Sunday, 29 November 2020

Double Venezia?

And so, I woke up one day with a thought in mind: I'mma gonna do a double exposure photoshoot. Because why not? In old cameras, those with the film, double exposure could have been summarised as shooting twice on the same slot, basically "overlaying things". Now? Just a glorified effect with Photoshot.

This is a friendly post for double exposure, with iconic takes from old movies!

Anyways, I had something in mind... and did not achieve that, ha! That's okay, I think that both of the "double exposure" ehm... "things"? I got in the end are quite nice. I'm also going to give you the settings, as well as some tipcs that I managed to infer. Here are the results:

Okay, the first shot is actually a combination of the following. I shoot them with a Minolta 35-70 lens, at f3.5... of, course, manual lens. The background is actually a huge-ass tree that literally falls to the ground. The tree was probably at 10m from Venezia, and I was at about... 1m, or so. Here are the "un-merged" photos, and below... myself! Or actually, my feet and my camera. The "behind the scenes" was taken with my phone, so please excuse the quality.

The second photo is closer to what I originally wanted to obtain. I converted the photo from above to black and white, and used a portrait photo. The portrait was taken with my Tamrom 35mm f2.8mm macro, but the problem is that that focal length (the 35mm) sort of... "slimmer down" her face and I don't like it. I honestly swear that I tried all my lenses (five, to be exact), on a park! with people around! and could not get one that would provide me the shape and closeness that I wanted. Anyways. This are the two photos that I merged:

So overall, some of the tips that I discovered:
  • If both photos share the same colour scheme, it is WAY easier. That's why I converted the second set to black and white.
  • Edit your photos before merging (levels, curves, and so on).
  • If you have "clean" backgrounds (like a white cardboard behind) is also WAY eaier than having to merge a background.
  • Large AF photos are also easier to merge, at least for me, because I was working with a dang mouse!

This is all for today! What is the weirdest thing you have tried with your camera? Would you like a tutorial on this one? I have another weird thing in mind, but... I'll have to see what happens with that one!


  1. Great pictures. The black and white one is my favorite, too.

  2. Thank you so much! That's my fave as well :D

  3. Intresting combinations. I like the first one a lot. :)

  4. You make such pretty photos, I like the first one a lot even if the black and white is super stylish. In the first one it seems like Venezia has a twin. Good job in combining the pictures together.

    1. Thank you, kindly!
      Yeah, the twin-effect is what I was looking for with the first photo!

  5. Such great photos, love the first one! Agree with Xaya, it looks like she has a twin!