Sunday, 16 February 2020

Plapico Dragons ~ Box Opening + Comparison + Giveaway Hint

Hello everybody!  You know that I anounced my secret project for this year, and here I have the main part of it to show you! My dragons arrived in a huge box, so here is a quick box opening as well. There are ten dragons, of which:
  • One Seed is for me. He is going to join my crew as Spring personified and will be named Eiar.
  • Eight (8!) dragons will be customised and sent as gifts. I wish I could give one to every person that helped me, but honestly is out of my possibilities.
  • One dragon is for a giveaway! Yes, I'm doing this with Aileendoll EU and Shrike Aesthetics.
Since I have so many dragons available, and I want to make them unique, I'm going to be mixing parts. So on the video I show some things, and there are some additional pics and summaries under the cut.

White Plastic

There "White" and "Milk White". Rot comes in the regular "White", and all older dragons (around 2018) had regular "White" horns. The main difference is that the regular "White" has a little shine to it, but it is not transparent or translucent at all. The "Milk White" is opaque.

Horns Types

There are also four types of horns right now:
  • Violet and Seed has the exact same horn template, meaning their horns are the same.
  • Ashes have four horns: two larger ones, and two tiny ones.
  • Ashes large horns come split in half and you have to assemble them.
  • There are some events in which you can get a template of Ashes horns (plus eyes and jaws) made of clear plastic.
  • Violet, Seed and Ashes can share the large horns, because they are of the same size.
  • Rot horns also come split in half, and you need to assemble them.
  • Rot horns are larger, so can only be worn by Rot.
  • Rot cannot wear horns made for other dragons.
Here is a quick comparison picture.

Thank You

I'm here with my cat, thanks to everybody that helped us. So this is part of my way for helping. I haven't managed to find a cat shelter to volunteer for now, but I've helped where I can and donated to some animals organisations for the bushfire relief.  Thank you to everybody that helped us! It meant a lot, honestly, and it makes me so proud of being part of this hobby!


  1. You have your work cut out for you--that's a lot of dragons to put together and customize. And what a pretty kitty you have! I can see why you wouldn't want to part with her. Have fun!

    1. Indeed I have!
      My cat is handsome, and he knows it! xD But besides that, he is a family member, that is why I couldn't leave him behind.

  2. Your kitty is so beautiful!
    I am glad that so many could help you and this will be an interesting project to follow! Great way to make every dragon special, by mixing parts. Hope you post your progress. Good luck with this project and the give away!

    1. Thank you so much! He is so handsome <3
      I will share a final video with all the customised dragons. I tried my best to share WIP pics, but it was a lot of work and I ended up focusing on customising and mix-matching, honestly.

  3. You are going to busy for quite some time Musume, so many wee pieces to put together! Have fun and enjoy yourself. :) Nice to see your kitty has settled in nicely too!
    Big hugs,

    1. Indeed!! And painting for sure is going to be a lot of work!
      Yes, he is more relaxed now :D

  4. Good luck with all these tiny pieces! :)
    Your cat is so cute. :)

  5. What a lot of work you have to do! But it's great that you have your cat for company, he's a really handsome beastie and I'm so glad that you were able to get help to bring him home to you.

    1. Indeed! He is really handsome, I know <3
      I'm so happy and blessed to have him with me, honestly! Very grateful about that.

  6. What a fantastic new video about the dragons, they're amazing. Your videos are always so informative and you calmly tell all the details. Great job! Lovely post in all, I enjoyed it a lot.

    Your cat is such a handsome boy. <3 ^-^

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you find this useful!
      I know, my cat is so handsome <3