Sunday 15 January 2023

BJD Questions!

Hello all! Well, last year I was contacted by Fran from Hat's Nekocomiccon, who is a BJD blogger as well. It's incredible that we are still here! Anyways, Fran and her created a 100-questions tag, and invited me to answer it. I haven't done this in *checks notes* ~9 years, so I said "why not?" and here you have the result.

I did took the liberty of merging/omitting some questions whose answer alone would've been too plain. Nevertheless, you can find the entire list of questions in the link I listed above. Also, I had this idea for a thematic photoshoo, so here you have the dragons urging Merry with questions.

How many BJDs do you own? Who is the oldest doll you own?
Quite a few. Two Withdoll Tinies, Donny (named Cookie) and Strawberry (named Merry). An Iplehouse JID Violet, named Venezia, and an Iplehouse Pet Cat, whose is Cookie's kitty form. A ClockworkFaeryCo Alice, named Kanon. A Frappzilla Bloom Poppy, named Sandy. Four Aileendoll Plapicos, and a Takara Blythe who I modded and named Hope.
The oldest one now is Cookie, from 2014. The newest one is Sandy.

When did you get your first BJD? Do you still own your first? Why did you buy your first BJD?
In 2013, a Withdoll Rachel. Sadly, I had to sell her when I relocated overseas. I didn't have enough space in my luggage, couldn't ship them on a ship, so I had to sell her.
Back in that time, mature mini BJDs where a thing, and there was no proportional mini BJD like Raccoon Dolls. Minifees were too expensive, and Withdoll had a nice aesthetic, a good price range, and reviews were great.

How do you store or display your BJDs? Do you keep your doll boxes? If so, where do you store them?
In their boxes, in a closet. I am more eager to display the Plapicos or the Blythe, since neither are resin but plastic.

Do you play favorites? Who is your favorite doll? Do you have a least favorite?
It depends. Venezia is certainly the most photogenic. The tinies, Merry and Cookie are fun and have a lot of character in the photos. The dragons are so easy to plop and photograph, and Kanon and Hope are easy to sew for and look terrific in photos. Each of them have something different.

Do you have any dolls that you forgot you owned?
Not the dolls, I never had that many. But I do tend to forget the full "factory name" because some are a mouthful.

Who is the cheapest doll in your collection? Who is the most expensive? Who was your hardest doll to obtain?
Certainly the Plapicos. They are those plastic kits from Aileendoll worth $13 each. Their urethane eyes were more expensive than then, hahaha! They are closely followed by Sandy, though.
The most expensive is, without a doubt, Venezia. I worked my a*s off on sewing commissions and translations to save for her. So that would be the hardest as well. Coco, my first doll and now sold, was also saved through translations, gifted money, and other stuff.

Have you taken a dolly hiatus?
Not really, but depression did push me aside a bit. Photography and my Blythe got me back.

What is your favorite aspect of the hobby?
Photography and sewing, without a doubt. Although I love, love doing faceups. How affectionate are you with your dolls?
Not much, really. Though sometimes when they are looking particularly pretty, or the outfit is stunning, I keep them near and look at them dreamily, ha!

Do your dolls wear underwear?
ALWAYS! I have so many pieces of knickers because they have to match. I do have bras for Venezia, but those are to wear on their own, or under something sheer. She doesn't *need* the support, ha! Do you have a preference for level of realism?
Mildly realistic, I'd say.

Do you prefer aesthetics or posability?
Except the Withdoll tinies, none of them are particularly posey. Iple's the worst, though xD

What is your favorite size? Do you prefer cute dolls or beautiful dolls?
I used to like Minis most, now I simply adore Blythe-sized dolls with a cutesy look, honestly.

Do you own any dolls with fantasy parts or an unusual color?
All handmade for the tinies. The dragons are grey, purple, green and pink.

Have you restrung your doll? Have you damaged any of your dolls?
Yes, and yes. The worst restring was Cookies. And I broke Venezia's leg when switching her foot to flat D:

Do you prefer customizing your own doll, commissioning an artist, or buying fullsets? Have you done a faceup? Do any of your dolls have body blushing?
I never got a fullset and never a limited edition. The Blythe had the fullset but I got her used in Mandarake. Kanon, Sandy and the dragons were purchased blank. I really love doing faceups, especially fantasy ones in the dragons--I'd love to paint more dolls, honestly! And in my opinion, the dragons' body painting counts as blush, but none of my dolls have blushing per se. I don't like it.

Have you or would you assemble a doll kit? Have you ever modded a doll?
I have. My dragons, the dragons I gifted to people that helped me, and Sandy. I also fully modded my Takara Blythe.

How long have you been interested in BJD? How did you discover BJDs? What was the first doll you fell in love with?
Since 2011, when I found them by Googling something unrelated. The doll that appeared was a Fairyland from the line of Fahsion that later vanished. Then I saw a Minifee Soo with purple eyes and found her gorgeous.

How long did you wait between discovering BJDs and buying your first?
It took me over two years or more to save enough money for the doll and the custom duties.

What is your favorite fullset across all companies?
The hypogriffins from Fairyland. How I longed for that set, goodness! Now they are even more expensive than on release date.

Have you ever purchased a doll in person?
Now, but I really wish it.

Have you given or received a doll as a gift?
Both, actually! Merry was a gift sent to me directly by Withdoll, in 2015 if I recall. Also, when I relocated overseas, I needed a ton of money to actually move my cat (don't send me your "in EU/USA" shit, Australia has very tight rules), and there was a lot of kind people in this hobby who gave me a lot of money to actually keep my cat and bring him with me overseas. In 2020, I purchased an army of Aileendoll Plapicos, customised them with urethane eyes, and gifted them to this people. You can see them all here.

Have you taken your doll on a plane? Are you open about being a doll collector?
All of them minus Coco, twice--and goodness, the same when the guy on the airport scanned the bag to see a collection of dolls there. I'm not open about the dolls, but I can often be found in parks doing camera-yoga to angle my camera right... and if someone asks, I explain.


  1. This was fun to read. :) I started to think about answers during my reading and remembered that it was about 4 years between reading about the BJD's and getting one. I do not think that I could wait so long now. Thank you for sharing your answers!

    1. Thank you so much!! Yeah, things change, honestly!
      Happy you enjoyed reading this!