Sunday 10 May 2020

Eiar ~ Character Info

Well, between all the dragons I purchased for gifting, I got one for myself! He is another of the season dragons, and his name is Eiar, representing wind, Spring, joy, newness and growth! Here are some pics of Eiar (read it EH-EE-AR) and there is a brief character questionnaire below, so you have have more information on him as well.

Also, I painted him with soft pastels and watercolours. For the flowerish design, I followed this tutorial in YouTube, because I thought it fitted perfectly with the spring theme.

Character Profile

Name Origin: His name is for one of the Greek Horae, which represents seasons and natural portions of time.

Birth Place: Dragons are not born. They are the manifestation of a certain energy. Eiar represents Spring and wind; he brings new opportunities, flourishment, joy, newness and growth.

Age: Unknown. Dragons are as old as the universe and the magic itself.

Race: Dragon.

Birthmarks: His body is made of moss and flowers. Eiar has the alchemic symbol of Wind in his forehead.

Pronouns: As dragons are actually energy, they do not have genders. However, as fairies use human languages to communicate, which are usually gendered, they tend to assign a pronoun to each dragon, in order to talk to them. Eiar is often addressed as “he”.

Occupation: In the fairy settlement, dragons are usually safekeepers. They are in charge of a magic vault, and store different treasures. Some of them are material, but they are mostly magic. However, fairies also tend to ask them to protect things they are fond of. In particular, Eiar is always protecting the flora and the environment, making sure the crops grow healthily and steady.

Personality: Eiar’s concentration is one-of-a-kind, especially if he is using his energy to heal or grow plants. He is compassionate, calm, but also loves to prank fairies by making plants grow into weird shapes.

Negative traits: He gets easily startled and is quite single-minded: he can’t focus on more than one thing a time. He loves potting plants, and will often get in trouble alongside Theros for stealing magical beans or other seeds that shouldn’t be planted.

Positive traits: He is a good listener, and when he feels somebody negative feelings he will use the wind to help them and send cute, lovely messages to their ears.

Special traits: He can grow and manipulate plants. He has set up defenses at the edges of the fairy settlement using the most dangerous plants he could find, such as carnivorous, squishing vines, and other types of plants. When he cries, he cries flower petals.

Magical traits: He is very in touch with nature and so, he can communicate with other beings through the wind. He often collaborates with it to send messages across the fairy settlement, to aid humans, or to help Griffin Fairies to fly safer.

Other’s opinion: Older fairies venerate his healing powers, as children fairies love him because he can always summon flower saplings or butterflies whenever he is. However, they know he is the least reliable dragon among all of them.

Temperament: Innocent, naïve, simple, calm.

Favorite food: He loves spinach and basil, and can often be found chewing away leaves after he apologized to them. As a result, he is often find sleeping in the basil greenhouse.

Hobby: He has a collection of the weirdest and most dangerous plants that are known to the fairies. He loves potting more safer, usually aromatic, plants.

Fears: Death. Though he is aware of the life and death cycle, it is opposite to his own nature. As a result, he and Aion -the embodiment of death, decay and transformation- don’t often see eye to eye.

Habits: Once, he helped Nyx to heal a dying star. As a result, another star came to him and took the shape of a wand that he always carries with him. It magnifies his powers.

And this is all! Hopefully, you'll soon see him messing up with Theros in a garden, trying to steal get some very nice magical beans and other types of plants. Maybe it is time I continue that magical bean story, though!


  1. Aha! So he's the stealer of magical beans. Yes, please do continue that story. We've been waiting a long time to find out what happens next. I don't know how you come up with all the interesting facts about your dragons. I wouldn't be able to think up even half of them. And I plan to watch that video, because every time I try to paint little flowers I fail miserably. Great photos, as always.

    1. He is!!! I have another chapter incoming, honestly!!
      I just love my dragons, it is so easy to get stories for them! Thank you <3

  2. Oh he's just too darn cute to be a bean snatcher M! :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Oh my, you just predicted an incoming story! :D

  3. What great painting you've done on him, he certainly does look like he represents spring.

    1. Thank you so much, that makes me so happy!

  4. These dragons are so adorable and I love the way you have painted him and his character info! :) So he can make plants grow...exciting!

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, he can!! :D