Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tiny Wishlist & Ideas

Well, sometimes things on the dolly hobby escalate quickly, and sometimes I get a lot of inspiration for my tinies stories, though my wallet (and my country's customs) do not agree with me. So, I tend to do a lot of window shopping. I never share those ideas because everyone is like "when are you buying them?" or "do layaway", and sometimes, I don't even think on buying the dolls xD I like to give equal attention, outfits and camera time to all my dolls or otherwise I get stressed.

But that does not mean that my imagination does not fly! I've been thinking about some characters for this story and, though for some of them I do have dolls thought out, I'm in no hurry to buy them all. However, I wanted to share them with you and hear your ideas/opinions!

So, prepare for a lot of ranting and stories under the cut! There are also mockups and links to the dolls I've been thinking of.

Beagle Baskerville

Also known as BB.Have you read any of Sherlock Holmes novels? "The Hound of the Baskervilles" is my fave Holmes story, honestly. I read it as a child and ended up fascinated with it. As you can guess, BB is going to be a dog fairy, and his task (yes, a boy, finally!) is going to be the Fairy Police. My idea is for him to be all serious, always investigating Merry and her careless for one or another thing, and the Cookie saving the situation by throwing a twig or a ball, causing BB to get fetch it xD In exchange, BB will throw her yarn balls or make the evil-red-dot appear out of nowhere.

I imagine him with a magnifier and a notebook, always registering everything he sees or hear... and sometimes, following a trail, sniffing like a good Beagle he is xD

I would like him to be a light tan, with golden eyes. I have been thinking of some options, and the one I like the most is MiyaDoll PetitMocha Chloe, which comes with genderless body. However, the doll is sold out. I did ask Miya once, and she told me the line would be back with more heads. I don't worry about it for now, since there is no money for a purchase either.

Another option could be a Luts Tiny Delf, since their light tan skin does not have an additional cost. However, I don't know how their face-shapes will fit with Merry and Cookie.

Sheep Fairy

I don't have a name for her, yet. I don't have a name for her, but I know she will be a sheep fairy: fairies that help human to dream and drive nightmares away... my idea came from the saying of 'counting sheeps' to get bored and sleep. About her character, she will always be so, so, so tired, falling asleep on the middle of anything; also, I'd like for her to wear comfy clothes, like pajamas and stretchy clothes, comfortable to sleep on them xD

However, I want a very specific doll for her, and it hasn't come out yet! First, due to her sleeping-thing, the doll would have to come with sleeping face. And I'd love to have a sheeptaur body! You know, like a centaur, but with a sheep body.

So far, I think my best bet would be Fairylands RealFee, but their griffin releases were two dolls: one the human body, and the griffin as another doll. Estimate the cost on USD800~USD1000. It took me two years to save for Venezia (roughly USD700), so I don't think I would be able to do an impulse buy if something like this ever comes out.

However, I once saw a SIO2 Sheeptaur that was very pretty an affordable. However, as always regarding SIO2, there was an astounding lack of information. Agh! *frustration*

Dragonfly Fairy

Well, this is another unnamed girl. The most common fairies are godmother fairies, which are actually dragonflies! Excuse the dreamselfy thing, I couldn't find dragonfly wings in there.

I know almost nothing about her, except that I want her to be normal skin (Merry is pink-white, Cookie dark tan, and the other two light tan) and with elf ears. As a funny thing, she would always dress with face, lacy and produced dresses. Not printed cotton, like Cookie, but more fancy lacy things. Like they are always pictured on movies. She would also be all careful, refined and well-mannered, like the stereotype of a lady from a period novel... of course, she will get annoyed at the sheep's sleep tendency, Merry's innocence, and Cookie-BB relationship of mutual annoyance.

Since I want her to have elf ears, I have thought of two Luts Tiny Delf sculpts: Gretel or Gelda. I thought of them because these are basic dolls, and the less expensive from this sort of "wishlist"... but this is also a character I'm not currently very interested on.


