Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Magazine

I saw this meme on Xanadu's blog (find her here!) and thought it was a great idea, so I decided to join! I thought of asking my mom to lend me Calina and her witch outfit, but she was just dressed on her Totoro sweater and was a no-go.

Then I thought of Cookie and the cookies... so please excuse that I such few food props, and here is the cookie jar being in the center of the photostory once again xD. Here is my cover, but I also have some "behind the scenes" photos to show you :D

Saturday, October 15, 2016

20 Questions Tag

Hello everybody! Hope you are doing great :D I know I have a pile of memes I was tagged to do, but I'm tackling them one by one. Work has been hectic and I have had such little free time. Anyways, although Fantasywoods did not officially tag me, she later tweeted me that I was tagged, so here are the questions!

1.How long have you been collecting?
Coco is my first doll, and she arrived on 2013, so for me, I'm a 3 years old newbie on the hobby!

2.What do you collect?
For now, only BJDs. I love gaming and playing video games, so you could say I collect them as well, but since I buy everything through either EA:Origins or Steam, I do not have physical copies.

3.How many dolls do you have?
I have only three (Coco, Cookie and Merry). Calina is my mom's so she doesn't count. I also have the kitty I made and the one I was gifted by a friend. Regarding Barbie things, I do have a horse I repainted and that I really like, and also the vintage red-headed mermaid doll, the one with really long hair? When I was a child I loved her because she wasn't blonde xD Also I have a thing with brushing long haired dolls, so after Coco... sometimes I grab the mermaid and brush her hair too!

4.Which of your collections are you the most proud of? Why?
Well, although I love my BJDs, I tend to think I'm wasting their potential. I do not have a cute outdoor backyard to take nice photos, and always end up with forced backdrops... also I suck at styling dolls, so I end up wishing and admiring people from afar =S

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Totoro Calina

Hello!!! I finally finished Calina's Totoro sweater, so here I have a small sort-of photostory! I also made her a leaf for the head and I was lucky to find DAS clay in my city (I have never seen that, to be honest), so I made Totoro's friends, too. While I was preparing some props, I saw the cookies jar I have, and got an idea for a silly story... so here it is!

I knitted and embroidered the sweater with the guidance of my mom, since she was teaching me to knit. I also crochetted the leaf, also with her guide. The boots are made by her, of course, I do not have that level of skill... yet!

Okay, so the photostory does not have text, but I hope it is understandable. It is just a silly idea!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Interview with SproutyDoll

Hello everybody! New month calls for a new interview, and this time it is Amanda from SproutyDoll! She makes some amazing and very unique urethane eyes for BJDs, so I hope you will enjoy this interview.

As always, all the photos on the interview are used with permission. Regarding this, I will also have to thank Athena Roseanna Tse (aka draglian23) for allowing me to use some of her photos featuring her stunning dolls that wear SproutyDoll eyes. All photos will be linked to either Sprouty's website, or to Athena's Flickr.

Anyways, English and Spanish, as always! And without further ado, to the interview!

Hi there! Thanks so much for doing the interview!
Thank you for interviewing me! It always feels strange to talk about myself, but I will do my best! Just a little introduction about me... My name is Amanda, and I am a 26 year old woman. I work at a school, and in my spare time I enjoy playing video games, binge-watching shows, sewing for my dolls and writing. My hobbies are kind of all over the place, but most of the time they are related to engineering and creative problem solving... Particularly when it comes to my shop, I am always trying new things and finding ways to improve.
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por hacer la entrevista!
¡Gracias a ti por entrevistarme! Siempre se siente raro hablar sobre mí misma, ¡pero daré lo mejor! Una pequeña introducción sobre mí… mi nombre es Amanda, y soy una mujer de 26 años. Trabajo en una escuela, y en mi tiempo libre disfruto jugando videojuegos, mirando shows, cosiendo para mis muñecas y escribiendo. Mis hobbies están por todas partes, pero la mayoría del tiempo están enfocados a resolver problemas creativos… particularmente en lo que respecta a mi tienda, siempre estoy intentando cosas nuevas y buscando cómo mejorar.

Photo and doll by Athena. Eyes by SproutyDoll.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Knitting Project for Calina

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen some of my struggles with knitting. My mom is teaching me, and I selected a not-so-easy project to start with *facepalms*. Anyways, since it is taking me more than I thought to finish it and get nice photos, I though "why not to write about the project and show some WIPs here?". So this is what this post is about!

I'm attempting to do a knitted Totoro-inspired sweater for Calina, my mom's doll. I also wanted to do a full outfit for her, including: a panty, a tank top, a skirt, and some socks. I haven't finished (or even started!) the socks yet.

That is Calina with what I made of clothing for her so far. I also posted a photo on Instagram (see here) where the panty can be seen. Okay, let's talk more about the knitting under the cut!