Saturday, December 3, 2016

Interview with Cocoriang

December is already here, it is unbelievable!!! This year went by so fast, and that means the last interview of the year. Please welcome Kim Sujung from Cocoriang! They are known for making cute bunnies and adorable tiny animal dolls :D

As always, the interview is in both English and Spanish, and all images were used with permission from the artist. Also, photos of dolls that are not currently sold out are linked to their sales pages. Anyways, without further ado, let's get onto the questions and answers!

Hello! Thank you for doing the interview! It is a pleasure :D
Hello, I’m artisan Kim Sujung of COCORIANG. Cat lover, BJD collector.
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por hacer la entrevista! Es un placer :D
Hola, soy la artista Kim Sujung de Cocoriang. Amante de los gatos y coleccionista de BJDs.

How did you first found about BJD?
When I was studying for a game illustrator (college student), casually I met a Japanese artist's BJD in website. That beautiful doll was remained in my memory for a long time. After I got job in game company, I learned about the ball jointed dolls from a friend of same company. It was a beautiful and perfect artwork. After considering several times, I purchased an 'Alice' from Volks. This first doll selection was biggest worry in my life!
¿Cómo conociste las BJDs?
Cuando era una estudiante universitaria estudiando ilustración para videojuegos, casualmente conocí a un artista de BJDs en un sitio web. Seguí recordando esa hermosa muñeca por mucho tiempo. Cuando conseguí un trabajo en una compañía de videojuegos aprendí de las BJDs de la misma empresa. Era un trabajo arte hermoso y perfecto. Después de pensarlo varias veces, me compré una “Alice” de Volks. ¡Elegir la primera muñeca fue la mayor preocupación en mi vida!
Cocoriang Tobi, open eyed and dreamy.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Venezia + Surprise: Ordered!

Well, this is kind of unbelievable for me. I have wanted an Iplehouse doll since I started in the hobby (back, in that time, Iple had just released JID Cecile), and now I finally ordered one!

This year Winter event at Iplehouse was huge, and it allowed me to bring in an extra cutie. The event was Doll Choice at basic price, but also free shipping for orders above $500... so I remembered a crazy idea I had before: getting one of Iple's Pet Doll cats to be Cookie's animal form. So I mentioned it to hubby, since the saving process has been so slow. We sat down, counted the savings, estimated some things (like changes on currency exchange, and possible customs fees)... and now I will also have Cookie in animal form!!!! *hype screams*

Anyways, here is my order, and some rant and insecurities behind the cut. Please bear with me, its been two years since I bought a new doll! (Merry does not count, she was a surprise gift).

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stand up with the Artists!

Another year, and the time has come! Today, November 20th it is the #proBjdArtists day! I'm sure people who follows me already knows, but I'm decidedly pro-artist and anti-recast. I have been waiting for this event day to come, in order to share my support for the artists that make this hobby possible.

Recasting is stealing, and it is in no way acceptable. It is destroying this hobby pro-recasters claim to love so much. There has been a lot of artists that had crisis after getting their dolls recasted (like 5th Motif), and others that directly stopped doing BJDs. I want this hobby to last long, to have companies releasing new sculpts, to be able to shop new items from new artists and to support them! This is only possible if we support artists.

And no, I'm not made of money, it took me literally two years to save up for a new doll, and I kept supporting artists when I had to pay 85% in customs duties, or now with a 50% tax... and I will keep doing so!

Anyways, I do not want to extend my rant a lot. So here is a pic of Merry, and more about the #proBjdArtists initiative under the cut!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Interview with Atelier Momoni

I know we are not beginning a new month, but this interview got delayed due to some events... however, better late than never! This time, please welcome Lola from Atelier Momoni! She does everything, from clothes, to dolls, faceups and now she is even attempting urethane eyes!

As always, the interview is both in English and Spanish, and all photos are used with permission. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Hi there! Thank you so much for accepting the interview!
Hi, I’m Lola Palacios and I’m from Alicante, España. I’m also known as Atelier Momoni+, although I don’t really have a nickname.
Hola! Mil gracias por aceptar la entrevista!
Hola me llamo Lola Palacios y soy de Alicante España. También se me conoce como Atelier Momoni+, aunque en realidad no tengo un nick.

Momoni, sculpted by Lola, wearing Atelier Momonie clothes and shoes.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Coco's Cosplay for N7Day 2016

In case you didn't knew, I'm a fan of Bioware and their games. Today is about Bioware's Mass Effect... I love the game! I was a little uncomfortable with the key controls when I started the first game, but the story and Shepard's charisma (the playable character) got me in.

On Last year xmas, my awesome hubby managed to get me the hoodie that Shepard  wears on the third game, and I made it one of my 2016 goals to make a doll cosplay and take a photo of Coco with me and our N7 hoodies.

For those not on the Mass Effect fandom, on the story N7 is a training program, but it has also become the Mass Effect day: each November 7th! So this post comes one day early, but oh well... I didn't want to break my posting schedule xD