Saturday 5 December 2015

2015: Doll Goals Balance!

Hello! Well, as it is a tradition that I really like, this sort-of meme is about checking which where my doll goals for this year, and which ones I managed to accomplish. This is actually the second balance I'm doing, but oh well... I hope to do it for a long time!

This is the original "Goals for 2015" post, and let's see what I did! I will put in italics the original goal, and underneath it, the answer/analysis.

Goals vs Accomplishments

1. Since I got my first DSLR camera, I want to practice my photography skills a lot. I want to learn concepts, learn to use my camera, practice with it, and improve. If it is possible, I would love to buy somethings for my camera: a tripod, a purse or the 50mm lens.
Ok, this one is easy! I managed to get a tripod (you can see it on this Instagram) which I love because it goes really high but also lowers a lot, and is solid and robust.  However, my intention to buy the 50mm lens was discarded for two reasons: 1) I decided that I better learn to use my current kit lens, because I definitely need more practice; and 2) the prices were ridiculously high, and I decided to better wait until 2016.
I have been practicing a lot, reading tutorials and many things. At least now I get more sharp pictures, and I'm attempting my best at varying more with the "set ups" I do for the photos, to avoid getting the "background with a doll" feel that I had at the beginning of the year.
I think I managed this one pretty decently, even if I didn't bought everything xD

2. I want to keep sewing and improving, to try things I have not done yet and keep pushing myself, but knowing that being a little perfectionist is OK, but too perfectionist is not healthy. I will make mistakes on my sewing, but I will learn from them.
Well, this would be a partial achievement. I  did things that I haven't done before, I did improve a lot (specially on risking more detailed clothing for the tinies), but there were a couple projects I wanted to do that I wasn't able, mostly because I had some very stressful months in the second half of the year. Hopefully, holidays are approaching!
Anyways, this is the sewing gallery I have, categorized by year, in case you want to check it out.

3. Do more winter fashion! Winter is while Summer for most part of the hobby, so I have my reservations on doing winter fashion... plus, it does not snow on my city, so there is no way of getting 'proper winter photos'. But I have some boots deserving matching outfits, and I want to use them!
Well, I did two winter outfits! This one with the sax, and this one with the music stand hubby made me! Well, maybe you can count the jacket out fit too, but oh well. And I used the boots!!! YES! Mission accomplished!! :D

4. Do a couch for Coco, and maybe a diorama for Cookie! I have some of the materials ready for the couch, and I have been wanting to do it since a lot time ago. I think that my girls really need some props. The diorama is the thing I see as most unrealistic, as it is pretty expensive.
I got a couch and customized it! And hubby made me a music stand! No diorama, sadly. I think I will never achieve that dang diorama, to be honest. Partially done, then... although I must confess I didn't had that much hope with me doing the diorama.
Anyways, one of my favorite pics of the year, of Coco on the couch :3

5. Regarding the crochet Etsy store, we were really happy as we surpassed our goals. This year, I hope that we can have at least 15 commissions/custom requests on the year, and sell at least 5 in-stock items.
Sadly, this is an "almost" goal. We did  13 commissions (10 through Etsy, 3 locals), and we only managed to make 2 in-stock sales. Also, we did two big events (Halloween and Winter) and we got only 1 commission from them, and no in-stock sales. I do hope that next year we would be able to do better.

6. I once had a sewing commissions service on DoA, but with the revamp of the marketplace, I got it deleted. I want to open my hand-sewing store once again, and sell at least one or two commissions on the year!
I did open the sewing comissions on DoA (link here)! I got one international and 3 local commissions, so I guess I achieved this! Thanks to the people that commissioned me, it means a lot!
I know my goals regarding these were small, but I accomplished them! :D

7. There are two outfits I want to sew for Calina. I want to be able to make them and take pictures of them!
I did them! *dances while singing* I did them! I actually did sew four (or five) outfits for Calina, but the two I wanted to make were the Witch outfit for Halloween, and the polka-dot overall. Here are some thumbs of the outfits, click them to go to the gallery posts in case you missed them.
Anyways, achieved! :D

8. I have an idea for two pics of Coco: one with me, and one with hubby. I hope to be able to take at least one of them.
This is the big "nope" of the 2015 goals T_T.
Hopefully, someday I will be able to take those photos.

