Sunday, 14 November 2021

Sandy is Here!

Very early this year, I shared that I had purchased a new doll--one of Frapzilla's bees, made to be assembled. These dolls are resin but 3D-printed, and come in kits. This means they are unassembled and require thorough sanding. She'll join Merry and Cookie, so for now, I can only show you the box opening and the parts. I hope to share the assembling/makeup process quite soon.

And the funny thing is that the tracking had stopped updating, and suddenly boom! I have a package and Sandy is here! Not having to pay customs in Australia is honestly a miracle. Anyways, onto the box!

The eyes are Mama's Frap (this means, made by Frappzilla's mother, and sold alongside the dolls). I chose them because I honestly wasn't in the mood for a thousand packets, and didn't want to gamble with the size. I knew these would fit, and that's it. That said... they are smol! So smol! I had to use a macro lens for the photo. The next time, I'm going to use a macro adapter so we can take a peek at how they look up-close.

Then the doll comes in unassembled, but you get a small iridiscent pack with the strings, magnets and hooks you'll need. You get the faceplate and backplate in a bag, horns in another, and the rest is right limbs and left limbs. I realised this after opening the first bag, so I kept them separated--the sides are not labelled L or R, so assembling could get tricky.

I told you these are 3D-printed and come "straight as-is", so a lot of sanding is required. You can see the supports on the parts, and some parts like the faceplates have scratches or a weird texture like a wood lines. The latter is very beautiful, but I'm sure all of these will be removed after thorough sanding. I'm going to record/document the process and make posts about it. I'm leaving these pictures quite large, so you can open them in a new tab and see what I'm talking about.

Also, the belly-button is a star, and the backplate has a half-moon shape on it! You won't be able to see the latter, because it goes hidden with the wig, but it is beautiful. Also, the hip joints also have beautiful fantasy shapes! Anyways, here is her pretty face with the horns nearby:

This is all for now! I hope to start working on her soon, and share progress photos and a report to tell you how easy/difficult it is to get her assembled. She is lovely, and that smile is *so* cutesy!

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