, but I haven't bothered for a few months. Since I might need to get on it again XD!!! I didn't know about any of thse 2 companies and their dolls look very nice! I specially love the proportions of the first doll and the posability of the second :D

    1. Yeah, I love checking the news section to find out about dolls!
      I'm with you regarding likes :3

  5. So many interesting new releases :D
    It's really cool that so many more mature minis are appearing, and on the other hand it's not really good at all for my wallet! XD
    Also the list could be sooo cool! I'd love to see it >w< It would be a pretty good resource too!

    1. Yes, I know!!! I really like some of this new releases, to be honest!
      Anyways, I will definitely do the list, although it would be by September, since I need to do all the researching and preparing the images.

  6. I've been looking at Dollits for a few months now...but mostly for their large men ;D
    The artist seems really nice and friendly too *^^*

    I really like the curvyness of the Racoondoll body. I like girls with a little curve and its nice to see how it is becoming more popular :3

    1. Yes, both artists are very kind since when I ask them for permission to post the photos, and questions about the dolls, they asked promptly and swiftly!
      Indee, it is nice to see more available curvy girl bodies :3

  7. I don't use DoA, but it seems like a fun thing to have to browse! :D Very lovely dolls! It's always neat finding new things out there.

    1. You should! DoA is a very nice place, there is lots of info, news, and places to discuss doll by size and brand :D