Monday, 18 June 2018

Aion ~ Character Info

Now that my dragons are complete, I think it is time I finally introduce their characters properly! I sort of rambled about it when I first disclosed my secret project... but that was ages ago! I will be using the same items that I used for Cookie and Merry. I will start with Aion and Nyx will be the next one with a character info sheet.

I hope you will find their characters interesting! Anyways, here is a photo, and everything is under the cut :D


Name Origin: He represents unbounded time. Humans of old times worshiped his powers and abilities, but humanized his form.

Birth Place: Dragons are not born. They are the manifestation of a certain energy. Aion represents time itself, and as time, he is the change, transformation and evolution that comes with it. It is the decay previous to change, the end before something new.

Age: Unknown. Dragons are as old as the universe and the magic itself.

Race: Dragon.

Birthmarks: His body is made of molten stone, magma, and it is covered in cracks. Also, Aion has two runes engraved in his head, which represent his true energy: Jera (harvest) and Eihwaz (growth, life, death).

Pronouns: As dragons are actually energy, they do not have genders. However, as fairies use human languages to communicate, which are usually gendered, they tend to assign a pronoun to each dragon, in order to talk to them. Aion is often addressed as “he”.

Occupation: In the fairy settlement, dragons are usually safekeepers. They are in charge of a magic vault, and store different treasures. Some of them are material, but they are mostly magic. However, fairies also tend to ask them to protect things they are fond of.

Personality: Aion is often sulky and tired. He loves analyzing everything that happens, and that often leads him to be thinking and lost in his train of thought. He takes his job too seriously, and that leads him to be constantly working and overseeing magic to make sure that everything moves as it should be. Negative traits: He has little tolerance for what he deems infantile matters, but it is also easily pissed off. His patience is as short as his tail.

Positive traits: He cares too much about everything and it is a perfectionist. Also, he cares for the fairies, even though he has a hard time sharing that. Nyx is the only one that understands that aspect of him, even though she never brings it up.

Special traits: When he gets too annoyed, his magma starts heating like fire. He may even burn things that are around him. Also, dragons do not talk… at least, not in human language. They communicate with fairies by transmitting emotions and knowledge directly to their mind; they do this by manipulating their own energy to convert it to magic.

Magical traits: As he is the manifestation of the energy of time, death and decay, he can control ageing. He also has a extremely good memory and remembers everything that happened in his life… which is often why some Elder Fairies consider him the archive of history.

Other’s opinion: Younger fairies are often afraid of him, but most of them are already used to his temperament. Elder fairies venerate him.

Temperament: As short as himself. Favorite food: He loves icecream, incredible huge cakes and pies. Hobby: He has a collection of human runes that he keeps away and secret from everyone.

Fears: Being alone. As dragons are eternal, Aion has always been around Nyx. He is not used to be alone, as it makes him even more grumpy than usual.

Habits: He is so used to furrowing his brows, that it has now become a usual feature on his face.

And that was all for today!! I think Aion is a very interesting character, and I can't wait to explore him more through photostories and all. And I hope they'll meet Cookie and Merry soon! I just haven't got a good idea of how that would happen xD Anyways, have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Aion is indeed a very interesting character--and I love the way he has been painted. He is a very complex little character. What did you use for the background? It's perfect!

    1. Thank you so much, you are too kind!!
      The background is actually an A4 sheet. It is made out of glitter, and you can peel off its back, as it is auto-adhesive. I think it works perfect as background for these little ones!

  2. Aion es adorablemente gruñón XD me encanta su gesto adusto, sin embargo creo que por su personalidad que pensaste tan bien y sus características ha de ser muy agradable una vez que se lo conoce bien. El detalle de las runas me pareció simplemente genial.

    1. A mi me encanta, es la cara enojada más tierna que he visto!!
      Me alegro mucho que guste :D

  3. I just adore Aion with his special personality, being sulky, tired and short tempered. I think he has a soft spot somewhere deep down. Such a cute little one.

    1. Thank you so much!! To me, he has the most adorable pissed off face!

  4. Very nicely done Musume, it was a good choice to make him a sulky dragon, it suits his face perfectly. :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I know, his face is just too adorable <3