Sunday, 21 October 2018

Fairies' Halloween Party

Well... I just had to do it. What can I say! According to my fairies lore (read here), costumes are an important celebration for the fairies, and I just had a perfect idea. I realized that I have a black kitten doll, and a pink haired chibi-looking doll... and instantly, I had the idea of dressing them as Luna and Chibiusa from Sailor Moon. I just had to do it! They were just too perfect for it!

Of course, Merry keeps having her ears/tail, as she cannot "take them down". I also didn't bother to change their eyes: they are not cosplayers, simply costuming for a party. I also found my crew of Sailor Moon dolls, and they had to make an appearance as well. I made Chibiusa's school uniform (inspired from here) and replaced the pleating for gathered, as my hand was in no condition for pleating, honestly.

Oh well, I hope you'll enjoy this photo-story! It starts under the cut.

Halloween Costumes

“I can’t do this” said Merry, standing outside of her house, on the pumpkin patch she had carefully gardened.

“How can you say that! You look great!” replied Cookie, who was sitting next to her on her animal form.

Months ago, Merry went to a house on Japan to retrieve some milk teeth, and found that the child shared her room with her sister. The older sibling was fan of a historical character named Sailor Moon, and had the room full of historical and accurate records of her adventures. Merry had instantly fell in love with those warriors and, after seeing that two characters resembled her and Cookie, she had insisted on dressing like them for Halloween.

Cookie had accepted, even after her forty-three failed attempts to explain to Merry that humans write fiction, and not everything they write is a true historical record. Nonetheless, Merry kept worried that the Sailor Scouts would find her and scold her for impersonating them.

“Nothing will happen, and the costumes are really original!” ensured Cookie, tired of posing as the familiar of a witch-dressed fairy. She was always their first choice, as she was a black cat.

“Are you sure?” asked Merry, recovering from her shame. “Could I pose like them? Will something bad happen if I do it?” Cookie sighed: her friend was actually worried.

“It will be just fine! Go ahead and try it if you don’t believe me!” she answered. And so, Merry did.

Merry did the pose and call but, as Cookie had said, nothing happened. She knelt down between the pumpkins to double check the wand, but everything was fine. A smiled appeared on her face, and it changed from shame to resolution.

“We are going to win the Best Fairy Costume this year!” she said, enthusiastic, and Cookie nodded in agreement.

However, the little tooth fairy froze after that, taking her hands to her mouth. In that instant, Cookie felt a presence behind her and jumped around so she could face it. To her surprise, she saw Sailor Chibi Moon standing near them.

“Merry, this isn’t real!” she said, after smelling the figure and realizing she had no human smell. “Don’t let this trick fool you!”. But it was too late.

Merry passed out at the same time the figure vanished. Cookie heard a distant laugh, which probably belonged to a Dragonfly fairy; their sense of fashion often made them consider costumes as silly things. Purple glitter faded away, as it confirmed Cookie’s theory: somebody had thrown illusion powder on them, making them see a faux figure of Sailor Chibi. Now the kitten fairy hoped to wake up Merry fast, so they could arrive to the party on time.

Later that night, they came back home with bellies full of pumpkin-based food, a golden-leaf trophy, and an astonishing applause from the other fairies in attendance.

And this was all for today! I didn't made a trophy because I originally thought of leaving the story incomplete, but it wasn't fair for my girls, so... they won!! And I think Merry looked adorable as Chibiusa! I think another costume would be Kiki, but that is too common. If you know of any other character they could cosplay next year, let me know! I may do it! :D Have a spooky Halloween, everyone!


  1. Aww how cute~ I was waiting for this and it didn't disappoint!! The costumes were on point, I immediately thought of Sailor Moon with the first pic :D
    I'm glad they won the trophy, totally deserved. I'm hoping Dragonfly fairies weren't expecting poor Merry to faint lmao
    I can't think of any nice costumes for next year but I'm sure you will do wonders too :P
    Hope you enjoy halloween too :D

    1. Hahaha, thank you! I'm sure I'll come out with something for them :D
      Happy you enjoyed the story!

  2. So adorable! Merry's hair and ears look like part of the costume. I love it!

    1. Yes, her ears almost mimic Chibiusa's buns! Happy you like it!

  3. Very sweet Musumi, so glad they won the trophy they deserved it!

  4. I really adore these two and Merry is such a cutie as she learns about the human world! Makes me smile!
    And beautiful photos with the props and all!

    1. Thank you!! I always go to Merry to make her hve "troubles"! Her character make her so easy to play with :D
      Happy you liked and enjoyed this!