Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Project! Halloween Garden Diorama

So, I know we are not even close to Halloween, but crafting takes time as everything has to dry in order to move forwards, and during week days I'm not able to do much, so better get started with time. When I did the diorama for my tinies I found some lovely photos of Halloween-themed fairy gardens, and immediately got an idea for it! So some days ago I got some supplies I was missing, and here I am.

As before, my idea is to make everything able to assemble/disassemble, for easy storage, and to take up as little space as I can. I got a new box to organize my diorama supplies, so I got enabled to make more props, haha!

Okay, the detailed project journal is on DoA here.

The smaller image you see on the right is the one that inspired me for this project. At the end, I do hope to make a short video too! :D More info and WIP photos under the cut.

So, first, I needed to get some supplies, so here are those. I got cold porcelain and DAS clay and I hope to use some of the supplies that were left unused after the main diorama making:

Then, what I'm hoping to make is:
  1. Make the garden base.
  2. Make a fence and some bricks for the edges.
  3. Make pumpkins out of cold porcelain.
  4. Make some owls and maybe some ghosts.
  5. I don't know about the tombs, but those are cute.
  6. Make a summary video of the making process, and maybe some "live action".
This is how I'm storing my props now! I got this huge fishing supplie box. The good thing is that the compartiments can be made bigger or smaller by removing the tabs. Genius! Also, here is some sculpting progress:

So, small update for now, but I hope to share more photos on Instagram, Ko-Fi and on DoA's Journal! :D I do hope to share the finished project here, with a summary video and all. Wish me luck! :D


  1. Oh my, those pumpkins are darn cute! Can not stop looking! And great idea with the fishing supplies box for saving the tiny things! At the moment I have just a little box and all is a mish-mash in it. Look forward to following this project - will visit DoA's journal to see some more! :) Good luck with this one!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm so happy with my pumpkins, I couldn't stop smiling and jiggling at them :D The fishing boxes are great for props, I think I might need more :D

      Also, thank you for checking up my journal! :D

  2. Que buena idea la de la caja de pesca para almacenar las cosas. Las calabazas son muy lindas, me encanta la idea que has tenido de un diorama de brujas, que tengas mucho éxito en el trabajo y todo te salga como lo has ideado.
    PD: Me encantaría ver que hace Merry si ve un fantasma XD

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Sí, creo que me he fanatizado con las cajas de pescas, son muy útiles.
      Es buena idea lo de Merry no lo había pensado!! Intentaré hacerlo xDD

  3. Aw, this looks like such a cute project! I can't wait to see more updates. :D Also, super cute pumpkins you've made so far. ^^
    I love those fishing supplies boxes! They are really great for storing props and miniatures.

    1. The fishing supplies boxes are blessings for this hobby and all the props I find out I like to make for my tinies xDD
      Glad you liked the progress so far! I'm working to make another update :D

  4. Hi Musume,
    You are so organised, and well on your way to a beautiful diorama already with those lovely orange pumpkins, I can see already your diorama is going to be wonderful. I guess if we are to do anything for Halloween, we should all be getting ready about now, you are such a good girl for inspiring us all. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you so much!! You made me blush :O
      I hope I can see some Halloween-stuff from you, your collection is lovely!

  5. This project is really cute :D I hope it'll turn out as you want it, and that you will keep us updated on it!
    The small pumpkins are so adorable! <3

    1. Thank you so much!! I will be updating the journal on DoA, and hope to share here a sort of making-of video :D
      I love the pumpkins too!!