Monday, 7 January 2019

Gifts for Venezia ~ Story Time

First post of the year!! I know it is so soon in the year, but on January 3rd of 2017, Venezia arrived! She came along with Cookie's kitty form, and also a very weird anecdote, hahaha! Anyways, I was thinking of what to do, and got the idea for this short story... also, I want to add some more explanation to what happened on Xmas Eve as well!

So, as always, have a pic here, and the story and more photos are under the cut. I hope you will enjoy this!

Chapter 15: V's Bday

She had expected a longer photo-shoot but, quoting the photographer, she had “exceeded their expectations” and wrapped a good amount of shots in only one morning. She arrived to the apartment, hoping to rest and invite Coco to go out. After all, she hadn’t planned anything fancy for her birthday, and Coco had not shown signs of remembering the date either.

She closed the main door behind her, and a surprising silence invaded the place. She looked around, searching for her friend… or lover, or whatever they were since Christmas Eve. She caught the subtle sound of the shower coming from the bathroom down the hallway. Venezia smiled, but turned around, to her own room. It was strange, she thought, as she never left the door closed. She opened it, curious, and her bag dropped to the floor when she saw a big present, with an even bigger ribbon, waiting for her on top of her bed.

“Oh, Coco…” she mumbled, sitting beside it. Coco had also moved the living room’s coffee and put it next to the bed. It was filled with her favorite teas, cookies, and even a latte in one of her jade teacups, and a donut. The tea was just made. Probably Coco had expected her, and then rushed to the bathroom and shower to pretend she didn’t care. “Typical” she added, smiling even more.

She looked around, and there was also an exclusive wine with two cups, ready to make a toast or to enjoy together. Since the shower was still running -and she was unsure if that was an invitation or a hideout- she moved the bottle, and proceeded to open the bag.

The gift contained a collared shirt, an off-shoulder shirt, and a one-sleeved tank top from the latest collection of casual clothing from Myriad, a designer that Venezia adored… besides Lily, of course. She inspected each item carefully, stunned by how Coco had selected her favorite pieces, without the brunette saying anything about them. How did Coco managed to be so attentive, but yet so scared to show anything? Venezia sat on the edge of her bed, hugging one of the shirts.

“Do you like them?” Coco’s voice interrupted her, and she raised her head to watch her. The other model had her long hair tied in a messy, but flawlessly pretty bun, Venezia nodded and smiled.

“They are perfect” she said. “How did you know?”

Coco said nothing and simply smiled back. She closed the distance between them, and sat at her side, hugging her. “Happy birthday, V. Do you want to have dinner outside?”

“I’d love to” was the answer, while she hugged her back. However, Venezia was still uneasy. There were too many words unspoken between them, and she felt the need to clarify something.

“Coco how…” she mumbled, and Coco pulled slightly away, to watch her in the eyes. “How did you knew… that I…”

“It was a wild guess…” said the blue-eyed girl, shrugging. “Sustained in some… careful… observation…”

Venezia saw how the last words made Coco blush, as her cheeks tinted from a light pink. Apparently, she had been thinking on the same thing for probably a long time as well. And that thought made Venezia blush as well. She felt the heat creeping on her face, and she lowered her gaze, holding Coco’s hand.

“I didn’t know you were…” she started to say, but she was promptly interrupted by the other girl, who stood up decidedly and started walking towards the door.

“I’m not” she clarified and Venezia looked at her on the eyes. “I swing both ways. Now get up and change your clothes. We need to go shopping, and then Il Resto is having an invitation-only event to taste their new flavored cheesecakes. I thought you would like to go, so I procured two invitations”.

And without saying anything else, Coco exited the room probably towards her own walking closet. Venezia remained sat on her bed, with the shirt still on her lap. She could not decide what had confused her more: Coco’s revelation, or the upcoming reservation to one of the most exclusive pastry restaurants of the city. She would probably have to make extra hours at the gym after that.

I'm sorry for the cheesy thing, but oh well. I adore them as a couple! Anyways, let me know what you think about it. I was planning to do a Valentine's story, but I don't know if that suits them. They are supposed to be friends with benefits, and nothing else. Will see. what would you like to see or read?

Have a great week and thank you for keeping up with my stories!


  1. Nicely done story. I wish they could be friends with nothing else between them, but it's your story so go with it wherever it leads.

    1. It is actually a complicated story about them! They will eventually become only friends, as Venezia is supposed to be with another girl. And Coco, well... still undecided xD

  2. Jajaja Coco me da risa revela su sexualidad y la manda a vestirse XD
    Anywyas, me gustó la historia aunque esperaba un post con planes 2019 o algo así aunque entiendo que con la mudanza y viaje no tengas tiempo para planear nada de muñecas.

    1. Sí, es graciosa! El post con planes ya está armado, viene el fin de semana que viene. Sólo que Venezia cumple años el 3 de Enero, y le di prioridad a eso.

  3. I think it's a lovely little story, I enjoyed it and how you've written it. I love the photos and the props, all very nicely done.

  4. I enjoyed the story and the photos Musume. Did I ever mention my dog has the same name as your doll? 😄
    Keep them coming and have a wonderful week.
    Big hugs,

    1. You did not mention it!! Happy you liked the story :D

  5. Lovely story, thank you for sharing! Hope these two does not mess things up with their uncertainty. But maybe that is a thing with love. :)
    Keep up the good writing!
    Enjoy the new week!

    1. Thanks for reading! I hope the same thing xD
      I'm happy that you like the writing!