Sunday 22 May 2016

Researching BJDs: Mature Bodies for Hybrids (3/4)

And we are already on the third post of this list! I'm sorry it took me this long to get on this list, but I've been busy and doing all this research takes time.

Anyways, this post focuses on mature girl bodies for hybrids in the 1/4 size. This dolls are usually bobble-headed or too stylized to fit in the category of mature (or semi-realistic) minis. I will be listing the following information: a photo of the body, available skin tones, neck circumference, body options, height, other info, and links to the store, and to reviews and owner data I have found.

As said before, this list only includes girl bodies. The next post will be mature mini boys and, if there is somebody interested, I may do a boy bodies to hybrid (although those are easy to find, most male dolls in this size have a child's face in a shredded 6-pack body).

[Mature Girl Minis] [Realistic Minis] [Mature Boy Minis]

The post and full list starts after the cut! Of course, nude BJD pics ahead! There is no point talking about doll bodies if we can't see them! Also, all images belong to the respective companies.

LittleMonica Little Harmony

Neck size: 7cm.

Skin tones: Normal and white. Those two matches Volks'. Now they also state they make two tans, but dolls can't be purchased with those skin tones.

Body options: You can't choose bust size, but this body comes with normal legs and normal hell feet, but you can also get heel legs. However, the main listing only offers one type of legs, and the other ones must be purchased from their individual listings.

Height: 35.8cm (without head).

Other info: The body is single jointed. However, I have personally handled the boy body of this size (it has the same joints engineering than the girl body) and it is an amazing poser, always really easy to set in natural positions. I guess the girl body would be similar.

Links: Little Harmony girl body, basic feet, heel feet, heel legs.

Spiritdoll Smart

Neck size: 7cm.

Skin tones: white, normal and tan (it has an additional cost).

Body options: not jointed torso, or jointed torso. Also, medium or large bust. Large bust can be purchased individually. The hands are also beautiful and really nice sculpted, and there is an optional fist hand.

Height: 45cm (including head).

Other info: The heads are 6-7", although most of them are too stylized/childish to be in the mature mini list. However (and according to my personal taste), Liana could work nicely with a mature mini, because her face is more oval instead of rounded.

Links: Smart girl body, large bust. Also, I found this comparison by DenaliWind between Minifee, Spiritdoll Smart girl and Unoa 2.0.

Dearmine Dearlover

Neck size: I haven't found info, but since they claim compatibility with Unoa and MNF heads, I will guess 7cm.

Skin tones: white and normal (afaik, their white is paper white).

Body options: There are no options available, but the body comes with both flat and heel feet.

Height: 40cm (I'm guessing including head).

Other info: There is also a cat version of the body, that comes only in white, has tail and the calf have some additional details.

Links: Bodies and parts appear sold out, but they say to contact Dearmine. This is the body sales page.

Asleep Eidolon 1/4

Neck size: 6.9cm.

Skin tones: normal, white and snow white. Also, Mint On Card states that AE's resin varies from batch to batch, so I'd suggest caution.

Body options: Height: 42cm (with head on) 37.5cm (without head).

Other info: I personally think it is the less detailed body on the list (I'm a sucker for curvy legs, I won't lie), but I also believe it is mature enough to be on this list. Once again, everything is subjective.

Links: Mint On Card listing. Their direct sales page is Chinese only. Also, MoC says that the order can take up to 40 weeks to be delivered. I also found this review by Dollception about this body.

Fairyland Minifee bodies

Neck size: 6.5cm (Moe line, white background on photos) and 7cm (active line, blue background on photos).

Skin tones: normal, white and tan. However, bodies alone cannot be purchased in tan.

Body options: A-Line has 3 bust types and 2 leg types. Moe line has 2 bust types and no leg choice. There is a ridiculous amount of hands for this body. Also, M-Line has smaller feet than most mature minis (they are a big YoSD size). You can get the mag-on A-line feet for the M-line body.

Height: 41cm (A-line) and 38cm (Moe line). Both measures include head.

Other info: The B-line appears to be discontinued, and the Fairy-Line is only available in limited edition dolls, so I haven't included them. I have also read on DoA that lately FL is lacking in the quality control, and that their dolls yellow quickly.

Links: M-line body sales page, and A-Line body sales page.

Unoa Sister

Neck size: I assume 7cm, since their heads can be hybrided with MNF.

Skin tones: fair and white skin.

Body options: small and large bust.

Height: 42cm (including head).

Other info: I was suggested on Tumblr to add them to my mature mini list, but I do not agree. I find their heads too stylized to be compatible with the dolls in the mature mini list, so I'm listing their bodies as hybrid candidates.

Links: You can get B-grade kits from UnoAlchemy. They sell in-stock, so the options are limited. This store is legit.

Sadol Cute40

Neck size: 7cm.

Skin tones: white and normal.

Body options: small and large bust. During event time, you can get the additional bust without buying a whole body. Purchasing the body includes both regular leg with flat feet, and heeled leg.

Height: 43.5cm (flat feet, including head).

Other info: The body does not have any joint in the torso, and also has an hourglass shape that can make finding clothes difficult.

Links: large chest body and small chest body.

And this is it! To be included in this list, I considered bodies that had an overall mature look, and were not simply push-up boobs with childish tube legs. Also, I need to thank Tsukiyono (go read her webcomic!) for her help with the research of bodies.

I have also an incoming collab post about mature hybrids in 1/4 size, so please stay tuned. This may take a while because since it is a collaboration, it doesn't depend only of me. Finally, the next post of this topic will be mature boy dolls. Let me know if you are interested in mature boy bodies for hybrids.

Anyways, hope you are having a great day and weekend, and that you find this post useful! :D


  1. Loving this whole series still! :)

    It's interesting how stylized different those chest sizes make the Spiritdoll bodies look - I hadn't realized how much of a size difference their options have!

    1. I agree!! Some bodies really change when combining the options. I loved the Spiritdoll Smart body, to be honest!

  2. Very useful as always!! There are some nice bodies in this list.
    I'm actually really excited bout the mature mini post for boys, who knows? maybe I can find a Lucas XD

    Thanks for doing this research and make it public!

    1. Thank you!!! I hope you find a mini Lucas, too!!
      I'm glad people find this useful!

  3. I love these posts! Please keep doing them--the information is invaluable. I'm looking forward to the post on mini mature boys.

    1. I'm so happy you like them!!
      I do hope to have that post coming soon <3

  4. All the bodies are so pretty @o@ ~
    Thanks for your hard work & wonderful research!

    1. They are!! I really loved some of them!
      And thank you! It means a lot that people like my posts!

  5. I'm still so glad you do these!! I love seeing the contrast to the bodies, and learning about new sculpts I haven't heard of.

    1. I'm glad you like them!! I do them to share my findings in the hobby :D