Sunday 29 May 2016

Projects & More

Well, I have a lot of ideas and things that are dolly related, but I was feeling uneasy about sharing them. I always try to post finished things or projects that I'm doing, but... this has been in my mind for a lot of time, and what better than my own blog to post this? Also, it will be like a "to do list" so I can remember everything I wanted to do!

Anticipated Bday Present?

Nope. Actually, yes. I talked to the hubby and he told me to order it ahead of time, to see if I could get it in time for August, when my BDay actually is. In fact, I wanted to share today the order, but the thing is... the seller hasn't answered back? It has been already more than a week, and they didn't answer my commission request?

I personally want to hope the best, but it is kind of worrisome. And I don't want another thing. I know, there are other dolly things I want, but I wanted this thing more than the others! It is a dilemma, what to do? I want to wait a little more, but then I get worried about the possible transaction.

Doll Plans

Well, but not all are bad news. I have a lot of things I want to do, and projects I want to make, so here is a list! Let's see how many of them I accomplish:

For Cookie and Merry:
  • New outfits for both, with a blue and red fabric hubby got me last year. I want to photograph them in my mom's crystal jars, with glittery stars hanging. I don't have a clue of how this is going to end xD
  • Some time ago, Fantasywoods and I were chatting about photo-stories, and came up with the idea of a joint story. I want to organize the things, and do it!
  • I had another idea for a photo-story. But I need to make a tiny shelf out of wood sticks I can collect from a near park. However, the difficult part will be to do the other props: I need tiny bottles and I don't know where I can get them... locally, no international purchases.
  • I also have an idea for a photo-story with Merry. Another LoTR-related joke. I hope to do it soon!

For Calina:
  • My mom has told me she wants to teach me to knit, starting with the regular knitting (not crochet). I have already bought some thread for this. I want to make Calina a cute outfit, with a Totoro sweater, and earmuffs following Fantasywoods's tutorial.

For Coco:
As always, several dresses projects!
  • In 2013 or beginning of 2014 I made a little black dress for Coco. However, I have improved so much! I want to remake the dress and take similar shots to the ones I did before, to "compare" how much my skills have changed.
  • I need to sew Taylor Swift's 2015 Grammy Awards dress for Coco! I won't go with shimmering fabric, but I love asymmetric dresses. Must sew.
  • Regarding the knitting thing, I want to make another sweater for Coco, get some thin jean fabric, and make proper jeans for her (not jeggings), to go with a more casual but fashionable outfit for her.
  • I also have my winter project: a lacy Regency dress, for which the hubby bought me a very expensive fabric.

Current Project

I have been actually doing a sewing commission! The request were two outfits for a LittleMonica Little Harmony boy. I have already completed one (I need to take finished photos with the suspenders done), and the other is around 70% done.

You may know for now, but I have started sharing my WIPs on Instagram, so here are some of them!

A photo posted by Musume (@musume.desu) on

A photo posted by Musume (@musume.desu) on

A photo posted by Musume (@musume.desu) on

So, this are my projects and my "state of the art" regarding my dolls. I do hope I can get my Bday present and post about it. I was so excited about finally getting it, that this communication delay has not helped me at all =S

Anyways, do you have any projects in your "to do" list? Or anything currently doing? Please, do share! And I hope you all have a perfect weekend :D


  1. YAy I'm mentioned 2 times, I feel like a superstar XD!
    Love your doll plans so much!!! It sucks when etsy sellers have bad communication, hope you get a response soon with a very good excuse in it, it's so hard to trust sellers who reply so late so I understand. I still hope you will get what you want :D

    That lacy fabric is so gorgeous, can't wait to see that project, but I'm excited about evrything! I have many ideas I want to wait with my new dolls so I've been doing props and planning things :). I also want to buy better acrylics to do the lashes in my face ups so they look better.

    Hope you have a great sunday!

    1. Yay! Yes, I do hope they have a good excuse, I really don't know what happened. I do hope this clears out soon.

      The fabric is gorgeous, I know! I need some things for that dress (micro-tulle, beads and flowers), but I hope to make it. So many plans!

      And for your dolls, I hope they arrive soon! *Merry and Cookie throws good-luck glitter* I'm sure you will be able to master the acrylics for the lashes!!

  2. Hi Musume,
    Hope you get your birthday doll.

    Looks like many of your projects are well underway. I have also been busy with projects, leaving little time for photos or blogging.

    1. Hi there! The present is not a doll, but something for Coco. Although the new FL hippogrifftaurs left me literally dreaming about them xD
      I hope you share some of those projects too!

  3. Good luck with the birthday present, I hope things work out in the end and you get in contact with the seller!

    You have so many great projects going on/planned, can't wait to see everything :3 The joint story with Fantasywoods sounds like so much fun!

    1. Thank you! I do hope I can work something off for my bday present. The seller hasn't still come back to me.

      I hope to make all this plans, too!

  4. Ohh, I wish you good luck with your B-day gift~ I do hope you can get it on time!
    Awesome projects, it's great to get commissions ~ Would you consider doing Pullip/Obitsu27 sized commissions in the future? :3

    1. Thank you! I do hope I can get the present too.
      Regarding commissions. If you mean crochet ones, yes. We have already even made some, actually, but they were for a local client. We only need some measures that depend on the clothing item. Regarding leather bags, yes, probably. We need to talk about it.
      Sewing commissions, sadly no. I only sew for bodies I have (or can be lended, as my friend's LittleMonica boy, or the DollChateau Christina, and so on).

  5. You really insured me to get cracking on my sewing! I want to improve more, so thanks so much for that! Your work is lovely! I hope you have a nice birthday, and things work out how you want. :)

    1. It is an honor to be an inspiration, thank you so much!!
      My bday is still far away (August) but due to this hobby's waiting times, I wanted to order the present ahead of time, to see if it will arrive timely :D

    2. Oh I totally get that! I'm the same way. Even ordering when I have the funds, and not necessarily in line with the holiday or date! :P