Saturday, January 21, 2017

Iplehouse Pet Doll Cat ~ Joints & Poses Reference

Hello everybody! Today I have the first video of the year: a reference/analysis on the joints, movement range and posing of the Iplehouse Pet Doll Cat.

On the video, I talk about how it is strung, then review the movement range of each joint individually, and then show posing of the pet. Also, I go through some details as head-cap location, eye size and blushing/face-up. As always, I apologize for the accent! This time I did not used a script, but recorded myself talking a little more freely (and with a new mic!). However, there are English and Spanish subtitles, in case you need them.

I'm personally very happy with the doll, as I find it really cute and a good compromise between aesthetics and jointing/posing. Here is the video!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Summer Calina

Well, what can I say, I'm starting this year very productive! I had a very specific idea for a dress for Calina, so I managed to make it happen before Venezia arrived! Although I delayed on taking the photos and then on sharing them, because packages arrived :D

My mom has also been teaching me how to crochet, so that colorful vest you see here... is made by me! Boots were done by my mom, my skills are nowhere near hers, though. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Also, I had my hubby help and managed to go to a roof to take this photos! I'm sort of tired of the usual "backdrop with a doll in a random pose" thing, so I tried something different. Picture me wiping the floor with my rear and striking ridiculous poses to get the perfect angle for the shot. Anything for a good photo, right? xD

Anyways, here is Calina!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Interview with SartoriaJ

Hello everybody! This is another year, and we are starting with interviews! I usually do not post interviews on January, but this time is something special. Please, let me introduce you to Donatella and Jay, from SartoriaJ. They are a shop that creates amazing outfits, shoes and wigs for dolls.

As always, the interview is both in English and Spanish, and all photos and videos are used with permission. Also, some of the photos are linked to the sales pages!

Hello! Thanks a lot for doing the interview :D
Hello! It is really an honor to have an interview with you. We have been reading your blog and love your interviews. We are really happy to have an opportunity to introduce SartoriaJ to your readers. SartoriaJ is a small bjd shop selling bid clothes and accessories and it is run by Donatella and Jay. Donatella designs the products and Jay takes charge of the rest. We started an Etsy shop on spring of 2015 and expanding the shop since then. Since summer of 2016, we started working with Dollshe and preparing various projects with him. Also we opened a new site on December of 2016 and we want to try new projects like crowdfunding through our site.
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por hacer la entrevista!
¡Hola! Es realmente un honor que nos entrevistes. Hemos estado leyendo tu blog y adoramos tus entrevistas. Estamos muy felices de introducir SartoriaJ a tus lectores. SartoriaJ es una pequeña tienda de BJD, que vende ropa y accesorios para BJDs. La llevamos Jay y Donatella. Donatella diseña los productos y Jay hace el resto. Empezamos una tienda Etsy en Diciembre de 2015, y desde entonces hemos expandido la tienda. Desde el verano de 2016 comenzamos a trabajar con Dollshe y vamos a intentar varios proyectos este año. Además, en Diciembre 2016 empezamos un nuevo sitio, y queremos intentar proyectos como crowdfunding.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tonner Shoes for Withdoll/Iplehouse JID

Lookie what arrived!! This package has a long story, so let me share it.

I bought them on early November, and they arrived to my country super fast. They were stuck only 2 week before I was able to pay customs... but then, the package got blocked. Reason? I paid too fast. After a month with no info on the package, I went to postal service. They told me I had to request a special procedure to get the package unblocked. I went to customs on December 30th to do it, and that is when I saw Venezia's box out of pure coincidence! Then, last Friday, I finally got the notice to pick up this small package on customs.

Anyways! This reference is about fashion doll shoes for Withdoll Mini. I also included some comparisons for Iplehouse JID, as Sherimichan asked me on Instagram about them.

Take in mind that not all shoes will fit. For fashion dolls shoes, the fit highly depends on: the shoe model, the width of the doll feet, and the arch.

In particular, the ones you see here are 22" Tonner/American Model shoes. I purchased them from Paul Zhangby store on Ebay. I have other shoes references, and you can see them here:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Goals 2017

This was supposed to be the first post of the year, but box opening came first!! I hope you had a wonderful start of 2017! As mandatory for me, I want to share with you the BJD goals I have set for myself for this year. I do hope to achieve more, do better, and feel more accomplished at the end of this year that what it was in 2016.

Goals 2017

Here are my goals! I do hope to achieve most of them:
  1. My dolls have two stories: one for the fairies (Cookie and Merry), and one for the minis (Coco, Venezia and other dolls on my wishlist). I want to start sharing more about that. I already did it on the previous Christmas post, but I want to do it more, write, and share that writing.
  2. Reorganize my blog. Mostly organize the categories to hold the new stories, fix the menu for mobile devices, and do other minor changes.
  3. There are several video reviews I would like to do and share with you, from the urethane eyes I bought (the tracking of one package updated!), the IH Pet Doll, and more!