Monday, 13 May 2019

Coco's Bday ~ Short Story

Hello everybody, time for another story! Keeping this story is a little hard for me, but I think that instead of celebrating her arrival, as she is not with me anymore, I can at least remember her. So please, bear with me.

To put some context, Coco had always pushed her sister and people away, because she feels it is "easier" or something. However, she will send a anonymous gift to her sister Chanel every Xmas and sometimes even for her birthdays. Until one day where Venezia was fed up with it, and talked Coco into writing an email to Chanel. And here are the consequences of that email!

Chapter 17: Bday

The elevator ride up to her apartment felt eternally long. It had been a very long day, and Coco was exhausted. She hadn’t expected the photography and editorial team to crash her photo-shoot with a cake and a surprise gift on her birthday. She had spent hours filming stories for Instagram, sharing it with her followers, taking photos with the team for an editorial note, and finally having lunch together. She was, after all, MOMO’s most known model and she had to keep the game up.

She was used to it, but she was also tired and dreading the time to go back to sleep.

She sighed in relief when the doors finally swung open, arriving at her flat. As expected, Venezia was not home yet either, as the other model also had some appointments and photo sessions to attend to. However, a smile appeared on Coco’s face when she noticed a small note on top of the living table. She dropped her purse on the couch on her way to it, and grabbed the tiny piece of paper. It had some cute bunnies drawn on the front, and her name written on it.

“Happy birthday Coco! I will be back tonight with your presents and, surprise! One of them is edible. Also, the postman arrived just after you went to MOMO, with a package for you. I left it on your bedroom.
PS: The edible thing is not cheesecake. Guess what is it?

Coco smiled –it was probably going to be a tiramisu cup or tiramisu-flavoured dessert to celebrate. Their tastes agreed on almost every sweet pastry, and that made her happy. Even more, it made it really easy to have a coffee together. She walked back to leave the note on her purse, and then headed onto her bedroom. She couldn’t stop wondering what that package was. Could that a gift from Venezia? She hadn’t ordered any makeup or clothes... it could also be PR gifts, as sometimes happened to be.

When she entered her room, she saw a pretty paper bag with a ribbon and a greetings card attached to it waiting for her on top of her bed. Coco sat down next to it, enchanted and curious about its content. She looked around the outside without opening, until she realized something was off. Her name was written on the card, but it was not V’s handwriting... and she knew who it was. That old-fashioned cursive belonged to Chanel, her sister. Coco left the card and immediately opened the present just to find the prettiest animal print purse she had seen. And it even matched her current outfit!

She read the note thoroughly, holding it with only one hand to keep touching the bag. Without thinking on it, she was worried it may disappear if she left it alone. Coco smiled at every written word, as she repressed the rebellious tears that may damage her mascara. Apparently, her little sister was not mad at her, and had known that every anonymous gift was from her. Coco felt relief filling her body, and she threw herself on the bed, hugging her new bag. It was pretty but, most important, it was from Chanel.

The model would have to seriously thank her roommate for scolding her that day... and help her write that email to restart the relationship with her sister.

And this was all for today! Coco was with me since 2013 up until March 4th of 2019.  And it was a hell of a ride that I wouldn't change for anything. Which one is your oldest doll? How long have you have them?


  1. Happy Birthday Coco! Reading this was bittersweet, knowing that Coco is no longer with you, but I'm glad you published it anyway. It is a lovely tribute. Maybe someday you can buy a new Coco. WithDoll is supposed to start selling the new girl body today. I'm going to take a look at it a little later.

    1. I know. I'm sorry, but I wanted to share her story anyways. I saw the new body and it looks amazing! Are you getting a new WD girl on that body? They are re-releasing old limiteds as well!

  2. Geez M, don't you know stories like this make me wanna cry? I do understand how you feel though after selling my Katie recently ... maybe one day we will both find another. :)
    Happy Birthday Coco!
    Big hugs,

    1. I am so sorry, I cried so much when I wrote and read this as well!
      I'm crossing my fingers we will find them again. I'm sure we will!

  3. Aww this is a lovely story, happy birthday to Coco.
    The bjd that's been here with me the longest is my Narsha by Dollmore. She has been here since I got her new from Dollmore back in Aug/September 2006, so she will become a teenager this summer!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thank you so much! Reading that you have had your Narsha for so long makes me happy. I hope you'll have her for many more years! Hugs :D

  4. Happy Birthday to Coco! A very sweet story and I am glad she liked the gift from Chanel.
    I have had my Narsha (Esther) from Dollmore since 2011. She is still kicking, even with some body issues (that can be easily fixed).

    1. It is lovely to see that you still have her! I would have, but I required that money, and I had to be an adult.
      Life happens sometimes. Happy you liked the story! :D

  5. Happy Birthday Coco! I'm so glad she has gotten her sister Chanel back in her life. What an emotional story, I'm glad you had so many good years together. <3 I've had to sell a doll for money for something more important. I regretted it and was sad, lucky for me I was able to buy it again! My first doll, Tobias - Bluefairy Tinyfairy Jerome has been with me since 2005, 13 years. Good luck for you and hugs.

    P.S. I find this new Withdoll body really nice! I've been eyeying on the elf girls a lot. ;)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, Channel looks like a very interesting character, and I'm eager to do something with her. But first, I'll need to have Coco with me again. It is awesome that you managed to have him back, I hope the rest of my dolls stays with me for a long time!

      PS: Yes, the new body looks awesome!!