Sunday, 12 December 2021

Goals Balance 2021

And it is that time of the year, to see how you fared! Honestly, this was a complicated year for me--it wasn't nice, I went through a lot, and lost the joy for the hobby. The post you saw were mostly scheduled, and it reached a point in which I was even struggling to post a few pictures because I couldn't find the strength for it. I honestly don't know how I will do next year, but that's a discussion for next year's goals.

Here you have Merry trying to balance herself (and with a very nice high-key photo), and the Goals Balance is under the cut.

1. Sewing, a lot. You know that sewing has always been a passion for me. Nonetheless, at some point, I stopped enjoying it. Mostly, because the fabrics I could get were not really adequate for dolls. Moving overseas did change that, and now I have access to them! I still wish I had purchased more notions (buttons and the like). But for now, I'm very settled. And I want to sew a lot.

This is something I did. I sew a lot for Kanon, because I honestly enjoy her size. I also was gifted a Blythe, and decided to open a sewing store for Blythes. You can see my Blythe's Instagram here, and the store here. I have sold little, but given I need it, I'll keep trying. Fingers crossed! Also, I enjoy doing it. Here is one of the outfits:

2. Replace Cookie and Merry's wardrobe. Well, I have limited space. And these two do have a lot of clothes that I am not happy with anymore. So while I sew new stuff for them, I will throw others. I often retrieve things like laces, buttons, snaps, velcro (if good and reusable), and then discard the outfit. Now that I think about it, I may do the same with Venezia's clothes. She really needs a revamp!

Nope. Did not happen. I think I did a single outfit for them, and the rest was just reusing outfits they already have. Poor ladies D:

3. Update Etsy with Patterns. The problem is... I don't have one anymore. So I ended up 2020 with a bunch of sheets with all the patterns drawn, folders with all the tutorials already ready... and no way of scanning those dang patterns. I have at least 5 or 6 to upload. I must do something about it.

I did manage to do this! There are now patterns for ClockworkFaeryCo Sprites, and more patterns for Iplehouse JID. You can see the store here, and the posts are:

4. Restart the Photography Videos. The problem is that I felt it was useless. I got barely any traction about them, and when I pointed people towards them, they just brushed it off. That's why I ended up doing the photo challenge and explaining settings/trickls there, just to do a simplified version. Will see what happens in this year. Maybe I'll do it.

I did photography posts, but not videos. I guess that counts!

5. Connect More. I work a lot, and then that worns me out. The problem is, I comment less and less in blogs, and also in social networks. I want to get over that, and start comming and reading out again. I miss the community!

I failed miserably here, and I keep missing the people. It reached a point on my burnout that simply trying to read posts and commenting was taxing. It was awful--it still is. But I hope that with time I'll be able to get back on track. I haven't pushed me, so if you see a bunch of my comments in tons of old posts of yours... that's why. It's because I got a rush of energy and commented.

6. Reviews and Comparisons. In 2020 I purchased some things I haven't reviewed still -like shoes for Venezia. I miss those posts and I think they are useful. I am hoping to buy some more stuff (sewing notions, maybe some props?) so probably I will put those here.

I did some? Only two: comparing Blythes to ClockworkFaeryCo Sprites, and then some shoes for both of them. Honestly, I wasn't in the mood to purchase anything, least of all invest the effort it takes to do a comparison post and write some decent insights.

7. Sell Customized Plapicos. This is a very long shot, and I don't believe I will make it. I really enjoyed painting the dragons in 2020. And I want to keep doing it, but gathering some profit so I can purchase other stuff -like a full frame camera. I don't know. Will see what happens.

Nope, did not happen. I really liked the ones I made, but due to Covid and all of that, Aileendoll stopped shipping the Plapicos, and the European version relocated, so it was a mess. Someday, perhaps.

I know this wasn't the balance you may have been expecting, but life happens and we have to accept it. I honestly hope 2022 will be a different year, and that I can move forward and reignite some worn-out passions. Wish you all the best, people :)


  1. I know exactly how you feel. You are not alone in feeling that loss of enjoyment, the state of obtuse riding out the situation without a prospect one can look forward to. It's difficult to even know who you are- or have been. I try to keep it to one day at a time. And I hope you will find either help or a way to feel better. The dolls are patient, they will still be there and ready to give you joy when you are back to being able to feel anything like that. Feel hugged!

    1. Thank you. It hasn't been an easy year, honestly. I have been trying to keep it one day at a time--sometimes I enjoy it, other times I'm so tired I can't even think about it. Thanks for the hug, much needed!