Monday 25 June 2018

Nyx ~ Character Info

And the last character info/questionnaire is here! For now, though... because if they keep releasing dragons I may have to buy them, hahahaha! Anyways, today we have Nyx, as I left her to be the last one of the series... I may need to ask for forgiveness through a dessert or a pastry xD

I am using the same questionnaire as before, so if you want to use it, let me know! I have the clean questions on a doc that I can share with you!


Name Origin: Nyx means “night” and comes from the Greek goddess of the night.

Birth Place: Dragons are not born. They are the manifestation of a certain energy. Nyx represents the energy of life and creation, portrayed in the forever expanding universe. She is the manifestation of the universe itself.

Age: Unknown. Dragons are as old as the universe and the magic itself.

Race: Dragon.

Birthmarks: Her body is made of stars, galaxies and worlds adrift in the vacuum. Often, many Elder Fairies say that she is an universe by herself.

Pronouns: As dragons are actually energy, they do not have genders. However, as fairies use human languages to communicate, which are usually gendered, they tend to assign a pronoun to each dragon, in order to talk to them. Nyx is often addressed as “she”.

Occupation: In the fairy settlement, dragons are usually safekeepers. They are in charge of a magic vault, and store different treasures. Some of them are material, but they are mostly magic. However, fairies also tend to ask them to protect things they are fond of.

Personality: Nyx is usually calm and quiet, but she enjoys seeing other beings happy. She usually leaves secret gifts for the fairies on her arrival days or anniversaries, and retrieves lost and forgotten items that she is sure somebody will miss in the future.

Negative traits: She has just too much patience, and some mischievous fairies take advantage of that. However, she has no tolerance for meanness or injustice. No Elder Fairy speaks of Nyx’s rages when she finds out about those events.

Positive traits: She cares for all living beings, but sometimes she goes adrift thinking on the stars. She has a great knowledge of astrology, and has taught some fairies to harness the magic of the stars… but only if Nyx deems them worthy.

Special traits: Dragons do not talk… at least, not in human language. They communicate with fairies by transmitting emotions and knowledge directly to their mind; they do this by manipulating their own energy to convert it to magic.

Magical traits: As she is the manifestation of the universe, she can heal wounds, illnesses and ailments. Many fairies usually ask her to heal wounded animals or stressed plants. Nyx always does that willingly, even if it pisses other dragons off.

Other’s opinion: Most fairies think of her as the most accessible, understanding and helpful of dragons. However, others would disagree, and say that she has an agenda of her own that it is now known to magical beings.

Temperament: Her patience is just as infinite as the universe she represents.

Favorite food: She loves cookies, strawberry and lemon pie. She thinks that the best humankind has ever made, is sweet pastry and desserts.

Hobby: She stores recipes of human food on a secret vault. She never cooks and all recipes are of sweet desserts, but she treasures them.

Fears: Death. Even if she knows that is an unavoidable step in life, that only represents time and transformation.

Habits: When she gets too happy, some suns and stars on her body shine even brighter.


And this is all for today! I can't wait to make more photostories with them, but I just haven't had any good idea, lately. So, ideas are welcome! Have a great weekend, everyone :D


  1. Sweet pastries and desserts--that's my kind of dragon! She herself is a very sweet character, the kind I'd like to have watching over me as a guardian angel.

    I'm getting close to finishing work on a dragon cloth sculpture that I hope to introduce next week. It would be fun if all our dragons could get together in a photostory.

    1. Indeed! I love her character, she constrast a lot with Aion, honestly!
      I hope I can see your dragon cloth sculpture soon! :D

  2. Nyx is a cute little dragon and I would not mind sharing some desserts and pastries with her. She has a warm character and I think that she is one good guardian, looking out for the near and dear!

    1. Thank you, you are too kind!! I'm happy you like her <3

  3. Que lindas características tiene Nix. Es hermosa. Me gustó mucho el relato.

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Me alegro que guste :D