Saturday, August 20, 2016

Premiere Dress ~ Commission

And here I am, sharing photos of another dress I was commissioned! This time, I worked with the lovely Sherrylynn126 (on Instagram), and we arranged this through DoA.

The dress I was request to make is actually Daisy Ridley's Star Wars premiere dress (photos here: front, side, back). Since it is for Minifee, its fit is not perfect for Coco. The original dress was made by Chloé Atelier, and all the laces (both for the bodice and the skirts) were embroidered by hand, and that took around 300 work hours!! So I "cheated" and used fabric that was already embroidered.

There are more photos and anecdotes under the cut! Beware, because there are a lot of photos!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bad News? ~ A Photostory

Time for another story!! I actually shot this while on my holidays, but didn't got around to post it until now. Since I don't have a backyard, I had to "improvise" and use one of my hubby's potted plants... and the hubby himself to hold me a pretty backdrop behind the plant xD

You can see my set up on this Instagram photo, and I can tell you for sure that we froze our asses while taking this. That day it was like 3º Celsius, and we were both with gloves, hats, and tons of photos. I'm defying the "you can't do that with gloves" motto, to be honest. All of these, while my cat was meowing from the inside of the house, because he wanted to go out, hahaha!

Anyways, if you remember, Merry pissed Mr. Glass off after standing on him and getting him dirty. So, after taking Merry and Mr. Glass to talk with the Elder Fairies, Cookie went on for a ride on the "woods" (please, have imagination, it is only a pot xD).

Remember to read from left to right and top to bottom. Also, different fonts means different languages/people talking, but fairies are awesome and they all manage to understand themselves without translators xD

Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Kimono Inspired Warrior

Hello! Hope you are doing great! Today I want to share with you another of the dresses I recently made. This was a request from the lovely rain2sunshine on DoA, who asked me to create something similar and inspired on this splash art from League of Legends.

I rushed through this dress because I was on holiday and could sew a lot of time per day! However, since this outfit has a lot of parts and layers, I decided to make a video to show the WIPs, and a little film of my Coco wearing it. It has a voice-over, so be aware that I have an accent. There are both English and Spanish subtitles, you only have to turn them on/off.

More photos are under the cut!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Interview with UnoAlchemy

Hello everybody! New month starts tomorrow, but it is time for a new interview!! This time, please welcome Melinda (also known as the artist of MilMascaras Faceups) and Maria (aka Beretta Grim), owners of UnoAlchemy, the store that sells Unoa B-Grade Kits internationally.

Al always, all images belong to Melinda and Maria, and they were used with permission. The interview is in both English and Spanish, so... let's get started, shall we?

Hi there! Thank you so much for doing the interview!
Melinda: Thanks for asking us! I feel like our fellow Unoa Freaks know us pretty well, but I always enjoy getting to know new personalities in the hobby. My name is Melinda, and I operated as MilMascaras Faceups before we got UnoAlchemy going. I’m from Texas, but I’ve lived all over. I spent a couple of years in Japan as a teacher, but I live in Austin now and do my part for UnoAlchemy from here.

Maria: my (middle) name is Maria so some people may know me from the Unoa FB group as Dagbjört. I go by BerrysDoll, Beretta Grimm or Daggerchan online. I’m originally from Iceland and UnoAlchemy is my first venture into the BJD business world. I live in Japan at the moment, but will most likely stay here indefinitely, so I take care of the Japan side of the business. I’ve always had one pinky finger in the Unoa circles around the net, a pet project between me and some good friends was the forum which is unfortunately down at the moment.
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por hacer esta entrevista!
Melinda: ¡Muchas gracias por solicitarlo! Creo que nuestros seguidores Unoa Freak ya nos conocen bien, pero siempre disfruto conocer nuevas personalidades en el hobby. Mi nombre es Melinda, y operaba como MilMascaras Faceups antes de empezar con UnoAlchemy. Soy de Texas, pero he vivido por muchas partes. Pasé unos años en Japón como maestra, pero ahora vivo en Austin y hago mi parte de UnoAlchemy desde aquí,

Maria: mi nombre (del medio) es Maria, así que algunas personas pueden conocerme por los grupos de Unoa en Facebook como Dagbjört. También uso BerrysDoll, Beretta Grimm o Daggerchan. Soy originaria de Islandia, y UnoAlchemy es mi primer aventura al mundo de los negocios de las BJDs. En este momento vivo en Japón, pero probablemente me quede indefinidamente, así puedo encargarme del lado de Japón del negocio. Siempre he tenido interés en los círculos de Unoa en la red, un proyecto mascota con unos buenos amigos fue el foro el cual desafortunadamente está caído en este momento.

Maria (left) and Melinda (right).

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Regency Day Dresses

Hello everybody! Today I want to share a project and a commission I had: four Regency day dresses for Dollits, ResinSoul Rong and Iplehouse JID bodies! It was requested by Tsumorri (on Instagram and from Discord chat), and what can I say? I cannot resist myself to period clothing in doll size!

Since I think this was a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot, I want to share how we did it, and the end results I got. Some dresses (the JID ones) are not modeled on Coco because they are way too big for her.

We did a collaborative Pinterest board to keep track of fashion plates, reenactment photos, patterns and tutorials. The request consisted on four drawers, four dresses, an apron and a shawl. I will leave collage here, and more photos under the cut!