Sunday, February 11, 2018

Atelier Momoni Twin Eyes ~ Review

My tiny crew finally have their proper eyes!! This was a huge story, honestly, so let me make a summary before starting xD

In July 2016, hubby bought me eyes for my dolls from AllThatGlitters (see review here). The eyes got stuck 6 months (yup, six) at customs and when I finally got them on January 2017, I found out they were definitely not the correct iris size (my mistake!). So, here comes Lola from Atelier Momoni (read my interview with her here!). I knew she made eyes, and she was willing to make an exception and make a commission for me.

After a lot of cons, comings, and goings, they eyes shipped. And here I was waiting, in summer, with my packages frozen at custom. Honestly, each tiny custom movement took 1 week!! And then, one day, boom, "out for delivery". No customs duties, no paperwork. I almost screamed at the office. Two hours later, hubby confirmed me he got the package at home.

So, I made a video review of the eyes (under the cut) and there are also some more anecdotes and photos under the cut.

This is the video review. It has subs in both English and Spanish.I hope you'll find the info and comparisons useful!

I got these on Friday, December 1st of 2017 (super belated 2016 bday present from hubby, in my account! xD) and of course: when I got back from work I sat down with my tools to get their new eyes on.

I got to Merry first... 34mins later, and I was still coming and going because I am not picky, I am so damn picky with the positioning. By the end, I had more putty in my fingers than on her eyes, and they would still fall off. It was worthy, as she now looks so adorable!

Cookie was "easier", but I never cursed at myself so hard when I got to Kitty Cookie. If you don't know, Iplehouse Pet Doll don't have an "external" head cap: instead, what works as a head cap is inside the head, and is actually part of the neck joint. That means that to take the head off, you have to basically unstring the doll, as removing the head makes the whole body go so floppy as there is nothing preventing the S-hook from going back through the neck.

But that was not the main issue. I had used Iplehouse's putty on her, which is a terribly sticky and inconsistent thing, and the inside of her head was full of it!!! And it is so tiny, I couldn't get the glass eyes off! I had to end up pushing her eyes from outside (thank goodness she doesn't have eyelashes) and I'm not lying: 27mins later, I finally had her glass eyes out. Now I put some less sticky putty inside, but I am not taking these eyes off. Can you guess why there was a "missing" pair on the review? xD

I got three pairs of eyes: dark, mid and light gray, and now my Cookies have heterochromia! It is barely noticeable, as the eyes are all gray, but they both look adorable and finally have matching eyes :D Expect their new updated profiles coming soon! I need to get some backgrounds for those.

So now, Cookies' left eye is slightly darker... though in many angles they look the same. I love these eyes, they have so much depth! And so much glitter!!! I love these things in fantasy dolls, honestly. They are adorable <3

How are you doing, everyone? I hope you found the video review useful! Have an awesome day, and I hope your new year is going perfectly well :3


  1. I enjoyed your video. The eyes look wonderful--I love their glitter and depth! I have used acrylic, glass, silicone, and urethane eyes and find I really like the look and feel of urethane. Some people prefer round eyes because the stems let them change the eye position briefly for a photo. I prefer flat-back eyes precisely because they lack stems, because sometimes you position the eye just right, then when you reassemble the head the S-hook knocks the stem aside and the eye is suddenly looking in the wrong direction. That can't happen with flat-backs.

    I had no idea it was so difficult to access the inside of the head on the Iplehouse cats. I imagine their dogs are assembled the same way. I guess I won't be buying one of their pet dolls anytime soon.

    1. The eyes are amazing, indeed! I have used the same types as you, and I agree: flat back are easier to avoid issues with the hook moving the eyes!

      Yeah, the Iplehouse cat is really hard to remove the head. I showed that in the video review: you need to basically remove the whole head, and that partially unstrungs the doll. The "head cap" is actually the cavity that is part of the neck ball joint.

  2. I liked your review video, you go trough everything so nicely! ^__^ So much depth and beauty in these Atelier Momoni eyes. Thank you for this wonderful video. Merry and both Cookies look absolutely adorable with their new eyes. <3

    1. Thank you so much!! These eyes are gorgeous, aren't they?
      Thank you for th compliments, I'm so happy with these eyes!

  3. I love glitter eyes and these all look wonderful Musume. I don't like changing eyes much because they are so fiddly, especially when you have large hands. :)

    1. That is true! Small heads and big fingers/hands is a terrible combo D:
      But these eyes are lovely!

  4. Changing eyes can be rather fiddly, even with bigger head and eyes. o_O
    These eyes are beautiful and glittery. I do like them and they suit Merry, Cookie and Kitty Cookie!
    The charm is wonderful! Great little gift!

    1. These are super glittery! Happy you liked them :D