Sunday 12 June 2016

Character Relations (Part I)

Hello there! You know, I'm not for sharing a lot of my doll's story, but they do have one. However, after seeing Turbow's and Kai's character relations meme, I said... "why not?". This will also help me sort out things related to my dolls.

I knew from the start I couldn't use photos because I don't have all the dolls, and since I suck at drawing (that is why I didn't use Kai's base), I decided to use the platform DreamSelfy to create the characters, and then edit everything with the relations. So please consider that I was limited to the web's clothes and hairstyles, so not everything would be 100% accurate.

Also, I have two stories: one for Coco (and all the mini dolls I haven't yet purchased), and another one for my tinies. This time, I will share the story for Coco :D Here is the chart (click it to see it bigger) and more info and ramblings about my plans under the cut!

Ok, first of all, take in mind that only Coco, Chanel and Venezia are thought and set. The others are just ideas, and they may change in the future. So far, this is the state of the story so far! The links I'm putting on the names lead to their Charahub files, where there are more info about the characters.


Let's talk about Coco. As you can see, and because she is my first doll, she is the center of the story. Coco is actually biracial (French mother and South Korean father), and her family was wealthy. Her mom was very famous in the fashion industry, and her father is the CEO of a huge enterprise. However, Coco did suffer some bullying at school for being bi-racial. Coco is also bisexual.


Then we have Venezia. Her name is the italian translation of Venice. I'm currently saving up to get her, and I hope to buy her on Xmas! She will be an Iplehouse JID Violet in Light Brown skin, and I will get her through the Doll Choice.

She is a... sort of controversial character. Her parents are from Colombia and she was born there, but they moved to Spain when she was little. However, she has always ashamed of being latina and, although her skin was not dark, she started to go to a spa to tan herself because she thought it "hid" her real skin tone.

This may be sad, but IRL I knew a person who did exactly that (tanning) to hide their real skin tone.
Anyways, Venezia is also a model, and she is lesbian, although she is in the closet. On the story, after meeting Coco, she was looking for an apartment and Coco offered to share hers. They became best friends, but had some one-night-standings on some drunken nights.
They still are best friends, though.


Next one is Chanel! She is Coco's younger sister, and she is not a model, but actually graduated as a reporter. On the story, she just got an internship on a fashion magazine, and decided to "temporarily" crash at Coco's place, much to Coco's dismay. Chanel is also biracial, but she has more of her French inheritance than Coco, so they should not look very similar.

Chanel never thought about her sexuality, she was actually too focused on college, until she met Venezia. They are going to be girlfriends! (Coco's approval is irrelevant, hahaha!).

I originally wanted a Rosette (she is supposed to be flat and thin) but after all the issues with that brand, for now I think I'm going to settle with a Souldoll Soulkid. Sculpt is not defined. When I have the money I will see which sculpt suits her.

Jung Hee

I only mentioned this character once, in this story two years ago. Her mother was Jae Hwa, a coworker of Coco and Chanel's father. Although both sisters knew him and were childhood friends, Coco and Jung Hee were best friends. He enrolled on the navy, but his ship disappeared on very unclear conditions. Although she hasn't said anything, Coco still misses him and mourns him on his birthdays.

I do not have plans to own this character as a doll. His dead! xD

??? #1

Also, girl in need of a name. My hubby is still thinking on one (if you don't know, he has named all my dolls!).

Anyways, she is a biochemist and a researcher. She has an awful taste in clothes, she doesn't care about them at all. One day she entered on a expensive fashion boutique in search for a cocktail dress for a work party she had been invited, when she found Coco. Coco couldn't help herself and pointed a dress that could look good on her, and they ended up swapping phone numbers.

A time after that, they started dating :D I don't have a lot thought about her, except that she is a workaholic, hates smoking/drinking, and is always so tired and wanting to get out of the current place. She loves coffee, though: she can't work until she had her coffee.

I may want her, in the very long and far away future, because I don't want Coco to be Chanel/Venezia third-wheeler, so... I don't have a clue of which sculpt she could be. Maybe a Dollits girl. I have no idea.

??? #2

Another unnamed, because once again, hubby has not named him! And if I chose a name, I will probably not like it, as it has happened before. Onto the character. He is a vary novelist of increasing fame, due to his book series about a detective woman, something similar to Sherlock, but in modern times.

He also has heterochromia iridum (one eye of each color, one green one brown) and since he is introvert and hates drawing attention, he usually wears sunglasses or dark colored glasses. He is very formal and respectful of other people (he wishes they would do the same with him, too).

