Sunday 13 December 2020

ClockworkFaery Sprites - Body Reference

Hello! So, as I shared on the previous post regarding little information this pretty girls, I thought about doing a posing reference. Please ba ware that heavy wigs or headbands will heavily affect the range of motion. The head is already too big for the body and the balance is calculated for that head size.

Before we start, basic details about the doll:
  • Sculpt: ClockworkFaery Sprite Alice. (Sprite is the line, Alice is the head).
  • Type: Artist doll, by ClockworkFaeryCo on Instagram.
  • Skin tone: Caramel.
  • Ordered on: June 2020 preorder.
  • Resin: There is no info, but my guess is that this is French resin. It is smooth and slightly translucent.
  • Size: 27cm tall, head 10".
  • Clothes: top is Middie Blythe, bottom is Blythe.
  • Eye Size: 24mm, with 12mm iris.

First of all, as you can see due to her hips size, she cannot stand with the legs too close to each-other -there is no way of making her tights be closer together. You can, however, rotate them and make a cute loli pose. Side profile is strange, but she has the Blythe-like style of a chin closer to her neck.

I think the forehead/back proportion and position are nice, as it affects her balance. I haven't had any problem sewing for that booty of hers, though. Gathered pants makes wonders.

Now, the head rotates to the sides pretty nicely. Mine came literally *stuck* to the point I thought she had no movement or whatsoever on her neck at all. Turns out, something happened during shipping and the silicone sueding basically had glued the neck and the head together. The artist does suede by default, so you can probably ask her not to do it, though.

Torso movement is awesome -see the second picture to the right. She can rotate to both sides and she holds poses like that. She can also bend forward quite a lot, but didn't manage to take any good photos of that.

She can also kneel and it is very, very stable on that. For sitting, she definitely needs something on her back, because even if you bend the torso forward, she falls back due to the weight of her head.

Another awersome quality are that her ears are magnetic. Yes, they flop around (just blue-tack them if it annoys you), but that makes them interchangeable. You can sculpt any ears you want, and put them there! Also, it allows for better styling of the wig. The resin of the ears is quite translucent, so the magnets cast some "shadow" on them. Nothing that cannot be fixed with blushing.

Shoulder joints. Don't get me started, they are the most versatile shoulder joints I've ever seen. She has a lot of stable mobility in her arms, and she *holds the poses*. The second yelling and nose-picking photos were made with so much ease! As Danny Cho from SmartDoll says, "she can harvest her nuggets" (i.e. pick her nose) quite easily. She can also do the "Titanic pose" with the arms in a cross and bent slightly backwards as if flying. She can even hold somewhat heavy props on her hands!

Overall, all of her joints are single jointed. It makes sense, given how thin she is. A double-joint peanut would be terribly small. Anyways, her elbow/shoulder combination give her an amazing range on her arms, so no need to worry about that.

On the below set, top-right are the knees, also single jointed. Though she can bend them nicely, she kicks a lot and does not hold a half-bent pose at all. I do think she is a tighly strung, but nothing that new stringing and new sueding wouldn't help with. She either sits stiffly, or needs back support, though. No swarikko, no bent-legs crossing at all, unless sitting on a doll chair.

Hips are nice, similar to Withdoll 16cm dolls. They look very nice, pants do not get stuck in them, and the joints are minimal. The cut at the top of the tight allows you to rotate the tight to get better posing, but it is not a double joint... at least, I haven't managed to make her do that "hugging your own knees" pose at all.

And finally, before we go... the faceup! Though I have painted plenty of fantasy dragons, she is the second human-like faceup I do. I'm quite happy with her eyebrows and the lashes. I know they are small, but I don't tend to like extremly long lower lashes. She has a beauty mark and a heart-shaped mark on one of her eyes, but it is very faint. Nonetheless, I'm happy for now, so she'll stay like this for a while I hope.

Okay, I think I covered everything! I am honestly smitten by the size, and now I finally have a doll that can wear cutesy clothes and has a nice amount of shoes. Because honestly. I don't think Venezia can pull off a cutesy style at all, ha! Anyways, feel free to shoot me any question you may have. If you are interested, the next preorder is on February!


  1. She's pretty cute. Indeed she resembles Blythe in many ways and seems to have some of Blythe's pros and cons. She has lovely eyes and nicely sculpted hands.

    1. Yes, she does! I think I've fallen for the aesthetic, but I like her style more than that of a Blythe! Though there are some very pretty ones.

  2. She's a cutie. She reminds me of Lemodolls, Monst Savage or Pipitom, but I think she must be taller. It's funny to see that you as well fall for the Cute-and tiny factor in these strange times. There's something comforting about those big-headed small-bodied dolls- or rather about dressing them up. Congrats!

    1. Haven't heard of those, but yeah, I fell for the cute-and-tiny factor, indeed! I don't know, she is cute, she lifts my heart!

  3. She is lovely and I love her face up. Her skin color is just amazing and the resin looks like very smooth. There is always some cons with a larger head and a smaller body when it comes to BJD's. I think that she stands very well, though. And her eyes, oh my! So pretty!

    1. The resin is indeed very, very smooth! I love her eyes as well, they are by MehiArt!