Monday 26 March 2018

The Search ~ Story Time

It is time for another story!! I originally wanted to make this for V's birthday on January, but I wasn't able. I apologize (or maybe not) because this chapter is a lot shorter than the others... but the turth is, it simply a link between what happened before and what is going to happen now.

Also, I needed an excuse to take a photo of Venezia at that wall, since is the only sort of "outside" place I could get to emulate the location described on the chapter. I already took photos of Calina there, which happens to be a roof! xD

Anyways, picture my husband with an umbrella to safeguard V from the sun, and me doing my camera-yoga-too-much-sun-I-can't-see-the-screen thing, to get decent-non-shaky shots.

The Search

As it happened before with the Halloween party, after an incredible red carpet and even more amazing New Year party full of photographers, producers and overall important people for the fashion world, the new year had a remarkable start for Venezia. Once again, Lily’s imaginative sewing made the model receive a consistent amount of compliments due to her ‘daring’ outfit, even leading someone to ask her if she had considering acting. To say she was bewildered and excited about that idea was an understatement.

Following that, she signed two contracts for different commercials of perfumes and makeup, and had been actively working with her representative and in MOMO’s training, in order to prepare for the next runway show. All of this had made her forget an event of vital importance for her: the lease for her apartment was ending that very same month. At the first moment she went to talk with her landlord to hopefully arrange a new contract, since she loved that apartment. However, and to her surprise, he showed himself ‘sad’ that she was a model, and explicitly told her that he was not allowing someone like her to rent his apartment, and that she should arrange her move.

As a result, Venezia found herself back on her apartment and talking to the person she hoped could solve this situation: her manager. As expected, she was already aware of the lease expiring soon, and had organized a meeting with a real state person, who happened to be an acquaintance. Since that day, two weeks ago, the model had been juggling her job responsibilities with visiting and inspecting apartments and condos day after day. Now, she was sure she could start a website about weird requests from land lords: on her first visit, a landlord request had been forbidding specific brands of cleaning products, while just yesterday a woman forbid her to have any guests without prior written and verbal consent. The nerve!

At that point, Venezia sighed and stopped walking. How could it be that hard to find an apartment with a decent landlord? Her requests were simple: something that wasn’t four hours away from her current studios, with a normal landlord, whose rent didn’t cost more than half of her monthly income.

A passerby pushed her shoulder and as she realized she was blocking the way, she moved to stand near the wall. She had been walking for almost an hour already, after finishing the last inspection she had for the day. As before, it had been a completely failure and she was especially sad about it, as she really loved the location and the apartment. Maybe she would have to deal with a crazy landlady for a couple years! Her best guess had been thinking about it over a coffee and cheesecake, but she had been so self-absorbed she ended up walking several more blocks that required for reaching her favorite shop, and was now away from everything.

She cursed herself, and was about to turn around and search for a cab, when her phone vibrated. She took it out of her pocket and a fond smile draw itself on her face, as she read Coco’s message. “How did today’s inspections went?” And there she was, asking for a daily update. Since Venezia told her about her situation, Coco had been really interested and worried about it, even more than the dark-skinned model herself.

“Nothing good” she replied on a first message, while writing another. “I found a nice apartment, but the woman as a ‘no cooking these foods’ lists, because she says that the stench gets stuck everywhere”. Another sent, and after doubting, she added a joke. “I don’t know, maybe I’ll need to live without pork for a couple years!” She pocketed her phone again, not waiting for a reply, and decided to backtrack her steps until a main avenue, hoping to grab a cab go back to the coffee shop.

Two blocks later, her phone vibrated again on her pocket, almost scaring her. Once again, Venezia was a prisoner of her own thoughts. What would she do? The weird list of forbidden foods was the least of her problems, because it was a glowing sign of a very problematic landlady, and she really did not wanted to add that much stress to her life. Finally, she grabbed her phone to find another message from Coco. “Come live with me!” it said, and she couldn’t help but laugh a little loud when she read it. Thankfully, none of the passerby turned towards her, probably used by now to people absorbed on their phones. At least Coco knew how to distract her from all the worry.

