Saturday, September 5, 2015

Renewed Thread Color Chart!

Hello everyone! This will be a small update to show you some new things, and ask for feedback!

Because my mom hoards threads and the color chart grew exponentially, I decided to redo it and take new photos for the whole chart. This time the threads are sorted by type (which depends on possible uses and availability) and the pictures are ordered by color shades; they have the name of the shade and -sometimes- some small notes adding details on each thread. Before each type of thread, there is a small description with the recommended uses and preferred doll sizes.

I also added some pics to the About page on Etsy, including some owner pics from some of our customers (I asked permission to post their images, of course!). You can visit both the thread chart and the About page on the following links:

Anyways, I wanted to ask you some questions regarding the Color Chart, and also make some tiny announcements, but all of that will be after the cut!

Feedback Questions

Basically I want to ask you want you think about the new Color Chart. Are the groups of colors more clearly separated? Did you found the small descriptions of the recommended uses for the threads?Do you find the notes useful?

I'm asking because I want to know if there is any other way I could improve this chart, make it more appealing, etc. Any critique is welcome, as always.

Small Announcement!

Well, we are preparing a Halloween update with several Halloween themed outfits. The idea is to post them at mid-late September, so if anyone is interested, items will arrive on time for Halloween.

There will be also an even to get a free item with any purchase during this period :D

Anyways, as you can see, Merry also thought she was helping me with all of this... but she wasn't. Thank you for bearing with me, and have a nice weekend everyone! :D


  1. The last photo made me think of how could it would be if her feet got stuck into the thread hole XD!!! I can imagine the whole drama in my head and laugh. Am I too mean? XD
    I likes the new separation by colors, much easier to find a specific shade :)
    Halloween sounds interesting!

    1. Nahh, Merry is that kind of troublesome mouse xDDD
      Thanks for the feedback about the chart! :D

  2. La carta de colores te ha quedade muy bien organizada, se ubican los tonos preferidos rápidamente. Muy buenas las fotos, pero las fotos de Cookie y Merry jugando entre los hilos no tienen precio, son geniales. Te felicito.

    1. ¡Me alegro mucho que te guste! :D
      Merry y Cookie son adorables :3