Monday, 17 December 2018

2018: Year Balance

It is completely unbelievable that we are on that time of the year, when it is time to evaluate my doll goals and all... but this year went on so, so fast! Anyways, we all say the same thing every year around this date! Okay, so have a photo of Merry trying to weight stuff (because she is so fun to mess with around!) and my year balance will be under the cut.


Original goals are written in bold letters, and my balance is underneath! I'm also linking to the posts that relate to the goals, in case you didn't saw them and want to check them.

1. I want to do my Secret Project! Expect an update about this next week! But it is a huge project, and I have so many ideas about it! 
My secret project were my dragon crew!! I wanted to get them as an excuse to learn to paint them, and I did it! I painted Nyx and loved her design, and poor Aion had to be repainted three times until I got him right! After some time, I got Theros (Aileendoll Rot) and managed to make a more elaborated painting on her, even recording myself while painting. I'd say I completed this successfully!

2. Related to that, I've been hoarding and slowly getting painting supplies for them, as I'm finally going ahead with one of my ultimate dolly goals: leaning to do faceups. Granted, these will not exactly be faceups, more like blushing, but it is a start.
Not only I painted my three dragons, but I also dared to repaint Calina, my mom's doll! I'm actually really happy with how she turned out. I practiced brows on a paper for a whole day, and I actually learned a lot from that adventure.
Another success!

3. I can't deny it: I enjoy period dresses too much. I want to make another project: either Beauty & Beast, or Ada Lovelace & Katherine Johnson cosplays. If I can't, at least sew another period outfit.
It was all going perfectly well in the year, until June where I got swarmed in some personal issues. As such, I wasn't able to do any of this. However, I did V's "The Adventure Zone" inspired outfit, and Coco's dress as well. Those wasn't period dresses, but V's had some Regency ring to it.
I'm quite happy, anyways!

4. I want to open my sewing commissions once and for all! I need them to be able to have more dolly-savings and get some stuff.
I did opened it and managed to sew a lot of shirts for different dolls!! It was fun and I saved some money, but sadly, due to the personal issues and the new taxes restrictions both me and my mom had to close commissions. I'm not sad about my sewing, but I'm really really sad about the Etsy. I know how much my mom loved it.
Sadly, not completed or halfway.

5. Stuff I want to get (if customs and my wallet behave according to my plans): Sewing notions and tiny shoes from Mimiwoo/Coolcat. Shoes for Venezia (I have some stores in view). Furniture and props for Coco & Venezia.
Customs were sort of... closed by force by the government. They actually forbid customs to process packages, so what I purchased (random personal stuff and a two pair of eyes for Calina and Theros) dissapeared. You can imagine that after 6 months of waiting and not having even the tracking work... I sort of gave up. Plus I couldn't earn anything through sewing either.
Sadly, not achieved but due to outer forces.

6. Dare to take more "random" photos of my dolls: not everything needs to be really planned. I do enjoy doing this more with the tinies, as I find that anything (even a teacup) is a prop to them. I also want to use this as a excuse to practice more with the 50mm lens.
I think I took many of them! And after moving houses, I started daring to go out on the wee hours of the weekend to take photos outside. You should have seen my hubby's face while having to deal with me running around with dolls and a expensive camera in a very, very dangerous country. But oh well, nothing happened, and I got nice photos for once!

7. Keep up on reading friend's blogs! I've been slacking on this due to too much work, but I want to check them at least once per week.
I spent a couple months without reading anything due to those personal issues, but then I tried to get back on track. It was not the best thing, but I think at least it wasn't that I was being lazy, it was just some outer force. Again.

8. Keep on the knitting-learning process, if the wool does not agree with me. I need to knit at least one thing! Whining and wrestling with the wool is allowed, though.
I didn't knit too much stuff this year, but I did crochet the rug that I used on Coco's couch. I was planning on using that wool to crochet a hat for myself as well but... things happened. At least I knit something, right?
Half achieved, though.

9. Make Cookie and Merry character pages, as well as the incoming Secret Project pages. I want to have my "Dolls' Info" page complete, once and for all!
I did it!! Yes I did it!! Sadly Theros info is still halfway there mostly because... the eyes haven't arrived yet. So, there is nothing I can do about it. Actually, I have the post for Theros questionnaire all written down, but it is missing the photos. That is why she always appears showing her back in photos because I don't want to neglect her, but I can't show her without eyes either D:

Alright that was all! I think that my balance is quite decent, considering everything that happened, and that Merry is all good trying to weight all those gifts!! Maybe she is checking she can use the griffin-mail to give them to her fellow fairies. Anyways, how did you yearly balance went? Do you have goals thought for the next year?


  1. Congratulations on achieving so much of your yearly goals. I'm impressed! I know myself too well to ever make goals for myself, because much of what I would like to do never gets done. My only goal at the moment is to put together the café room kit I bought and then hope and pray my Realpukis can fit inside for photos.

    1. Thank you!! I was really surprised when I went through them all, actually! It is kind of satisfactory to realize everything I accomplished, so that is a why I do that.

      I can't wait to see your cafe room, I hope they will fit!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS MUSUME!! Looks like you had a very good year of achievements, it must make you feel really good to know you achieved so much this year.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you!! It appears so, I was happy when writing this!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ¡Gracias! Tener metas con las muñecas me ayuda a no desviarme :D

  4. Aww you managed to fulfill many goals, despite the circumstances. I'd say it was a success. Hopefully next year will be better!

    1. I did, thank you!! And I hope so as well :D

  5. Dear Musume, I hope your customs won't continue to make your life harder, you've certainly earned a bit of fun reaching so many goals. You are reading Harry Potter, I see. Good choice, I am just listening to a Harry Potter audiobook as I am typing this :-). Enjoy Christmas, have a great new year and keep up the great work!

    1. I hope so as well!! I was reading it, of course! I am still on the third book, as I haven't had time to keep reading, sadly D:
      Merry Xmas to you and happy new year!

  6. Reading this I think you appear to achieved quite a lot of the things you set out to achieve. So a bit well done! It must be incredibly frustrating to have the customs issues that you've faced and are still facing, and I thought Spanish customs were a pain in the bum!! I hope that at some point things resolve themselves for you.
    I enjoyed seeing all that you've been up to and you have inspired me to do something like this for my own blog. I have things on my 'to do list' but it's all in my head LOL....
    I hope you have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Here's to more dolly success in 2019!!!

    1. I did, and I'm happy for that!! Customs are indeed really frustrating and terrible, honestly.
      I'm so stoked to hear this has inspired you! I hope to see your blog soon!
      Happy New Year for you too!

  7. You did great and took some amazing steps outside your own comfort zone and that is a huge goal. When I go out and take photos, I never worry about getting robbed or anything dangerous to happen. I worry about the weather (rainy, too sunny, windy...) and totally unnecessary things. The dresses you have made and the repainting of Calina are amazing work! Enjoy the ups and learn from the downs. :)
    Merry Christmas, Musume!

    1. It is great that you do not worry about that! It is mostly because of the country xD
      Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!