Monday 28 August 2023

Dawn ~ Character Info

Hello all! I finally bring you the second dragon of the new triad! This time I'm presenting Dawn, who you saw on the very first post--except that I had to completely redo her horns. Her eyes are done by @lunar.tuna from Brazil! We actually experimented a bit with the eyes, and there was some back and forth--but I'm so happy with them! The colour and shape is perfect--and yes, Dawn has a very sligh heterochromia.


Name Origin: It is derived from the runes she has on the head fins. RAIDHO (the R-like rune) symbolizes travel, rhythm, spontaneity, evolution, decisions. DAGAZ (the "ribbon"-like rune) represents dawn, awakening, certainty, illumination, completion, and hope. I wanted a name that would convey both of these runes, and I think that Dawn is a journey, so I picked that.

Birth Place: Dragons are not born. They are the manifestation of a certain energy. Dawn represents the energy of a new beginning, the evolution of night into daylight, and also cycles.

Age: Unknown. Dragons are as old as the universe and the magic itself.

Race: A flower-dragon.

Birthmarks: Dawn manifested (or appeared) for the first time on a field of Epidendrum Orchids. Leaves of different colours gave her eyes, and that's why her green eyes are slightly different. The trees nearby built her horns, and flowers blossommed around her.

Pronouns: As dragons are actually energy, they don't have genders. However, because human languages are usually gendered, the fairies using those languages tend to assign a pronoun to each dragon, in order to talk to them. Dawn is often addressed as "she".

Occupation: In the fairy settlement, dragons are usually safekeepers. They are in charge of a magic vault, and store different treasures. Some of them are material, but they are mostly magic. In particular, Dawns's treasure is the gift of noticing the best of each opportunity, focusing energy toward accomplishing goals, and journeying towards prosperity.

Personality: Dawn is calm but always optimistic. No matter how difficult things are, she always manages to see the best and work towards it.

Traits: Dawn may be an optimistic, but she's also quite realistic--the difference is that she doesn't let gloominess deter her. She will make a plan and work towards it with the certainty that nothing is certain.

Special traits: Dragons do not talk… at least, not in human language. They communicate with fairies by transmitting emotions and knowledge directly to their mind; they do this by manipulating their own energy to convert it to magic. Moreover, one of her magical abilities is to create small spheres of light, mostly yellow, green, and orange.

Other’s opinion: Most fairies like Dawn, but the gardening fairies usually seek her out because they want to know *how* to grow healthy orchids.

Favorite food: Anything. She's always grateful of food, and will eat anything, especially if it is derived from plants--unless it is orange. She doesn't like eating orange foods.

Hobby: She flies over fields of flowers, casting her glowing spheres to give them more natural light.

Fears: Boiling water. For some reason, she detests it.

Habits: She often hums songs when she's happy, but given that human languages are not her strong point, she generally meses up the lyrics and ends up singing weird words.

And if you are wondering why the photos... I couldn't get orange flowers anywhere in the wild nearby. So I picked the next accessible, on-topic thing which was the sun. I know she is "dawn" and I went on the golden hour at "dusk" but who cares? The photos are good! Nevertheless, I must practice more at this time. The light messed up with my camera's system and getting the hints for the manual focus was... troublesome.

And something interesting you may have noticed, is how "yellowy" Dawn looks. I didn't paint her yellow, but Rot's white is not a matte white, but a semi-transluscent one... so what you are seeing is literally the sunlight going through Dawn. So on character, ha!


  1. I love your painted dragons Musume, you add so much detail into their characters.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you so much!!! I particularly love Dawn!

  2. Great job with this dragon! I love the warm tones. Your photos turned out beautiful, specially those with a golden light.

    1. Thank you!! I loved those tones as well. Happy you liked her!!

  3. Nice to learn more about Dawn. The photos are amazing!