Sunday 11 September 2022

Bookworm Kanon?

Hello all! I hope you are doing well. Today I have a silly posts with a lot of photos, but the truth is I am quite enthralled by this lens--Jupiter 9 85mm f2. A lovely vintage one from 1962 that uses a very weird mount, and is a bit difficult to focus, but that takes stunning photos! I honestly love the "air" or... "identity" this lens gives to the photos. Also, I didn't know what props to use so here you go:

This is not a new outfit, but a mix-match of what I have, and I think she looks quite adorable! Anything on her looks adorable!

This is all for today! I definitely need to take more pictures of dolls with books. I really liked how this looks!


  1. A lens from the 60s! Must be fun to use it. ^.^ It creates such a mild, warm mood since the photos aren't as sharp as taken with modern high-end lens. And Kanon seems to be already prepared for autumn with her lovely beret.

    1. Yes! It's my oldest lens, really. I love vintage lenses, I have some that definitely challenge newer lenses!

  2. It makes an interesting blur. And Kanon is a cutie.