Sunday, January 14, 2018

Secret Project: Tiny Dragons!

Well, yes. I did a thing. Actually, back in October 2017, Fantasywoods told me about the little PlaPico dragons from AileenDoll, and my first reaction was wanting to grab my wallet and throw it at the screen!

For those of you who do not know, these PlaPico dragons are the same versions of the tiny 8cm dragons, but they are built from plastic, as model kits! Like those models kits of Gundams, planes, ships, and so on. And their price is amazing: USD12 each! When I saw them, hubby became a little Picidae bird (those that continuously hammer the tree) and offered me once and again to gift me the dragons. He is an enabler, I love him. I ended up accepting, but I decided to wait until AileenDoll released Ashes.

So here is what I got! Ashes and Violet (in violet plastic). Here are some photos of the dragons, and after the cut, there is the list of all my plans!

Story Plans

You know I have a tendency to window-shop and buy nothing, but I think this may not be the case. AileenDoll has anounced they plan to do all of their Pico dragons into PlaPicos (store section here), and my mind started to run!

They already anounced Rot for January/February, but I only ordered Violet and Ashes for now. They appear to have them in stock, but since I chose the registered airmail shipping instead of EMS, customs is making me wait, as always. I paid the fee a week ago, and it still has not been approved! Dang it!

So, the question was... where do this potential horde of tiny dragons fit? They will be part of Merry and Cookie's story! In their Fairy Settlement, Dragons are born from the different energies of the world, and each of them represents also an element. Their main task is to be vault keepers: of treasures, dangeours glitters/magics, teeth, coins, books... whatever the fairies need them to keep safe.

So! For the two I got (now) my plans are:
  • Violet: she is gonna be named Nyx, and be painted as a galaxy. She'll represent the primal energy of life, the creation, the energy that ties all magical beings together.
  • Ashes: he will be named Aion, and be painted as a mossed stone, with two runes "engraved" on his head: Jera (harvest) and Eihwaz (growth/life/death). I had some help from a friend to come up with those runes, as I know nothing about them. He will represent time, and how one growths, transition and transform throughout time.
For the other dragons... err, I already planned them. They willbe the four seasons, matched with the four elements. I plan for them to have a little tattoo on their foreheads of the elements symbols (these are some triangle things with additional lines). For now, I know that Rot could be summer/fire... I don't know which other sculpt or color would be the other seasons, as they have not announced it. I'll probably go for light blue, while, green, pink... will see.

All of their names come from Greek mythology. Aion was the god of cyclical and unbounded time (opposed to Chronos, the most commonly known), Nyx the goddess of night, Theros is Summer, Eiar is Spring, Poron is a short thing I came up with for Pthinoporon of Autumn, and Chei is the shortened of Cheimon of Winter.

I also went ahead and got some customs urethane eyes for Nyx and Aion, from TalesFromTheShrike (see interview here). I plan on making a video about this eyes, but you know... the package is MIA and the tracking isn't working. Customs told me it is a "simple" shipping, so I need to sit tight and wait. Le sigh.

Project Plans

I think it is no secret that for a very, very long time I have wanted to learn to do faceups. But the original investment is expensive, and most of the quality products are not available in my country... and paying 50% in taxes makes it too expensive.

But! This dragons are made of plastic, and not resin. I asked AileenDoll, and they told me I could use any product used to paint "gunpla models". Low and behold, after an extensive Google search I found out that the spray varnish I can get here (the RustOleum) can be successfully be used on this plastic! And then, even better, a store in my country restocked the Testors Dullcote, which hubby got me as an xmas gift, along with other painting stuff. Therefore: I'm learning to paint them myself!

Since I am a very cheep person, I've been collecting materials from everywhere. I found the isopropyl alcohol on a computer store, since it is used to clean the cards and so on. I purchased a proper 3M mask from eBay, since my dad was getting one as well... it barely took 3 months to arrive! Also, my mom and dad gave me some cool Fabercastell pencils and the soft pastels. I'll refrain from calling this vintage -they are not that old, hahahaah! Pun intended!

The Project

So, my project will not only be painting them, but I want to make a lot of reviews and references about these dragons, as they are really new. I also think they are an amazing idea, honestly! So affordable! These are the videos I am planning to make:
  • Assembling/dissasembling of the dragons.
  • Eyes fitting and requirements.
  • Poseability and movement limitations.
  • Faceup materials test. Mostly how they react to sanding, the varnish and removal.
I will see if I can do another interview with AileenDoll (you can see the original one here), but exclusively focused in these dragons. I'll see if I can make it on video, or written, as a regular interview. What are your thoughts on this?

