Saturday, November 18, 2017

Professor Merry ~ Short Story

Sometime ago, I shared the story of how Merry got he dreamcatcher she has (here). Many told me about her future research to find out what it was, as human and fairy cultures are really different. So, after a little, here it is! There is a short text, instead of a photostory, because I wanted to share more than simply dialog. Hope you will enjoy it!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fairies Flowers ~ Lore

Well, as you have guessed... here is another lore snipped for my tinies! I've been loving doing this lately. This one is about how fairies are born. I had actually thought of using Merry for this, but my hubby got me some surprise flowers after I barely told him about my idea of doing this photoshoot. And those flowers were perfect for Cookie! So here she is, then. The full story is after the cut.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Interview with YouplaDolls

Hello everybody!! As always, new month means new interview, and this time I had the pleasure of working with YouplaDolls! She is a French artists who makes amazing dolls, so I hope you'll love this interview as much as I did.

As always, it is in both English and Spanish, and all photos were used with permission. So, without further introduction, let's start!!

Hello, and thank you for doing this interview!
Hello! Thank you very much, I am happy to share my passion! I'm French, 28 years old, and it is now 2 years since I launched YouplaDolls. I'm the only person behind YouplaDolls ^-^
¡Hola, y gracias por aceptar la entrevista!
¡Hola! Muchas gracias, ¡estoy muy contenta de compartir mi pasión! Soy francesa, tengo 28 años, y ya hacen dos años desde que lancé a YouplaDolls. Soy la única persona detrás de YouplaDolls ^-^
YouplaDolls Ziya

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Party ~ Story Time

I know, I didn't post a story in months, and then I get to post two of them very close to each other. I cannot help it, I got inspired xD I was messing up with the diorama I made for the tinies when I came with the idea for this... and since I wanted to redo that little black dress of Coco and also use the amazing spider-web shawls my mother made, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to do so!

So, I apologize for any writing mistakes, typos or wrong tenses... you know English is not my main language. Anyways, have a photo and the story is under the cut!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fairy Halloween ~ Lore + Diorama

Hello everybody!!! Halloween is closing in, so here we are with the first Halloween-themed post of the year... well, actually, the second one. If you remember, in August I shared a post in which I was starting to make a garden-themed diorama. Well... today is the day!! I made all of that, simply to make this lore snippet for my fairies :D I do plan to make another lore for the tombstones, as those do have a meaning for the fairies, and not a creepy one, actually.

I have a lot to share today, so have a photo of the set up, and let's get with the lore first!