Monday, 24 December 2018

Gift-giving ~ Story Time

First of all: Merry Xmas, everyone! And happy any-holiday you are celebrating! I mostly celebrate the gift-giving (my fave part!), not any belief, but oh well.

Today I bring you the last story-chapter of the year for Coco and Venezia's story. Once again, I need to thank DaggrySaga for beta-reading this, as I was not sure it was properly written and all. The photos are few, and the best ones are in the end. So I hope you will enjoy this!

Chapter 14: Gift-Giving Evening

“So…” Venezia said, doubtful. “What are your plans for that evening?”

Coco was sure she looked bewildered. The first thought that came to her mind was ‘watching the fireworks from my apartment and going to bed earlier’, but she did not felt comfortable saying out loud what she thought was a weakness. Of course, she could date anyone and go anywhere she wanted… but on those holidays, she preferred being alone, enjoying her own private peace.

“No plans for now” she finally answered. In a second, she discovered V’s surprised look, so she promptly asked back. “Do you want to do something together?”.

And Venezia smiled back. Honestly and relaxed. “I’d love to! What about a home-cooked meal?”.

“We could watch the fireworks, too…” Coco added, happy that her request was accepted.

“Yes, and then gift-giving?” She almost blurted it out, nearly demonstrating Coco that she had thought about it for quite some time.

“It is a deal!” has been the reply and, since then, they have been planning every detail of the day. Coco had never said it, but she often had minimal decorations, with a table-top potted tree, which she would later take to a park to be planted on the ground. This time, it was a big, designer tree, but not a living one. It was smaller than what people usually did, decorated only with fake snow, red balls, and white lights that extended around it. Of course, it also had a golden, shiny star on its top. But overall, Coco was in love with it.

And then, it was the dinner. They both have been preparing everything together: selecting the dishes, then procuring the ingredients, discussing over how to cook them, and other details that made her the happiest she had been on any holiday.


“Give me a minute; I’m going to prepare something” Coco said, washing her hands and stepping away from the kitchen. They have been bumping at each other while trying to cook and follow the recipe they have selected. Before Venezia could say something, Coco had left the room in order to retrieve the gift she had carefully hidden from her friend. Also, she managed to get those other things on her pocket before leaving her room. She walked down the corridor with a smile on her face, but stopped dead on her feet when she saw the tree. There were two shiny, colorful packages under it that hadn’t been there when she left the kitchen.

Suddenly, she felt the heat slowly progressing on her face, which only increased when she saw that Venezia was actually there, trying to fix a card on top of a gift. In that moment, the black-haired girl felt a gaze on her shoulders, and raised her head to meet Coco’s gaze.

“I guess I wasn’t as fast as I wanted!” she said, sitting on the ground. “These are for you… and you can open them now if you want…”. Venezia’s look was expectant, almost hoping Coco would say yes. And she did. She nodded, happy but slightly embarrassed, and approached her friend. She kneeled down and put the box she was carrying at the side, near them. After that, she gave Venezia a mischievous look.

“With one condition only” Coco said, earning herself bewildered look on V’s face.

“Which one?” The answer was doubtful, but she decided to play Coco’s game.

It was hard for Coco to keep her composure after that. She had planned it so much, and Venezia had managed to force her to improvise. She nodded, trying to keep her mouth in a pout to prevent herself from smiling wide open. She moved her hands to her pockets, and retrieved something that she carefully hid from the other model. Then, she showed both fists to Venezia, looking at her directly in the eyes.

“You have to pick one” she explained and, in that moment, Coco was sure her heart would race away from her body. In one hand, she had a couple of tickets for a dessert-tasting event in a café near them. In the other one, she had something a little more risky.

Venezia’s face turned into a surprised look, as she probably did not expect this condition. Her mouth shaped into an O, and then she slowly moved her right index fingertip to her lips, concentrating on the choice ahead. “Does my gift depend on that?” she asked, almost innocently.