On the story, he was walking off a writer's block, when he saw Coco looking at a boutique's showcase, and he was infatuated. He didn't even dared to came close to her, but a couple days later, he saw an advertise about a famous' designer catwalk where Coco was featured. After that, he thought she was completely above his league. Months later, on another cocktail event, he met Coco and talked with her, after her still unnamed girlfriend snatched her back.

I have a plot-line hole here and I haven't thought how this will continue, but the thing is that I want Coco to have a polyamory relationship with both unnamed characters! It should be a little stressful for them to sort everything up, but Coco is demanding and she needs them both, hahaha! It isn't supposed to be an affair, but consensual. Chanel's approval is irrelevant (she hates him).

I will like to have him in the far, far, far, oh so far future, after I have gotten all the girls and a sheeptaur for Merry and Cookie. So he is really away in the bottom of the list. Also, I haven't thought in a do

About the names...

There is another stupid thing going on here. It started when I got Merry and I noticed their names make up for a cute statement:  
Merry Coco Cookies.

Since I already had the name for Coco's sister, the statement changed to:
Chanel eats Merry Coco Cookies

So when I realized I had no name for Coco's best friend, I decided it had to be a city/place, and requested help from the hubby. Now the statement would be:
Chanel eats Merry Coco Cookies from Venezia

So, as you see, I need the names of the other characters (except Jung Hee, he is a poor filler) to continue adding to the sentences. I have another character thought for Merry and Cookie's story (a sheep fairy) and she/he could be named after another flavor. Then, the statement could be:  
Merry Chanel eats Cookies of Coco and [flavor] from Venezia

I know this is utterly stupid, but I love this pun, and I will continue it as far as I can. I thought that Coco's unnamed girlfriend could be another city, but the hubby says it is hard to find names for red-headeds, so I'm just waiting. He will come up with something worthy, I'm sure.

Anyways, I know I have few characters and so far I like a small collection, but things can change. If I were a dragon, I would hoard doll shoes instead of dolls, so... If you have any input, suggestion or idea, you are most welcome! Also, feel free to do the "meme" yourself, I would love to read more about your dolls :D

Let me know if you are interested on the tiny animal fairies story and relations! Also, hope you are having a great weekend!!


  1. This was a lovely "meme" and it was interesting to read about your dolls! Thanks for sharing! And I am interested in the tiny animal fairies story and relations! Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you!! I will do that "meme" too :D

  2. I like how you've planned everything out, I even like that you have a character who is already deceased! :O That's so interesting, to have other characters remember this character!

    I also like how you can form a sentence with their names, it could be the name of the story?

    1. Hahaha, thank you!! I didn't thought of making the name of the story with their names! It is a cool idea, but Merry and Cookie have a different story =S

      Happy you find this interesting!

  3. I love this! I love love love reading about people's characters :3
    You have given it so much thought and it really shows! It's really a nice little story!
    I hope you can't get them all (except Jung Hee) eventually! :D

    1. Thank you!! Glad you like the story, I hope I will be able to share more!

  4. Algún día haré esto, te quedó re bueno!!!!Yo maté a Faolan 1 pero nadie lo recuerda jajajajaja XD!

    Me gusta el juego de palabras con los nombres también, ojalá llegue lejos!

    1. Por ahora espero conseguir los que están ahí :D
      Ojala pueda seguir con el juego de palabras!

  5. The first thing I noticed about the names was "Coco Chanel" -- world famous French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. Also, Jung Hee's disappearance sounds more like "missing, presumed dead" than dead without a doubt. To my mind he could reappear whenever you find the right sculpt.

    I can't believe you have stories for dolls you don't own yet. Most of the dolls I own never have stories.

    1. You noticed! The pun about Coco Chanel was suggested by my hubby. Since Coco's mom was a huge fan of Coco Chanel, she named her daughters in her honor!
      Jung Hee could be, although for now I'm not so interested in male dolls, to be honest!

      Happy you like the story! It just wrote itself! :D

  6. I think this is way awesome! I also write stories for dolls I'm planning. Mostly, because they start as characters for me! :) So fun to read! :D

    1. Thank you!! You should share them too :D

    2. Maybe I will! ^^

  7. Hi Musume!
    I love this, you should share more stories. Hope Coco and Chanel both have little black dresses in their wardrobe. :)

    1. They all have! I have planned the designs for each girl (except the unnamed red headed) :D
      And thank you! Happy you like the story!!