I do hope to be able to paint them decently. I think it is easier because they do not have brows or eyelashes, which terrify me... and I've been practicing the eyeliner on paper, in order to not mess it up too badly. Will see!!

Then, as part of their story, I also plan to make little bios for them, and start sharing small stories and lore like I do with Cookie and Merry. I hope you will find this interesting!

And this was all! I'm so sorry for throwing all this wall of text! I do hope the packages get to be released from customs soon... I can't wait to have them, and I always manage to get all the packages shipped together and end up tracking five of them at the same time D: Anyways, thank you for bearing me, and enjoy the weekend! Do you have any new dolly plans for this year?


  1. What a fun project! I love AileenDoll dragons, but so far have bought only two of the regular size and one Pico baby Ashes. I wondered how difficult it would be to put together a plastic model. It's a great idea to learn to do faceups on the cheaper plastic instead of on expensive resin. I like the mythology you are applying to your little ones. My dragons don't have backstories. Mostly they are just troublemakers. Videos sound like fun, but can you get AileenDoll to do a video interview? I'm interested to see what develops.

    1. Thank you so much!! For what I've seen, it is very easy to assemble this models, but I haven't seen about taking them apart, so that is why I want to make this a video as well.

      Happy you like the story so far! Your troublemaker dragons are adorable, I just love seeing your stories!!

      I'll see what I can do for the video interview :D

  2. This is so genius! I say as the kids here at home say: "Mind blown". This is a good way to open up for many to start collecting ball jointed things. 12 USD is really a price to love! I visited their site and the pink one is so cute and of course sold out. It would be great if you could do a video interview. But a written version will do too. Just want to know more about the dragons! :)
    Like your thoughts around this new project and it will be great to follow and see how things develop.
    Have a wonderful new week ahead!

    1. It is, indeed!! The pink one is adorable but I really love the white versions more!
      I'll try to do a video with a written version, but I'll contact them after getting my dragons.
      Happy you like my ideas!! I hope they'll arrive soon, though! Have a great week!

  3. The dragons are adorable! I wish the pink and white ones were available on the international site, they seem to be in stock on the European one though.
    I just bought these same dragons and assembled them a few days ago actually! I look forward to seeing your videos on them <3 I'd love to try painting mine myself but I'm not sure I have the courage haha.

    1. They are!! The pink one was available when I put my order up, but since those are sold from stock, they get occassionally sold-out when they are re-stocking! The white Ashes is coming in Jan 22nd to the international website, as far as I now!

      And congrats on getting them!! I hope my painting goes decent!

  4. Ahhhh you know I absolutely love your ideas for your dolls! These dragons are not exception :D It's such a wonderful concept you have come up with. I look forward to seeing your reviews of them. I still plan on buying some (hopefully) soon :3

    1. Thank you so much, dear!! I'm so happy with the idea, and I hope to do a decent work painting them!!
      I do hope you can get your dragons soon!

  5. How cute are they?! And Faber Castell age very well, I have some vintage pastels as well and they're as good as new ones. I am looking forward to see what you do with them!

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, the pencils are a good brand indeed! The pastels are a local brand I think, but they are good anyways!!
      I hope they'll arrive soon! :D

  6. Los dragones se ven adorables!!! Me encantará ver tus trabajos sobre ellos, estoy segura que quedarán maravillosos. Me encanta la historia que piensas preparar sobre ellos en el mundo de las hadas, ya me has puesto impaciente y espero que te lleguen pronto para ver el Open-box ja ja ja ja. Felicitaciones.

    1. ¡¡Muchas gracias por la confianza! Yo también espero que lleguen pronto, los quiero ya mismo! :D

  7. Oh WOW! It's been quite a little while since I visited Aileen Doll, and didn't know these existed, so thanks for posting Musume. I will check them out as my daughter loves dragons (I bought her Ashes some time ago) and these would make a perfect birthday gift for her that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. :)

    I shall look forward to seeing your complete range of videos on these little critters.

    1. Happy to bring the word out!! :D These look adorable, I hope to have them soon and start sharing all the videos and info I want to make! :D

  8. Me alegra mucho que te decidieras pro comprarlos!! Y no te asustes demasiado, si no te gusta como queda se puede borrar y empezar de nuevo.
    Estaré atenta a los reviews, me interesan mucho.


    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Fueron un regalo de mi pareja al final, el insistió jajaja!
      Sí, estoy al tanto que se puede borrar, pero los nervios son enormes! xD
      Espero traer todos los reviews pronto :D