“Something like that” was the cryptic answer. And in that moment, it was her turn to feel her heart hammering through her chest. What could that be? The range of possibilities numbed her reasoning abilities as she slowly, doubtfully moved her hand towards Coco’s left. But something inside her told her differently. She stopped midway, and instinctively touched Coco’s right, looking her in the eyes.

Coco barely put her left hand on her thigh, while looking at the black-haired model in the eyes. Venezia was not sure if she should keep touching Coco, or if she should move away, but those blue eyes had captivated all of her senses. With both hands she moved Coco’s hand leaving it with the palm to the ceiling. She traced her fingers one by one, prying them open. However, in all of her wildest dreams, she hadn’t expected what she found: a tiny, wrinkled branch of mistletoe decorated with a red ribbon.

In less than a second, such a small thing had left her without the ability to think, and with her heart carving her way out of her body. She felt Coco’s silky skin moving away from her hand until it rested on her lap. It was not that she hadn’t thought of this, but she never expected it either. Her gazes met for a second, hesitant. “Do you know about the mistletoe tradition?” Coco asked, and Venezia felt her throat tense.

She moved forward, moving her right hand to Coco’s neck. Her lips caressed each other softly. Her perfume overloaded her senses, and the smile the other model had between kisses released the last grain of sanity that Venezia had. “Merry Christmas” she heard, softly, before pushing her to the ground. The other gifts, and the homemade meal would have to wait.

It finally happened! *runs around screaming* Finally!! I'm really, really happy about this, honestly. They are not a definite couple, just some friends-with-benefits, or something like that, but oh well. I'll address that in another story, probably. But you'll have to wait until the next year for that!

I with you the best for this eve, and I hope you'll enjoy it with your loved ones. Best wishes from me and my crew!!


  1. First of all, what a fun idea to make a Christmas tree out of a big pine cone. Did you make it yourself? The story itself is somewhat risqué. I certainly wasn't expecting that. I was still busy imagining what fun it would be to go to a dessert-tasting event. :D

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, I did that tree two years ago, I think. I have a tutorial on how to make it, as it was quite easy.

      I know about the story. Does it make you uncomfortable? I really like the two of them together, but I don't know if anyone would be interested on reading more about them.

  2. Nice story and photos.
    Merry Christmas for you too! Hope you have a wonderful night.

  3. Happy Holidays Musume! Enjoyed the story and photos. :)
    Big hugs,

  4. Yay, my favorite part of the story has happened! <3 :D
    They make a cute "not-actually-a-couple" and I still ship them XD
    I'm excited to see, what will happen next, even though I know a bit of what you've already told me.
    More stories, please :D <3

    1. Thank you!! I was hoping for this too, actually!
      I will write more stories as well, and thank you for the support!

  5. Esperaba intensamente el primer beso!!! Estupenda historia. La decoración navideña te ha quedado preciosa. Muy buenas fotos.
    Felices Fiestas!!

  6. Beautiful photos!

    And happy holidays! 🎄

  7. Squeeeeee I love the story! Yes! =w= KISSS KISSS! Such a beautiful story and photos. And the super inspirational pinecone Christmas tree. <3 ^__^ I hope you've had super Happy Holidays dear Musume. All the best for you and your beautiful doll gang. <3

    1. Thank you!!! I'm so happy you like this!! The pine-cone tree was pretty, I need to share the tutorial again!
      Happy Holidays!! All the best <3

  8. Finally! <3 Those two found each other! I am so glad! :) Wonderful story!
    Hope that you had a Merry Christmas!

    1. Indeed!! I am so happy you like them!
      I hope you had a great Xmas, and I wish you the best for the new year!!

  9. I hope you had a great Christmas, yes I'm really late at the moment in reading the blogs I follow.
    I enjoyed the story, I wasn't sure that was going to happen but had a slight inkling. I like your description, friends with benefits!
    I also liked the photos, and that little pine cone tree is really effective!
    Have a great New Year!

    1. I hope you had a great time as well!
      Happy you liked the story and the pine cone tree!! :D Best wishes!!