9. After the re-make I made of Cookie's character (and changing wig/eyes, adding kitten parts) I was able to bond with her more. I want to give her more attention, play more with her, and take more photos of her. If I can, make her 10 facts, and learn more of Cookie's character.
This is the surprise, actually. My mom gifted me Cookie's wig for Reyes, and then I did Cookie's 10 facts! That is not all, I got Merry, who was a gift, and my mom (I'm starting to think she links to spoil my tinies) gifted me her wig too (actually, I don't remember the excuse she put here to buy me a gift) and I even managed to also write Merry's 10 Facts!!!
Then, you must count that I did a lot of photo-stories, with Cookie, with Merry and with both of them together! All of this was completely unexpected, as I'm a slacker in what refers to actually write and share my dolls' story, as I tend to feel too shy about it. Here is a list:
What I can say about this, I that I'm forever thankful to my mom for gifting me the wigs, because that helped me a lot in bonding with both, specially with Cookie.
Concluding: this point was done and super achieved!

Anyways, this is my 2015 Balance, and I think I did it pretty well, isn't it? It is the second year I manage to do almost everything (1 "no" and 1 "almost!) I proposed myself, so I'm a happy girl.

Before finishing, I want to challenge you all! If you wrote goals for 2015, do the balance! And if you didn't, I challenge you to write goals for 2016 and do the balance at the end of the year! Also, if you do this, please share the links! I want to read! :D


  1. Yay! It's so interesting to see what you achieved and almost achieved! There's always next year for finishing the rest of your goals, and what about your new goals? :D :D

    I will also post about goals~~ yay!

    1. Thank you!! I have some of the 2016 goals thought, but I'm going to post them on January, probably it is going to be next year's first post!
      Hope to read your goals, then! :D

  2. Yay! Love goals. XD'
    I enjoyed reading yours and its so awesome you've managed most of them. Congratulations! :D
    This is so fun, I'll also do this now! *Runs off to make post*

    1. Thank you!! Happy you liked the post, I hope I can keep up with doing my goals!
      Can't wait to read yours, then!! :D

  3. I love reading about the goals people have for the year and what they've managed to accomplish! So really enjoyed reading this post :) Looks like you've had a productive year~
    I'm going to do some similar blog posts later this month, I thought I'd make one post for how this year went and one for my goals, plans and hopes for the next year :3

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it! I will do my goals post in January.
      I will love to read your balance and goals, then! Gonna stalk your blog for that post! :D

  4. I'm jelly of your year balance XD! You did GREAT congrats!!!!

    1. Hahahaha, I personally didn't thought that I had accomplished that much until I saw the list!! :D
      Are you going to do your list?

    2. Yeah I will but I'll push it all I can to the very end in case I get to do more things xD

  5. Te felicito por "casi" lograr todas tus metas XD. La verdad que tus fotografías son cada vez mejores y tus niñas se lucen. Muchísimas felicidades.

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Muy amable :3
      Espero algún año lograr todas, pero creo que estuve bastante bien!

  6. You did great on your goals! :D Congrats!

  7. It seems like you got to hit most of your goals! That's great, and it's fun to continue to have things to work on too I think. It's wonderful that you have such support from your mom and hubby too! ^_^~

    1. Thank you so much!! And yes, that is a great thing to have :D
      Are you doing a 2015 goals balance? :D

    2. I did a year end round up, but I might do one for just my dolls. Sort of as a new years post. :)

    3. That is a great idea! :D

  8. It's so cool to see how much you accomplished this year! :D And I can't wait to see what you'll do for next year either >w< Your blog is always so great to follow <3

    1. Thank you, you are so kind!!!
      I actually have some of my next year goals thought, but I will post them on January :D

    2. I can't wait to see what they'll be! :D