Sunday, June 25, 2017

Researching BJDs: Mature 1/6 Dolls

And it is time for another of these posts! After so many people got either the Neemo bug or the Momoko bug, a small chat on Twitter about BJDs on this size made me want to share more info. I do hope people find this useful.

Anyways, this time, the post is about mature 1/6 dolls and I selected them with a rule of thumb, so please take in mind this is mostly done from my subjective point of view. I chose the dolls with the criteria of being around 25~30cm tall, and having a mature aesthetic (like a Barbie), not too stylized (by this I mean not childish, not huge eyes, not bobble headed). So, there are not YoSD dolls that 'look adult' in here. This list also includes male and female dolls, when I was able to find them.

Finally, for each brand, I share the following info: head and eyes size, faceups and skin tones availability, choices regarding the body, type of sales (preo-order/open to order), and other info such as reviews, or something else I can find.

Okay, the list starts under the cut, and all photos belong to the companies or artists!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Calina's Delivery Service

I don't know about you, but I love Studio Ghibli's movies!! My favorites are Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. You know, I already did something for Calina that was inspired on Totoro, so I thought I should so something else too... My idea came a day I was visiting my mom. She has a collection of tiny witches and owl I've been gifting her since a lot of time... some of those are plushies I made for her, an even articulated cold porcelain witch.

Kiki is a witch, too, so I though... why not? I even have the black cat! Poor Kitty Cookie. Anyways, when looking for reference photos to make the outfit (the bag is crappy because I made it myself xD) Kiki was flying in her broom. The conclusion, was obvious: I needed to craft a broom and take photos of Calina flying.

Therefore, I spent a whole Satuday morning balancing two dolls on a broom glued to a doll stand using masking tape and eye putty, while cursing because I was afraid they would fall, and because clouds kept moving, messing with my light.

There is not much on this post, but I do hope you will enjoy the flying Calina photos!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Accepted! ~ Story Time

Hello everybody!! It is time for another story time :3 I'm honestly having so much fun writing this, although my work is so time consuming lately, that I'm so slow to continue this. I think you can guess it from the title, but I'm pushing the "date" between Coco and Venezia, mostly because I have no clue of what sort of background/props I can use, and I cannot order or buy anything right now, so... I don't know what to do xD

Also, yay for me! I learned to do invisible stitches on stretchy fabric while sewing these pajamas, so +1 for learning something new! I love when that thing happens. And the tank top pattern was too easy to make, I did few corrections and it was done!

Okay, without further ado, have a photo, and the story starts after the cut.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Interview with AllThatGlitters

Hi there!! It is time for another interview! This month I had the pleasure of working with PuppetKuhi from AllThatGlitters Eyes, a Chinese artist that makes high quality and very small urethane eyes, and also lovely tiny dolls. I need to give a special thanks to Eugenio Ruspoli for acting as a translator.

Also, this interview contains owner photos that I'm using with permission. In particular, I need to thank AraDolls (find her on IG!), FantasyWoods (read her blog), NaturesFolly (on Instagram, too) and GamerGirlLexi (check her photos) for accepting my request, taking the photos and sending me all the details I asked for. You are amazing!

Anyways, the interview is both in English and Spanish. Let's start!

Hello and thanks for doing the interview! It is an honor having you!
Hi, everyone! Thanks for having me. It is a pleasure to be here! My name is Puppetkuhi, and it's OK to call me Kuhi. I release my resin eyes under its own brand name, All That Glitters (ATG Eyes). I sculpt dolls, too, but I've not posted very much about this part of my work internationally, so I don't think very many people know.
¡Hola, y gracias por hacer la entrevista! ¡Es un honor tenerte aquí!
¡Hola a todos! Gracias por invitarme. ¡Es un placer estar aquí! Mi nombre es Puppetkuhi, pero pueden decirme Kuhi. Mis ojos de uretano tienen su propia marca, All That Gliters (ATG Eyes). También hago muñecas, pero no las he publicitado demasiado de forma internacional, así que no creo que muchos las conozcan.

BadDoll Olivia & Goat Olivia, by Kuhi.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Diorama Timelapse + Tutorial

Hello everybody! Today I have something more to share about the diorama I made. I know you have already seen it in photostories, but I wanted to do two more videos before being happy and "closing" the project for now.

The first one is a very special video to me: a timelapse of me setting it up with all the furniture and props I made. Since there are so many, the video contains two builds: one for Cookie and one for Merry. I also show how I store the props. Please forgive my clumsiness, as this was the very first timelapse I ever made.

The second video is a step-by-step tutorial. It only has photos, but I explain the two main types of furniture: the shelf and the stone kitchen. I used the shelf technique to make the bed, chairs, desk, table and hanging shelf. I had another idea for another kitchen, but never made it.

Both videos have voiceovers and subtitles. Here is the first one, and you will find the rest (and some useful links) under the cut.