Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Balance

It is December, so that means that the year balance is here! I personally think that this year was not that good, but we'll see... I originally posted my goals for 2016 on past January, but I will be copying a summary and "answering" to myself here.

If you did your goals, I invite you to do this, it can be interesting! Let's go!

Photography: practice and improve. Get the remote control.
Ehm... I took some photos, I don't feel I have improved at all, though. I still heavily dislike my photos, and I was really busy and couldn't take as much as I wanted. Didn't get the remote control, as I discarded it early on the year.

Steampunk Victorian bustle gown for Coco. Make a Project journal an da video with voice-over.
I did this!!! I did the outfit and the project journal, and when I did the video I managed to record my first voice-over ever. I don't like my childish voice at all, but oh well...

For Calina: Steampunk dress and wa-loli outfit.
Well, another half. I did a regency steampunk dress for Calina and also made a video for her, even with voice-over. I didn't manage to be able to do the wa-loli outfit, sadly D:

  1. Tiny stands for Cookie and Merry. Got them! They were a present from my hubby <3
  2. Urethane eyes for Cookie and Merry. A dubious one. I got them, they were a bday present from hubby, but they have been stuck at customs for 4 months already. On Friday my dad got an ETA for me: several more months, sadly.
  3. Iplehouse Doll Choice JID Violet. Bought her!! And I even bought Cookie on kitty form. Hopefully, she will ship and arrive during 2017.
  4. Urethane eyes for Coco and incoming Venezia. Another dubious one. I bought them, but they are also stuck at customs... 1 and a half months for this package, but still stuck. The ETA my dad got me was February/March 2017.
  5. More LullabyPoem wigs. I didn't bought this, but I bought shoes! One package was a bday gift from my mother (also stuck at customs with 4 months of delay and lots more months of waiting), and the other one I bought it... I got the customs duties tax for this, paid it, but the package is now stuck at the postal service office not moving for delivery *facepalm*. No, I can't go fetch it myself either, not even paying the postal shipping either =S

Etsy: 15 commissions and 3 stock items. Partially achieved. We got our stock goal achieved, we even sold 1 item during an event (first time ever an event works out), and we did a lot of commissions, but we didn't reach the goal of 15.

Sewing comissions: at least 2, and sell the Pukifee Yukata. I did five sewing commissions this year! Regency dresses, a kimono/warrior like outfit, a cocktail dress inspired on Daisy Ridley's dress, and a Penny Dreadful dress. The Yukata is still up for grabs, sadly.

Take a photo of me and Coco wearing N7 hoodies. I did this thing!!! I made the hoodie, made the zipper for the hoodie, and took the photo of us! Even though I can barely be seen, it still counts. Loved doing this.

Keep improving and dare on things I didn't dare before. I think I did quite big things this year regarding my sewing. I did period dresses for my commissions, I learned to knit, also did the hoddie and a jean that I need to post here... also, I think that my diorama project counts as "things I didn't dare before"! xD

Join DoA's Thriathlon 2016. Nope. I was busy doing commissions and already burnt out from an awful year, and between work and other things I didn't had time to do it, sadly.

Well, I honestly thought I did it worse. It is a shame that my packages are still stuck, otherwise you would have been flooded with reviews and some video reviews of the eyes I wanted to make. I hope things will get organized, I need my stuff!

And I will be doing the goals for 2017 in January! I have them mostly thought up, and hope to manage to achieve most of them. Anyways, how did your doll goals went on 2016? Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. It seems that most of the things you wanted to do got done if you discount the hold up by evil customs! @o@~

    Can't wait to see your list for next year!!

    1. It is true. The sad thing is I've been craving for some of those items so much! Specially the urethane eyes!
      I have my 2017 list ready, but I will post it in January :D

  2. I think you did great. Many of your goals were actually hard to do and you accomplished them.
    I'm very impressed at your knitting skills, you have done complicated stuff with it and you are starting, I'm still stuck doing simple scarves on crochet XD

    1. Thank you!! I don't know about the knitting, this last sweater is giving me so much trouble T_T I think you are doing great! Practice makes perfect :D

  3. I also think you did great :D Much better than me. You have done some amazing commissions for people. I'm always so impressed over you :)
    I hope your packages will get to you soon!!

    1. Thank you so much, you are too kind! I do wish my packages to be realeased, too =S

  4. Nice job! I think I might set more crafting goals for myself next year! Thanks for sharing what you do Musume!!

    1. You should! But oh well, I really love crafting :)
      Glad you liked and read what I share, too :D