First, she decided to send some emoticons crying from the laugh. However, she decided it was not enough, and that Coco would keep asking her information about new inspections. “Don’t worry, I have two appointments tomorrow. After that, I’m sure I’ll have options” she replied. She longed seeing the last message for a couple seconds, but before her mind could trick her to wonder if the request was serious, she turned the screen off and was about to pocket the phone again, when it vibrated on her own hand.

“I wasn’t joking” was the short and concise reply, but it was enough to keep Venezia frozen in place, stare fixed on her phone. A person passed near her pushing her slightly, and she only reacted a minute later, moving from the way. Why would Coco make such an offer? Venezia doubted she had any issues paying the rent, even though that apartment had enough room for three people and an office, besides having wide open spaces. What would she said? Each second that passed weighted on her, and she started typing different possible answers, even questions, only to delete them all.

Another message arrived while she was still unsure, clearly indicating that Coco had been constantly checking her status, and was aware of her indecision. “No, I don’t need help with the rent. I own this” it said. New questions appeared, but a new message provided even more clarification. “I know you are worried. You don’t need to pay me a rent. We can split taxes and food costs!”

Venezia mouth opened slightly, but she felt as if her jaw was dropping to the floor. Coco was indeed serious about the offer, and since she didn’t do anything without planning it, the black haired girl was sure her friend had been pondering this possibility from the moment she told her about her renting issues. What could she do? Coco was not easily moved or talked down about a decision, and this was not the topic that could be arranged and decided over text messages. “We can’t do this like this. Can I go there so we can talk?” She needed to talk Coco down about this. She didn’t want t ruin their friendship due to petty roommate and debts hassles.

“Always!” replied Coco, and another message arrived instantly. “I’m already making coffee for you!”.

My fingers were literally swollen after handsewing that short (especially the belt passages), but the new pattern makes her such a bum-bum! I know, I love tight clothes on my dolls, and I hate wrinkles, so this was perfect. My mom even lent me those teeny tiny studs that are "glued" on by ironing them, and it just looks perfect.

Also, new shirt pattern, a little more loose than usual. I wanted to try something different, and I am so happy with the result!! I think it really improved my sewing and my understanding of jeans (hubby also modeled on of his shirts for me, so I could take photos and have them as references while sewing... poor guy, he is so sweet!).

Anyways, I hope you are doing great? How is it there? Is summer/winter going away? In here, we will probably have summer for a couple more months already xD Best wishes, and have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE this story! I also love Venezia's new outfit. So summery, and the shirt fabric is perfect. Great work on the short shorts. Did you make the belt, too? I love it. It feels so strange to be looking at summer clothing when we still have snow on the ground. Flocks of birds have been arriving in the past week, but there is nothing for them to eat. Pity the poor bird who eats worms: his dinner is still frozen in the ground.

    1. Happy you liked it!! My mom made the belt! She made a lot of those for her Etsy, so I asked her if she could do one for Venezia :D
      Summer is sadly leaving us, and I'll soon find myself freezing D:

  2. Great story! And the summer feel pictures are just what I needed to cheer up :) Thanks for that.

    1. Thank you!! I'm happy you liked it, then :D

  3. Que buena la historia! Y las fotos salieron muy, pero muy buenas. Te felicito, el conjunto que tiene V lo quiero para mí XD. Te quedó muy lindo

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! :D La camisa me encanta como le quedó :D

  4. Wonderful story, a nice read before it is time to close my eyes and sleep for a while. Beautiful photos and great clothes! Need the beaming summer warmth here, because winter will not leave us at all! We got snow today. It feels rather crazy!
    Well, enjoyed the story, thank you for sharing! 💕

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm happy you liked the clothes and all :D
      Ohh, but snow is so pretty!!

  5. Another wonderful story, in my mind I cheered for Coco's offer! ^__^ Fantastic, and I LOVE those shorts and blouse. Venezia is beautiful and I love the sunny photos. :)

  6. It's a thumbs up from me Musume ... photos and story are great mate!