Sunday 15 August 2021

Finding the Magical Beans

The Beans are back! Apparently, Theros and Merry haven't given up on them, so now they are hunting them! And yes, I did ask a woman re-enacting to pose with Theros. Because reasons. Here is a photo, and the story starts under the cut. And for once, I did write some to accompany the photos :D

"Do you think we will find them?" Merry's voice was soft and full of doubt, as she tried to dig around some plants, looking to the soil with hope.

Besides her, Theros, the dragon of spring, closed her eyes, hoping to feel the power of the magical beans they were looking for. "Maybe we should go somewhere else..." she spoke, the energy of her voice materialising in Merry's mind instead of sounding in the world. "I can't feel them here".

It took them a while until they stopped again in another bush. "What about here?" asked the mouse fairy, face stuck between to stalks and tail up in the air.

But Theros did a negative hum. "Doesn't seem so..." she explained, eliciting a frustrated whine from the fairy.

It was a while until Theros finally came up with an idea. "Wait!" she exclaimed, making Merry face-palm into the soil. "I have an idea!".

"Did you find the beans?" The mouse fairy twitched her ears excitedly. But after seeing the dragon shake her head, she threw herself to the ground in frustration, moving to each side and covering herself in the dirt.

"We are going to the fiery flowers!" Theros said, trying to stop the fairy. "Their power will help me find the beans!".

After Theros recharged herself with the flowers of fire, her entire body sparkled with power. "I feel it!" she said, wings fluttering in excitement. "Follow me!".

And so they flew, run and crawled until they were both standing near a cottage, watching people work.

"It is a woman," Merry said, sitting and holding her face between her hands. "How can the beans be here?".

But the dragon ignored her instead of flying towards the woman. She looked back, a smile brightening her face. To Merry's surprise, they spent a long time talking, giggling and discussing something she couldn't hear.

Merry woke up when the dragon jumped on her belly, yelling nonsense about a nap. "I did not!" she argued, offended by the mere thought of having slumbered amid their critical job.

"It doesn't matter!" responded the dragon, pulling Merry's hand to move her around. "They are here!! Finally!".

After travelling again, this time hiding from the humans that populated the village--they found them near a discarded baby stalk. Merry knelt down, joy blooming on her face as she reached out for the three magical beans she had finally recovered.

"What now?" she asked Theros, sliding the beans into a bag.

"We plant them!".

And this is all for today!! Yes, I knoe the woman was wearing glasses, but who cares. It was the first time I dared asking, so that's what matters. Hope you enjoyed this story! :D


  1. Very cute story. And the lady looks so friendly. Do you know if she made her cap and dress herself? I hope she and the dragon made friends :D

    1. Thank you! I honestly don't know. I don't think so, it is a place where the guides are reenactors, so probably it was just provided.

  2. Such a cute story, I loved it and the photos are so beautiful. Great that you found the lady and that she wanted to join! :)

    1. Thank you!! So happy you liked it! I hope to do a followup soon!