Sunday 28 August 2022

Contrasting Dragons

Hello everybody! Moar dragon photos because they are cute!! I had this idea with this metal posts, so I freezed my buttocks trying to get the photos done while doing camera-yoga. Anyways, I tried a couple things when editing the photos, so I'll show you. Hope you like it!

There were some perspectives on the group as well, in which I was practicing focusing on one dragon, and not the other.

And these are the others. What I tried here was to do the same base edit, and then add a tint on the shadows and highlights that somewhat matched the dragon's colour. So Eiar's should be greener, Nyx's is purple-ish, and so on. What do you think? I thought it was a nice idea to give some subtle "character" to each individual photo.

This is all for today!! Apologies for the simple photos, but it was freezing and I wanted to practice, honestly. I'll hopefully have something better next week, there are some nice outfits I did!


  1. The subtle tint really adds a lot of "atmosphere" to the pictures. Nice edits!

  2. These photos are wonderful, I like the effect you used to highlight each individual dragon. By the way, they are really cool!
    Pink Barbie