Monday, 31 December 2018

New Year's Eve ~ Story Time

Well, since this year Xmas story featured Coco and Venezia, I had to make New Year with my tinies! And since they have now met the dragons... well, this could be a very interesting thing, honestly. This time, I used 500gr of baking soda and almost a can of shaving cream to make this amount of snow. But it was worth it!

Anyways, have a pic over here (as always) and there will be more pics and the story under the cut. Enjoy!

New Year's Eve

Cookie and Merry were sitting on Merry’s porch, waiting for midnight. The Dragonfly fairies would often create stunning fireworks out of magic glitter, and the griffins would fly around carried shiny and magical ribbons. It truly was a show worth watching.

They were relaxing and almost falling asleep between the anticipation and excitement for the fireworks, when they heard a noise. And suddenly, their pastry and cookies had disappeared. Where could that go? They looked around, until they saw a suspicious red tail. And a pair of wings. Followed by a magma-ish gray pair of wings.

“Wait! Those are my donuts!” Merry cried. However, the dragons didn’t pay attention to her, and they kept swallowing the pastry.

“I don’t think they will listen to you, dear” said the soft voice of the third dragon, Nyx. “They have been admiring it for a long time!”

After that, Aion –the gray dragon-raised his head to look at Merry with his cold, golden eyes. “Besides, you still owe me the culprit of the beans theft!” he accused her, making himself present on Merry’s mind, and went back to eating the pastry. Merry was so sad, scared, but annoyed at the same time, that she didn’t notice that the third dragon –the pink one, Theros- had gotten tense after hearing such accusation.

“Merry, come here! Let them be!” called Cookie, pulling her clothes. “The fireworks will start in any second!” she added. “But they ate my donuts” replied the Mouse fairy.

Cookie nodded, and pulled the other fairy beside her. They watched the fireworks together, while Cookie hugged Merry in an attempt to comfort her. Nyx stood beside them, thinking that she might give the pink-haired fairy some pastry in the future, as an apology for the behavior of her fellow dragons. After all, they should behave with more dignity.

Merry was sad for a couple seconds, but when the fireworks finally started to shine in its entire splendor, it was hard to continue to be sad. So she smiled. And she was grateful to have that moment with Cookie.

And yes, last story of the year! I know, this means Merry will continue her search for the culprit regarding the beans matter, but first... we need to properly introduce the culprit (though you may have already guessed who they are).

Anyways, I will take this opportunity to thank you for all the years of blogging, following my adventures, being part of them, and more. I'm really grateful that I have met you through this hobby, and I honestly wish you the best. Happy new year!!


  1. Happy New Year to you, too! What a sweet little story. And hardly surprising, since everyone knows dragons love sweets, especially donuts. I love your snow, but I wonder how difficult is it to remove it from the doll hair and clothing? I'm still finding bits of the fake snow that covers my dolls' Christmas tree. It got all over everything!

    1. Happy New Year!!! I know it is not surprising -dragons and sweets. I shall make more stories on that topic!
      I believe the snow is easy to remove from clothing and dolls. If on an outfit, I simply wash it. If it is a doll, like a wig, I will wash it, or gently wash the legs with a wet cotton ball, and then rinse it with another cotton ball.

  2. Happy New Year, Musume! Hope it brings you lots of happiness!
    Lovely story and Cookie and Merry are so cute together!
    Look forward to reading about the culprit!
    Wish you the best for 2019!

    1. Happy new year and my best wishes for you as well!! I know, the two of them are so funny on stories!
      You will be reading about the culprit very soon! :D

  3. Oh those mischievous dragons . . . what are they going to get up to next!!

    All the best for 2019 Musume, I hope you and your mum have good health and happiness!
    Big hugs,

    1. I know... dragons are terrible!! <3
      All the best for you as well, happy new year!!

  4. I want donuts too!! XD
    Happy new year!!!

  5. What a very nice little story to end the year with...those are such cute dragons, if a little greedy, taking all the pastries and donuts like that! LOL
    I hope the girls enjoyed their fireworks and had a great New Year celebration.
    Have a great one yourself too!
    Hugs xx

    1. They are as cute as pastry-greedy as they come!!
      Wish you the best for the new year!!