No chibi for her, since she was a crazy idea and I very much doubt I'll ever get her. When I saw Fairyland Realfee Hippogriffin-taur and Griffin-taur dolls, I instantly thought: I want her!! But of course, I don't have USD900 laying around in order to get both dolls (the Realfee and the Griffin). But oh well. Fairyland does not do re-releases. Too expensive, no money-tree, no lottery win either, sadly xD

However, when I saw those releases, I had an idea: Griffin-fairies would be the messengers of the fairies... sort of like a postal service, because they can fly and go faster to all places on the settlement. Her name would be Isseya. That name is not random. I'm a Dragon Age fan, and on the book "Last Flight" (I have had its cover as my desktop wallpaper for ages) the main character is an elven Gray Warden (a girl, of course) named Isseya, who attempts to save the griffins from extinction. I think it is a perfect name! Not going to spoil the book story, though.

As you can guess, doing the 16cm Tinies Reference post did not help me, and I ended up deciding to do this post. I wanted to post it earlier, but ended up pushing it because I'm not sure how many of you are interested on reading plans based on window-shopping and no expected purchase plans xD

Oh well. Do you have any wish-list? Do you do window-shopping with stuff related to the hobby, or prefer to buy it without much though?


  1. You have some many amazing ideas! I love love love your tiny concept so much. Dreaming and planning is part of the fun, even though it can make us impatient. The concept of Isseya sounds really cool. I hope you can buy her and the rest eventually :)

    1. Thank you so much!!! Honestly, BB is the one who has all my enthusiasm for now xDD I can imagine he and Cookie doing so many funny stuff xDD

  2. Holmes was a favorite of mine when I was a kid, have read the hound of the Baskerville several times. Had it as a children's version with images and had to read the original later on, when I got older.
    I love these stories, and they sure do help you in making the characters. It is inspirational and even if you do not buy, you have the thought. Or as my hubby says, when I talk and dream about dolls, that when you decide or we have the funds - then you can just make it happen. And I agree with Lise, the planning and dreaming are a fun part in this hobby. And to read about your thoughts can be inspirational.

    1. I agree with you!! And thank you so much for thinking it is inspirational, I always have so much fun planning and researching, even if I don't end up buying xD
      PS: Holmes was a fave of mine as well, but Baskerville is my favorite novel of his adventures!

  3. Oh I have said this so many times but Musume, if you are going to dream at all, DREAM BIG! The dolls can be any size, but tiny ones do make for a lot of cuteness. I love dreaming about themes for dolls, it's a loads of fun and let's face it, dolls are made for having fun with.
    In regards to Holmes, I haven't read the books, but I've seen all the movies (even the old black & white ones) and TV series, and I think your BB will be an excellent investigative hound. :)
    Don't stop dreaming, we all enjoy reading about them.

    1. Hahahah, thank you!! I know one can dream big, but SD dolls do not appeal to me... well, except for the pretty shoes, hahaha!
      Happy you enjoyed the reading :D

  4. Me encanta la idea e imaginar las muñecas que quieres y ya tener una historia para ellas, la DRAGONFLY FAIRY y la ISSEYA son las que me facinaron, aunque el Beagle ya se ve adorable haciendo jugarretas con ovillos a Cookie XD
    Es muy entretenido leer sobre tus muñecas, porque cada una tiene una personalidad muy definida

    1. Ayy muchas gracias!! Me alegro que les guste leer mis planes. BB me tiene muy entusiasmada... de hecho los tres, pero bueno xD

  5. I loved reading this! You have some really great ideas for potential future dolls. My favourites are BB and the Sheep Fairy, both of their concepts sounds so adorable. :D I can imagine some funny photostories you could do with BB and Merry. ♥

    1. Thank you!! BB is my fave, I can imagine so much! The Sheep fairy is unavailable, sadly, and probably way too expensive D: Someday!

  6. Haha.. window shopping. Yes, you are not the only one. Speaking of tinies: Do you happen to know the doll artist helga reinhard of ancient tales? Her dolls are mature tinies and unique. I just saw her work last week for the first time. And maybe she would be an interesting interview partner. ;)

    1. I didn't knew about that artist, but I'm gonna look up for her. I hope to be able to interview her! Thank you for the suggestion!!

    2. I just ordered Rachel from her. But there is another suggestion: Tender Creations. Their girls are maybe more in your line of dolls. And now I am going to read your Interview with Amadiz. I really like your interviews, I would so often like to know more about the artists who sculpt the dolls I love.

    3. That is awesome, congrats the!! Tender Creations is great, I've seen their work :D I will keep them on the interview list, too. Hope they'll accept!