Monday, 14 January 2019

2019: Doll Goals

New year is here and so it brings new goals for this year! I love doing these posts, as it allows me to keep track of what I do, and be centered on what a few goals, instead of trying to reach to much.

On 2018's Dolly Goals, Merry had a very failed attempt at throwing darts to a target. This year, Cookie thought she will finally have her revenge. Will she? Or will something prevent her and extend her misery for another full year? Here is a pic, and the goals (and resolution of the revenge) are under the cut!

My Dolly Goals

Before putting my goals up here, I have a bomb to drop: I am moving countries. Like... actually overseas and around the world, to the opposite site of it: Australia! This was not a simple decision, and I've been toying with it since years ago. I finally took the leap. And it is happening!

As you can imagine, I will need to sell many things: my camera, for starters, clothes, props... I plan to keep my dolls, as hubby and I have been already checking how we can juggle that on the luggage. So, this year, my goals are quite modest and focused on getting things back.

  1. Successfully move my dolls with me. I will need to sew bags for the dragons and Cookie. V and Coco will probably travel on their boxes, as well as Merry and KCookie. The griffin is like a teddy bear, it is soft. So no issues there.

  2. Buy back another camera for photos, as it has become an integral part of my life. I want to take my 50mm lens with me. I would only need the body, something like a Nikon D7200 or D7500. If I can get back the kit lens, that would be awesome as well.

  3. Manage to ship the tiny's tree house all the way around the globe. Repair it if required.

  4. Prepare enough posts so I have something to post and photos to share during the time near the trip. I don't have a date yet, but it will be on the first semester. At the moment of writing this, I have posts lined up to June.

  5. Get a computer or laptop back, so I can keep posting and blogging. I will need to sell everything, and I will not be taking my current laptop with me, though.

  6. There were two people really kind to me in this hobby, who I want to give back to them. They both helped me with funds for my cat when I needed it before, and now with the moving as well. I have plans for what I want to give them, and I hope I can at least ship their presents late this year.

  7. Coco broke her left ankle. Not the ankle, but the concave part of the joint. I'd like to repair it with epoxy, and do some resin match. I tried to resin-match with Calina, and I was terrible at it. I hope I can do it with Coco, though.

  8. I needed some money for my cat, but I couldn't ship packages. So I went ahead and opened a new Etsy for digital products: I'm selling patterns for BJD clothes. For now I have 1/4 and some 1/8 outfits, because those are the sizes I have. I'm hoping to keep making patterns, also of props and furniture, so I can raise some money for my kitty. I shared it on my Instagram the expenses of moving him with me: they are ridiculously high (around $7000), and thus I need help to get the funds. Please, if you can read it and spread the world, I will be forever thankful. And you can support me through KoFi or my Etsy. My goal here is to make enough money to move him with me.

Maybe, just maybe, that blue cheese Merry brought was enough to distract her from Cookie's bad aim. And so, the kitten fairy's revenge will have to wait yet another year! Poor girl, I'm sure she will come up with something for the other year!

Anyways, silly story but here they are my goals! Do you have any dolly goals? Or do you prefer to go with the flow and remain unaccountable? Share what you do please, I love to know! Have a great January!


  1. OMG, what a bombshell! Moving to Australia--how exciting! But is it really necessary to sell your things before moving? When I buy something from Australia or ship to someone there, the shipping costs are very high. When you add that to the cost of a new camera, new props, new everything you'll need to buy, it might cost more than taking your belongings with you. Congratulations on opening a new Etsy shop. Once you are living in Australia, you will be dealing with a more reliable postal service, if not a less expensive one. I can't wait to read all about your adventures with the move. I still can't believe you're changing continents. My last move was only 15 miles up the road. Best of luck!!!!

    1. I need the money of those things to pay for other costs of the moving. It is quite expensive. The postal service in Argentina makes it impossible to ship something, so I will basically have only what I can carry on my two luggage, and nothing else. And the furniture, well... there is no point on shipping a microwave overseas, or things like that. It is a hard move.

      But above all, I am worried about my kitty. I hope we will make it. Thank you!!

      The new Etsy only sells online patterns, so no shipping involved, yay! And this one is mine, not my mom's.

  2. Mucha suerte con todo, espero puedas recuperar las cosas más importantes antes de que acabe este año. Cariños!

  3. The rate this year is moving, you'll be here in Melbourne before you know it Musume. Whoo hooo! I'll finally have someone to have dolly meets with!! Hope you manage to sell everything, though it will probably take some time replace it once you get here. I hope all goes as planned. 😘
    Big hugs,

    1. I hope so as well!! I would love to meet with you!!
      For now, I am sure that the tree stump house is coming. But the chairs, the stand, and a lot of clothing will be sold off locally.

  4. I had read about your move and your cat's plight on Instagram and hope that one of these days I will be able to help with buying some patterns, but for the moment I'm broke, completely and utterly, so forgive me for not being able to buy yet. I hope your move goes really well, I know what it's like moving from one country to another, although mine wasn't half way around the world, it was a big step all the same, different language, completely different is a big adventure but it's great for character building!!! ;)
    Your plans seem detailed and like you know what you're doing, that's great and very useful. I hope it all goes to plan and will be watching out for your blog posts and hearing all the news of this great new adventure of yours :)
    Big hugs and good luck xxx

    1. Thank you, and I hope everything turns out well for you!
      I am aware, it will be a very big step, but oh well... it is something I've been wanting to do for such a long time! I plan on making a post with info on how to pack dolls. I think that may be useful for somebody!

      Thanks for all the good wishes!!

  5. What a bomb you dropped! Have seen bits and pieces about this on Instagram and I think that you are brave! I keep my thumbs up for you and hope that you can manage all the plans, without any bumps on the road.

    I am glad that you have the two lovely people who have helped you with the funds for your cat. It is really expensive! But I should know from the time I had a dog and all the costs for taking him along on our trips abroad. Not just the vet, but all the paper work - gosh. But as said before, ones pets are family. One can not just leave them behind.

    I do not have any bigger dolly plans or goals. Going with the flow, time I have and my wallets thickness…or maybe more thinness. :D

    1. Indeed!! Thank you, I still have some fears, but oh well... I trust that everything will go well.
      Two of them donated a lot, but overall the community has given me so much!! The paperwork is... so much red tape!

      I hope you will have a great year!