Sunday 21 June 2020

We Have Incoming!!

Okay, there are two relevant things to say before starting the post:
  • For over two years, this post is not scheduled and I finished writing it before posting!
  • Something that happens as often as the Hubble gets closer to the Earth: I just purchased a new doll!!! Yay!!!

Sometime ago, about early May I started to realize that I wanted a cutesy doll. I know, Cookie and Merry are cute, but I wanted one of those mori-cute, always adorable, doe-eyed dolls. I then, I came accross ClockworkFaery, who I interviewed early this month.

Thing is... I thought they were extremely cute, I loved their aesthetics, but the heads were too big for me. Until Hadassa posted the following pictures and I just couldn't deal with it. Too cute. I had been saving pennies. I had money. Doll too cute. I had a mighty need for a cutesy doll. You can see where this was going!

And so... I ordered a new doll! I know I got Eiar this year, and I adore my dragons, but it is not the same thing. And I haven't purchased a humanoid-doll since end of 2016, with Venezia and Kitty Cookie arriving on January 2017. Dang, time flies.

So, what did I got?
  • ClockworkFaery Alice (picture above), caramel skin (here is Moriko in caramel), no faceup.
  • Also got: blonde mohair wig (to avoid having troubles finding a wig)
  • And the oversized glasses because too cute. And that is all my reasons for it.
I plan to get some green, fantasy-like, full-of-glitter-and-gems eyes for her, probably greenish and golden. I know she fits the same shoes as LatiYellows, so she will share the knitted boots collection with Cookie and Merry, until the store I want to throw my wallet at reopens shipping to Australia.

Now, what about story and name? Well... no story for now. Her proportions would make her unable to fit my faeries' stories (Blythe/Pullip like proportions), and I don't want to push it... I just like her because she is cute, I don't want to bother about putting her in some clothes or avoiding others because "it doesn't fit her character". I just want a cute doll. Those were honestly all my reasons.

Anyways, about her name? Guess what, I wanted a cute name. But also a name that would spread positivity. Since Hadassa (ClockworkFaery's artist) is based in Japan, I thought about finding a Japanese name. After a whole 2 hours discussing with my partner (because second opinion matterns), the candidate names were Ruri and Kanon.

I ended up picking one already! She is going to be named Kanon, because it means mercy and compassion and I think she is way too cute and the name spreads positivity.

I know... I was thinking on maybe getting Coco back (and even change her sculpt and aesthetic a bit!), but now she is going to have to wait. Hopefully, Kanon will ship by September and shipping will be a bit more stable than now D:

But I'm so, so, so happy! She is not only my first doll in like 3 years (you can't argue that I have self-control) and also my first artist doll!! I can't wait to have her, honestly :3


  1. Congratulations! I'm so glad that you have ordered a new doll. Think of all the new stories you will be inspired to write! Think of the fun you will have doing her faceup and making her clothes. I can't wait until you start posting her.

    1. Thank you so much!! For now, I'm not thinking of a story or a character, but I'm sure "she will tell me" when she gets here!

  2. Oh she is a cutie pie M. A bit like the Holala dolls, but much more upmarket! I quite like the look of these cute little dolls, they look so sorrowful and in need of lots of love and attention. :)
    I hope she arrives quickly, as the waiting will probably test your patience.
    Big hugs,

    1. She is, I know! I think she looks shy, instead of sorrowful. She sort of reminds me of Merry's face as well.
      I think she should be here around September/October!

  3. Oh, yay! So much cuteness incoming! I am happy for you and I can really see what made you order her! I fell for her in the interview, the big glasses made her perfect! Will be enjoying the photos you share when she arrives! Happy waiting!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, she is cute and I'm so happy! Are you getting one as well? I hope she arrives on time!